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CS:GO Skins Best Sellers in 2021

Another year has passed by, and we at DMarket are glad to confirm — the skins trading industry grows and prospers. It’s especially true about CS:GO, which has impressively high numbers of active players and has broken records during the biggest esports tournament to date, the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Still, the primary reasons for the skins market to whirl with trading activity are kind of beyond those factors. First of all, this industry brings more excitement into multiplayer gaming. And also, it opens an exclusive way to run a profitable business. DMarket users know for sure how awesome skins trading is.

Trade your CS:GO skins Traditionally, we reveal statistical numbers from various transactions on DMarket. The percentages of such CS:GO items purchased in 2021 might give you valuable food for thought. What is popular in the community right now? What is worthy of long-term investment? What trends can be traced from these numbers? The answers are up to you. It’s your mastery of being a trader, after all. Making comparisons with the same stats from 2020 might help a lot.

CS:GO Items by Purchases in 2021

csgo items by purchases in 2021
  • Weapon Skins — 53.1%
  • Cases/Keys — 27.5%
  • Stickers/Capsules — 11.8%
  • Agents — 3.0%
  • Pins/Patches/Passes/Others — 2.6%
  • Graffitis — 1.4%
  • Music Kits — 0.4%
  • Gloves — 0.2%

This list shows the general situation for the most popular CS:GO items in 2021 on DMarket. Our users have purchased around twice more particular skins than cases/keys. Probably, gamers and traders tend to avoid unnecessary risks when they want something specific for their gaming collection. Still, getting big rewards from cases is also quite tempting.

In general, there is one big difference in comparison with the 2020 stats — CS:GO Graffiti dropped from 1st place with 34.3% to 6th with just 1.4%. This is due to the stabilization of the situation as this type of item only had 1.23% in 2019 (together with Music Kits).

CS:GO Weapons by Purchases in 2021

csgo weapons by purchases in 2021
  • Pistols — 33.7%
  • Rifles — 27.5%
  • SMG — 15.5%
  • Sniper Rifles — 14.1%
  • Shotguns — 5.6%
  • Knives — 2%
  • Machine Guns — 1.6%

These stats kind of represent the popularity of different weapon types in the game. Rifles are effective in CS:GO matches, it’s the primary firearm for most players. Pistols have their first round to shine, and you definitely have situations to use them. SMGs are pretty useful but only in specific periods. Sniper Rifles require advanced skills — people usually don’t want to prove themselves as noobs with Dragon Lore in their hands. CS:GO players love knives, but these items are rare and expensive.

CS:GO Weapon Quality Rank by Purchases in 2021

csgo weapon quality by purchases in 2021
  • Field-Tested — 40.7%
  • Minimal Wear — 24%
  • Factory New — 13.5%
  • Well-Worn — 11.6%
  • Battle-Scarred — 10.2%

Here we see what quality levels are in demand in 2021. Still, we should understand the general quality difference here. Factory New CS:GO skins might be better for your arsenal, but you’ll find fewer such items on the market than Field-Tested weapons (which have excellent qualities for gamers and traders) and Minimal Wear guns (which still have the authentic look many players are after).

Top 5 CS:GO Pistols by Purchases in 2021

top csgo pistols by purchases in 2021
Top Pistols Starting Price
Desert Eagle | Light Rail $0.36
USP-S | Cortex $1.42
Glock-18 | Water Elemental $2.26
Desert Eagle | Blue Ply $0.06
USP-S | Cyrex $0.79

Pistols start each CS:GO game and have the power to give one of the teams a significant advantage. Also, the role of this weapon goes beyond those pistol rounds only. The best CS:GO players in the world use pistols regularly in many different situations — for example, in close-range battles when their sniper rifle becomes much less effective.

Not only can you see the most popular skins from this list of best-selling items, but also you’ll find here the most popular pistols. Desert Eagle is impressive and super deadly (in skilled hands). USP-S and Glock-18 are spawn pistols for terrorists and counter-terrorists, and many players prefer stick to them.

Top 5 CS:GO Rifles by Purchases in 2021

top csgo rifles by purchases in 2021
Top Rifles Starting Price
AK-47 | Uncharted $0.28
M4A4 | Magnesium $0.04
M4A4 | Desolate Space $2.83
M4A1-S | Nitro $1.25
Galil AR | Signal $0.27

Most CS:GO players love rifles. They are your basic versatile weapon. Even beginners in the game can get some quick, good results with the AK-47 (for terrorists) and the M4A4/M4A1-S (for counter-terrorists).

