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CS:GO Skins Best Sellers in 2022
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has an impressive variety of skins. They all are a way to express your unique style and personality. But what is actually popular in the game? How to be in tune with the whole community?
Dota 2 Items Best Sellers in 2022
Dedicated players spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours in Dota 2 to master this amazing but super difficult game. And that’s not time you spend with NPCs — there are real people behind digital teammates and opponents.
Rust Skins Best Sellers in 2022
Having good practical items is crucial for surviving in Rust. With proper tools, you will be able to collect important resources and protect yourself. Cosmetic items do not have this specific power, but their role is nevertheless super significant.
TF2 Skins Best Sellers in 2022
Team Fortress 2 is a dynamic world with never-ending shooting matches in the game and massive circulation of items in the community. It’s natural to see how something reaches peak popularity here, with modes, character classes, and items in use.
CS:GO Skins Best Sellers in 2021
Another year has passed by, and we at DMarket are glad to confirm — the skins trading industry grows and prospers. It’s especially true about CS:GO, which has impressively high numbers of active players and has broken records during the biggest esports tournament to date, the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.
TF2 Skins Best Sellers in 2021
Player and character customization is always a good thing, and Team Fortress 2 allows players to customize various aspects of the game including character appearance and gameplay. This can be done by using many different skins and cosmetic items which affect these aspects in unique ways.
Rust Skins Best Sellers in 2021
Rust is a multiplayer survival game where players are required to gather supplies and create various items in order to survive all of the constantly lurking threats of the world around them. Each of those items is customizable and therefore, there are many skins and cosmetic items which players can use in order to express themselves and stick out from the crowd.
Dota 2 Items Best Sellers in 2021
Dota 2 has a plethora of items available for every hero in the game, and each of them features a specific theme or a color scheme that allows the players to express themselves and change the look of their favorite heroes.
The CS:GO Best Selling Skins in 2020
Last year included crucial changes thanks to a global pandemic and lockdown situation. Everything became online, from study to parties, but one thing was unchanged. With the need to stay at home all day our opportunities to spend time playing video games even more were increased.
The Top 17 Dota 2 Skins You Can’t Miss in 2020
Recently we spoke about 15 excellent Dota 2 skins you should buy. Each of these will make your inventory look perfect. But today, we want to show you our summary, with the biggest selling Dota 2 skins in 2020.
CS:GO Skins Best Sellers 2019
Skins are the power that moves the game through the years and different situations. Everyone wants to have a knife skins in their inventory or beautiful AWP skins, such as AWP | The Prince. Allowing your weapon a new skin gives you great feelings and winning conditions.
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