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Boleto Flash from PagBrasil is Now on DMarket

DMarket has 40+ payment providers added to the platform, and we keep expanding this list on a regular basis. Today, we are happy to announce some news for our Brazillian users - meet the Boleto Flash payments from PagBrazil on DMarket. From now on, your money transactions are even more convenient and fast.

To use this payment method you need to:

1. Go to the Balance section

2. Choose Brazil from a countries list


3. Choose Boleto Flash from the list of available Deposit Methods

Boleto Flash on DMarket

4. Proceed with your transaction

Deposit via Boleto Flash on DMarket

Boleto Banćario is a known payment system operating since 1993 and widely used in Brazil. Boleto service is the 2nd most important online payment method in Brazil, after credit cards.

Boleto Flash from PagBrasil, which is present on DMarket, is an instantly generated online payment that confirms the payment in a record time - within one hour only. Boleto Flash is the same Boleto Banćario but a kind of its “upgraded” version providing online money transfers in a much faster way.

The Key Advantages of Using Boleto Flash

  • Payment confirmation in up to one hour

  • Fully responsive version for mobile phones and tablets

  • Secure payment method

We are working to ensure that your gaming experience is borderless. By expanding the list of available payment methods, adding new features, and introducing promotions with discounts, we express our love to you and make skins purchase/sell a simple and nice process.

Este boleto terá o pagamento confirmado em até 1 hora se pago no mesmo banco selecionado - mais informações.

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