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Meet The Month of Trade Royale on DMarket
You’ve got to be ready! Ready for what? For one of the best month on DMarket. Four weeks of awesome gifts for DMarket’s most active users start in just a few days time. What: Trade Royale - a special 4 weeks of Giveaways
Meet The Easter Hunters Event on DMarket
Easter is soon, and we bet you already miss our promos - that’s why we are announcing a new one. As a quotation says, “Easter egg hunts are proof that children can find things when they really want” but why kids only?
DMarket and Multibanco Make In-Game Items Trading Easy and Accessible
Cosmetic items are a huge part of the gaming experience. Change the appearance of your character or their equipment, and suddenly the whole playing process has a different “taste.” It’s the perfect way to express yourself in a multiplayer game.
Dream Sale on DMarket: Sell Dreams & Nightmares Skins with Only 1% Fee
Everybody is talking about the “Dreams & Nightmares” CS:GO case which was recently released, and we are no exception. As we previously mentioned, the case consists of 17 weapons selected from the CS:GO Steam Workshop as part of the Dreams & Nightmares contest and the Gamma knives from the Operation Riptide Case as rare special items.
Welcome to New Year’s Madness on DMarket!
Can you hear that, guys? Are those bells jingling? Yep, it’s definitely the festive time of the year again, and we are ready to celebrate it — with some great events on our in-game items trading platform.
Buying Frenzy With DMarket - Dive Into Black Friday Activities!
Black Friday is truly a special day - lots of people all over the world wait all year long for this holiday to come so that they can benefit from the sickest discounts and the lowest prices ever.
Meet The New Payment Method on DMarket: Intercash Prepaid Cards Are Now Available
We are constantly expanding services, features, and payment methods present on Dmarket.com to make it an even more convenient Marketplace to use. The full list of Deposit/Withdrawal methods can be found on the Balance page.
Get Your Treat: The Detailed Guide on How to Participate
It is almost impossible to imagine a person nowadays who has never heard about Halloween. What’s more, almost everyone has celebrated this holiday at least once. It is hard to explain the popularity of this holiday, but the fact is that among all the existing celebrations, Halloween is second only to Christmas.
Convenient New Filter Features Now Available on DMarket
We care about DMarket users and do everything to make your experience on our platform time efficient. That’s why we have introduced these new options. They should bring even more convenience into the DMarket ecosystem and help you to find the specific items and skins just in one click.
Dmitriy Schedov Joins DMarket as CTO
LOS ANGELES, August 4, 2021 - DMarket, ​​a cross-chain marketplace to trade all possible NFTs and a technology for building metaverses, is happy to welcome on board Dmitriy Schedov, a new Chief Technical Officer (CTO).
Steam Summer Sale: Earn With DMarket and Buy More Games
Steam is a kind of impressively huge Multiverse, where every dimension is a new game, full of breathtaking adventures. Alas, players need special tickets to enter most of them - and those licences cost money.
Bulk Sell on DMarket: More Trading Features Launched
Bulk Sell is DMarket’s new feature designed to make the mass trading of skins process more convenient and faster. Along with technically quicker and easier processing, users will also receive more price-forming options to choose from.
DMarket Is Updating Fees for Sellers
We’ve been striving to make our users' experience with DMarket better and better with each new feature release. Among our latest exciting news: Our subscription price is now 5x less Implemented an affiliate and cashback system for all our users Made our marketplace as one, with the lowest skins prices on the market And now, meet our new flexible fees system, which allows you to sell skins and get even more profit.
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