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Rarevolution: Find Rare CS:GO Skins in Your Inventory

Quite a few factors determine the price of game items. Most of them can be summarized by one clear term: “rarity”. Basically, rare items cost more on the marketplace, and they significantly boost the status of their owner in the gaming community.

We at DMarket strive for perfection in the process of determining prices on specific items. That’s why we are happy to introduce Rarevolution, a new feature that analyzes CS:GO skins in your inventory and distinguishes available rare attributes. Then, on the basis of Targets created by DMarket users, the feature may offer better prices on rare skins and items.

Straightforward Scan

RareDetect is an automatic system. Whenever you add a new item or renew your inventory page, this tool analyzes additional attributes that affect rarity.

These attributes include phase, float, and pattern. Also, the system will check if there are stickers attached to the skins.

If the scanning finds rare attributes, this item may get a higher price for Exchange or Instant Sell. Every item with rare attributes will be marked with a diamond sign in your inventory. This is how it looks on the platform:

CS:GO skin float on DMarket CS:GO skin phase on DMarket CS:GO sticker on DMarket
CS:GO skin float on DMarket CS:GO skin phase on DMarket CS:GO sticker on DMarket

Target Rareness!

DMarket sure cares about each user of our marketplace, so we created Rarevolution feature focusing on the interests of buyers as well.

It’s always great to know that you’re purchasing the best thing possible, right? So now, whenever you look for in-game items through the improved version of our Targets service — Advanced Targets. Here, you can aim for rare skins with specified attributes such as phase, float, pattern and stickers (coming soon).

rare csgo item on DMarket

And again, we’ve made the process of using this new feature as clear as possible. Just target rare items or attributes of your choice.

DMarket is continually getting even better — we work hard to bring the best service for trading items. Let our new feature evaluate your CS:GO skins at the most favorable terms on the market.

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