The Uncharted skin has something mysterious in those dark patterns. Desolate Space and Nitro have in a way similar restrained color styles. Nitro is totally different — it’s like an explosive excitement. Many players choose skins to reflect their real-world personalities.

Galil AR is a cheaper rifle for terrorists with less killing power than the AK-47.

Top 5 CS:GO SMGs by Purchases in 2021

top csgo smgs by purchases in 2021
Top SMGs Starting Price
P90 | Grim $0.07
MAC-10 | Disco Tech $1.31
MP7 | Bloodsport $1.21
UMP-45 | Moonrise $0.20
MP9 | Bioleak $0.09

Submachine guns might not be the most effective in an actual battle but they have one obvious advantage for the team economy — SMGs are cheap. You don’t have to ruin the budget by purchasing the most deadly CS:GO guns, and still, you will have a chance to win a round and financially recover for the rest of the game.

The P90 with its big body is a very good “canvas” for skins. It is relatively expensive but more powerful in comparison to other SMGs. It’s good for the rushdown style. The skin Grim exactly reflects this mood of quick danger.

Top 5 CS:GO Sniper Rifles by Purchases in 2021

top csgo sniper rifles by purchases in 2021
Top Sniper Rifles Starting Price
AWP | Atheris $1.10
AWP | Mortis $1.29
SSG 08 | Abyss $0.09
SCAR-20 | Cardiac $2.23
G3SG1 | Polar Camo $0.03

In theory, sniper rifles are a dream come true for a shooting game. You stay in a safe place, see the opponent from a distance, and then kill them with one bullet only. In practice, not everything is that simple (otherwise the game wouldn’t be so perfectly balanced). You need to know maps very well to understand proper positions. And you need to feel the weapon itself and the round flow to get those kills. Many beginners love experimenting with sniper rifles but only experienced players become valuable team members with such a weapon.

AWP is traditionally the most popular sniper rifle in CS:GO. SSG 08 is very similar but it’s a bit less deadly (a body shot doesn’t kill). SCAR-20 and G3SG1 are automatic rifles, so they are more beginner-friendly and versatile.

Top 5 CS:GO Shotguns by Purchases in 2021

top csgo shotguns by purchases in 2021
Top Shotguns Starting Price
MAG-7 | Monster Call $0.24
Sawed-Off | Apocalypto $0.22
Nova | Caged Steel $0.15
XM1014 | Ziggy $0.21
XM1014 | Seasons $0.51

Shotguns are useful only in very close-range battles. They shoot many pellets, which do not damage significantly from a distance. Like sniper rifles, this weapon requires good in-game practice. And even then, shotguns are never really effective and popular in Counter-Strike.

MAG-7 and Sawed-Off are exclusive shotguns for counter-terrorists and terrorists. Nova is the cheapest in its class and might help to get more money for your team (as all the shotguns have good kill rewards). The XM1014 is rather expensive but it has a bit of a higher fire rate.

Top 5 CS:GO Knives by Purchases in 2021

top csgo knives by purchases in 2021
Top Knives Starting Price
Karambit | Doppler $503.62
Bayonet | Tiger Tooth $334.46
Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler $256.49
Falchion Knife | Marble Fade $160.51
M9 Bayonet | Freehand $176.31

Knives are a passion for CS:GO players. They can be effective only in very specific situations, and it’s a sign of mastery to kill your opponent with a knife. And also, they are the most expensive skins in CS:GO — the cheapest knife skins cost around $80-100.

Having a knife with a cool-looking skin is both an honor and a risk. You earn your reputation by delivering knife kills for your team. You might earn respect by just walking around with such a great knife as Karambit | Doppler in your hands — but then you need to prove your skills directly in the battle.

Knife skins are great for investment. Their price level and the requirement to the player’s skills support the high demand. The downside here is potential difficulties in finding a buyer quickly.

Top 5 CS:GO Machine Guns by Purchases in 2021

top csgo machine guns by purchases in 2021
Top Machine Guns Starting Price
Negev | Bulkhead $0.07
M249 | Gator Mesh $0.07
Negev | Ultralight $0.05
M249 | Spectre $0.05
Negev | Lionfish $0.19

It’s a rare occasion to see a professional player using a Machine Gun. This is an expensive and very heavy weapon. It might play a nice role in defensive tactics or when your team needs to suppress the mass of opponents. Still, there are many ways to stop a Machine Gun carrier.

The M249 is the most expensive weapon in CS:GO. Whereas Negev was only introduced in this installment of the series. And that’s it — only two Machine Guns are available.

