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Product Updates

Everything You Need to Know About the Recent Platform Changes
We are excited to announce some recent advancements on the platform, and ahead of them, we wanted to make sure you were aware and up to speed! Moving forward, you might notice a couple of minor changes, including:
Dive Into Halloween Royale on DMarket
Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming. Let the spooky season bring us a lot of joy! We at DMarket love special events. So much so, we even have a special series of events called “Royale”. Now it is the Halloween season, we are launching the Halloween Royale — a special two-week-long event.
Meet Your Personal Seller’s Store on DMarket
DMarket becomes even handier! Meet the awesome new feature for easier and faster sales: from now on you can turn your account into a Personal Seller’s Store. What Is It? By Personal Seller’s Store we mean an option to share your personal market (your DMarket offers, as well Face2Face offers) to your friends, social media accounts, other traders, etc.
Meet The Road to The International on DMarket
From summer to winter, from month to month, we are always happy to please you with our special events from DMarket. Every time we run a promo there are different tasks, event mechanics, and prizes, but something remains inevitable - the key goal.
Meet The New List of Decreased Sell Fees Every Day (API Feature)
What a day - something new is on DMarket and available starting from now. Are you already interested? What: A new endpoint for our API traders to find the best sell deals What for: To make trading your items even handier
DMarket’s Trade Royale is Back. Meet Season 2
Remember the Trade Royale? Guess what… Trade Royale is back for Season 2! Last time the event was just insane, and today, we have all the chances to rock this party even louder - Trade Royale Season 2 starts today.
Meet The New Ranking System of DMarket Discord Server
At DMarket we are open to our user community and have 225k+ subscribers across our Social Media profiles. When talking about updates, discussions, chats, and other stuff, one of the most active gaming communities comes to mind: Discord.
Boleto Flash from PagBrasil is Now on DMarket
DMarket has 40+ payment providers added to the platform, and we keep expanding this list on a regular basis. Today, we are happy to announce some news for our Brazillian users - meet the Boleto Flash payments from PagBrazil on DMarket.
Meet The Sticky Sale With a Bunch of Gifts on DMarket
Skins in CS:GO are beautiful, colorful, attractive, and memorable. Sometimes you may even be keen on the idea of spending your entire monthly budget on upgrading your gaming inventory. We understand, and to make a purchase moment more fun we are launching the summer Sticky Sale.
Meet The Month of Trade Royale on DMarket
You’ve got to be ready! Ready for what? For one of the best month on DMarket. Four weeks of awesome gifts for DMarket’s most active users start in just a few days time. What: Trade Royale - a special 4 weeks of Giveaways
Meet The Easter Hunters Event on DMarket
Easter is soon, and we bet you already miss our promos - that’s why we are announcing a new one. As a quotation says, “Easter egg hunts are proof that children can find things when they really want” but why kids only?
Short Guide on SafetyPay Deposits on DMarket
Today we are happy to welcome SafetyPay to DMarket. SafetyPay is a global, secure internet payment solution available in a number of countries. It has been present on the market for 10+ years serving customers around the world, and from now on you can top up your DMarket account using this method from Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, or Peru.
DMarket and Multibanco Make In-Game Items Trading Easy and Accessible
Cosmetic items are a huge part of the gaming experience. Change the appearance of your character or their equipment, and suddenly the whole playing process has a different “taste” It’s the perfect way to express yourself in a multiplayer game.
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