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Dive Into Halloween Royale on DMarket

Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming. Let the spooky season bring us a lot of joy!

We at DMarket love special events. So much so, we even have a special series of events called “Royale”. Now it is the Halloween season, we are launching the Halloween Royale — a special two-week-long event.

What: Halloween Royale

Where: On DMarket

When: From 17 October until 31 October

What for: To celebrate Halloween with lowered selling fees and giveaway skins

Prizes at a stake: 24 HOT CS:GO SKINS, with a total prize pool of $3,000

How to participate: Follow and read FAQ

How It Works

We’ll be giving away gifts during the two weeks of the Halloween Royale. To win prizes, you need to be an active DMarket seller and complete a series of special tasks to increase your chances of getting the top prize. There are both weekly and daily tasks to get more entries and win hot prizes.

Halloween Royale main prizes of the event

The prizes are divided into three groups:

  • Prizes for the first week of the event
  • Prizes for the second week of the event
  • Prizes for the event overall

Each group has skins worth up to $1,000 up for grabs.

Every week we’ll be rewarding the top-3 sellers by turnover* (of sell operations done), top-3 sellers by trades* (number of successful operations done), top-1 seller by skins sold, and top-3 scorers* (users who received the biggest amount of entries).

At the end of the Halloween Royale, we’ll gift four more users:

  • Top-1 seller by turnover* (over the whole event)
  • Top-1 seller by trades* (over the whole event)
  • Top-1 by sold skins (over the whole event)
  • Top-1 scorer* (over the whole event)

Every user who appears to be a top seller by skins/seller by trades/seller by turnover/scorer receives a corresponding CS:GO gift to their inventories on DMarket.

Also, do not forget to subscribe to push notifications — we’ll be giving away three treats a day via push messages on!

Key Things

Sell skins with lowered fees on DMarket and visit promo page to check out the widget and complete as many tasks as you can. It is mandatory to have at least one entry.

  • HINT #1: The more sell operations you do, the higher your chances of winning.
  • HINT #2: Visit every day to collect all the possible entries.
  • HINT #3: To win any prize it is mandatory to have at least one complete entry.
  • HINT #4: Do not forget to subscribe to push notifications — we’ll be giving away three treats a day via push messages.

Keep updated throughout the event! We’ll be publishing the results and leaderboard on our Discord. Follow the link to join the group.

Wishing good luck to all participants.

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