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Product Updates

A New Filter on DMarket: CS2 Sticker Combo
Guys, we are glad to introduce a new filter on our marketplace! Now you can select CS2 skins specifically with attached stickers and specify various parameters to see the most relevant results and make your best purchases.
Green Channel KYC-free Limit is Updated
Introducing our updated Green Channel Limit: now, more than 90% of users can deposit up to 350 USD every 24 hours without undergoing KYC. *Currently, a special AI is engaged in the selection of users to whom such an opportunity is available.
Get Your Money for Selling Skins with Many Payment Options
As a reliable platform, DMarket offers all sorts of practical tools for gamers and traders. You obviously can easily link your gaming (Steam) account to list items for sale and get money from such deals. Then, in the same straightforward way, you can withdraw these funds to one of the payment systems — to use this cash for whatever needs or wishes you have.
60+ Deposit Methods on DMarket
Game items have a real-world value. We actually don’t need to prove that to DMarket users. So many gamers and traders know perfectly well that their digital inventories are full of amazing treasures. And one of the aspects our marketplace helps with is to convert the value between dimensions.
Bonus Blast: Get A Bonus Reward for Your First Deposit
!PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PROMO HAS ALREADY ENDED! DMarket has a mindblowing variety of offers. Here you’ll find all sorts of skins and items for such games as CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, and Team Fortress 2.
The Best Trading Experience with the Lowest Fees on DMarket
Our marketplace of game items offers quite a few opportunities for gamers and traders. You can sell and buy skins and items from various titles, exchange them, and make direct deals with other users. Sure, it’s all business, and DMarket takes some fees to let the whole system work and provide the community with the best service possible.
DMarket Affiliate Program: Invite Friends and Earn Money
DMarket serves more than 3 million satisfied customers worldwide, and we are happy to have you here as part of our friendly community. If you love our services and want to share the benefits of our marketplace with your friends, we have a great opportunity for you to earn extra money.
Deposit Failures: Most Common Reasons
At DMarket, we strive to provide the best service possible. As a leading digital marketplace that serves more than 3 million customers worldwide, we understand that issues may arise during your interaction with the platform, including depositing money.
Rarevolution: Find Rare CS:GO Skins in Your Inventory
Quite a few factors determine the price of game items. Most of them can be summarized by one clear term: “rarity”. Basically, rare items cost more on the marketplace, and they significantly boost the status of their owner in the gaming community.
Everything You Need to Know About the Recent Platform Changes
We are excited to announce some recent advancements on the platform, and ahead of them, we wanted to make sure you were aware and up to speed! Moving forward, you might notice a couple of minor changes, including:
Dive Into Halloween Royale on DMarket
Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming. Let the spooky season bring us a lot of joy! We at DMarket love special events. So much so, we even have a special series of events called “Royale”. Now it is the Halloween season, we are launching the Halloween Royale — a special two-week-long event.
Meet Your Personal Seller’s Store on DMarket
DMarket becomes even handier! Meet the awesome new feature for easier and faster sales: from now on you can turn your account into a Personal Seller’s Store. What Is It? By Personal Seller’s Store we mean an option to share your personal market (your DMarket offers, as well Face2Face offers) to your friends, social media accounts, other traders, etc.
Meet The Road to The International on DMarket
From summer to winter, from month to month, we are always happy to please you with our special events from DMarket. Every time we run a promo there are different tasks, event mechanics, and prizes, but something remains inevitable - the key goal.
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