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Meet The Road to The International on DMarket

From summer to winter, from month to month, we are always happy to please you with our special events from DMarket.

Every time we run a promo there are different tasks, event mechanics, and prizes, but something remains inevitable - the key goal. Every time the key goal is the same - to have lots of fun, make participants compete with each other, and give away lots of awesome prizes.

Our September special event is linked to “The International 2022” tournament. Are you already interested? Now we will reveal more details;)

What: The “Road to the International” special event

Where: On

When: From 6 September until 2 October inclusively

Prizes at a stake: Battle pass levels, CS:GO and DOTA 2 skins.


All the prizes are distributed over all four weeks of the event:

Road to the International league of winners

Week 1 - $60 Pool Prize

Week 2 - $120 Pool Prize

Week 3 - $200 Pool Prize

Week 4 - $350 Pool Prize

Main Prize - $500 Pool Prize

The Mechanics of “Road to The International”

We’ll be giving away gifts during all four weeks of the event. To win one of the prizes, you’ll need to complete a series of tasks that become more complicated from week to week.* To check out the list of tasks, please, visit and go to the widget on the same page. When you are there - complete as many tasks as you can.

HINT: Check the “Road to the International” page on a daily basis — it will help you collect all possible entries and increase your chances of winning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have four special Ancients (our special “Road to the International” characters) for each event week. Each of these Ancients will set a special weekly task; correctly answering these increases your chance of winning in the weekly giveaway. To find the Ancient you need to follow DMarket on social media, keep an eye on our posts, check comments, the blog and the site for clues, and look for missing parts of puzzles that will bring you to the hidden Ancient with the task. The first person who enters the secret code of the Ancient will get the guaranteed prize of the week.

Road to the International roadmap

Guys, we wish you all Good Luck! Let one of the prizes become yours, more information on the Road to The International as well as a detailed FAQ can be found here.

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