The Bulkhead skin looks very impressive. But can the skin alone motivate you to play with Negev?

Top 5 CS:GO Cases by Purchases in 2021

top csgo cases by purchases in 2021
Top Cases Starting Price
Clutch Case $0.12
Operation Broken Fang Case $0.41
Fracture Case $0.05
Spectrum 2 Case $0.20
Gamma 2 Case $0.25

Cases bring unique excitement into skins trading. You never know for sure what’s inside. Will it be a common item that doesn’t cover the key’s price? Will it be that unique skin everyone dreams about? Starting your CS:GO investments with cases might be risky but also pretty profitable.

The Clutch Case has been out there for quite a while, since 2018, and it’s been very popular recently. As Operation Broken Fang finished in May 2021, the items from it are relatively fresh.

Top 5 CS:GO Stickers by Purchases in 2021

top csgo stickers by purchases in 2021
Top Stickers Starting Price
Natus Vincere | 2020 RMR $0.12
Evil Geniuses | 2020 RMR $0.05
Spirit | 2020 RMR $0.06
FURIA | 2020 RMR $0.06
GEN.G | 2020 RMR $0.05

Knowing the esports results of this year, it is no surprise that NaVi stickers are popular among CS:GO players. It’s nice to have something from successful winners on your weapons — maybe that will give you part of their luck?

Of course, training is a much more powerful tool for improving your skills in CS:GO (and any other competitive game). But supporting your favorite team through best stickers is totally cool! An even stronger dedication is purchasing skins that CS:GO legends use in their games.

Top 5 CS:GO Agents by Purchases in 2021

top csgo agents by purchases in 2021
Top Agents Starting Price
Sous-Lieutenant Medic | Gendarmerie Nationale $0.53
Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl | The Professionals $3.59
Safecracker Voltzmann | The Professionals $1.79
Blackwolf | Sabre $0.77
Markus Delrow | FBI HRT $0.38

May we all agree that adding character skins was a brilliant idea by Valve? It did not ruin the classic formula of Counter-Strike, keeping class-based shooters a separate genre. But it provided us with more customization options. How do you want other players to see your CS:GO hero?

The collection of agents has become vast with some of the extravaganza added recently. Still, the more-less traditional look keeps the first place — and let’s not forget its cheaper price and easier availability, which also play a significant role in these stats.

Top 5 CS:GO Graffitis by Purchases in 2021

top csgo graffitis by purchases in 2021
Top Graffitis Starting Price
Heart (Blood Red) $0.13
NaCl (Shark White) $0.03
Heart (Bazooka Pink) $0.14
Sheriff (Jungle Green) $0.24
Dizzy (Violent Violet) $0.15

Graffiti is very specific among CS:GO cosmetics, as players need to purchase more of them. After creating your perfect set of skins, you might feel reluctant to get something new (unless Valve releases fresh cosmetics with new Operations). But graffiti is different! Those who know the joy of leaving their signs in virtual locations often want to replenish their stocks.

Top 5 CS:GO Music Kits by Purchases in 2021

top music kits by purchases in 2021
Top Music Kits Starting Price
Scarlxrd: King, Scar $2.23
Scarlxrd, CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT. $1.50
The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE $3.30
Beartooth, Aggressive $1.34

Custom music during CS:GO matches is another powerful tool for creating an in-game atmosphere. It seems like tracks of the British rapper Scarlxrd resonate with the preferences of many players as two Music Kits with his creations take top positions. (Is this a music chart or something?)

On the other hand, 3rd-party music might distract you from the primary action. So, it would be better to use such Kits during training, for example when you practice your aim.

Top 5 Gloves By Purchases in 2021

top csgo gloves by purchases in 2021
Top Gloves Starting Price
Driver Gloves | Racing Green $40.19
Hydra Gloves | Mangrove $47.39
Specialist Gloves | Buckshot $56.33
Hydra Gloves | Emerald $60.78
Hydra Gloves | Rattler $47.81

These items are the very definition of cosmetics. Yes, CS:GO players totally can use default gloves and feel no difference — actually, gloves themselves have no effect on the gameplay. But, when your terrorist/counter-terrorist has there’s cool, colorful, and totally stylish, it creates a special mood in your matches and motivates you to play better.

Like with most stats for individual skins, the difference between top best-sellers is not too big. We can compare trends here with fashion — which also means traders can’t ignore them.

That’s it for the stats of best-selling skins in 2021. We at DMarket wish you successful trades and CS:GO matches!

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