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TF2 Skins and Items Best Sellers in 2023 (By Purchases on DMarket)

Despite being out and about for quite a long time, Team Fortress 2 remains a popular game and enjoys a dedicated community. What else could we expect from a shooter that defined the idea of character classes in this genre?

Multiplayer activity naturally leads to many trades with TF2 items. And we are ready to share some stats with you, guys — the best-selling Team Fortress 2 items on DMarket.

This list and these numbers are quite helpful for traders, as you may get ideas on what to invest in, what to keep in your trading account, and what is probably better to sell. To get a bigger picture, take a look at our article from last year, TF2 skins best sellers in 2022.

1. Backpack Expander

Backpack Expander in TF2
  • Category: Tool
  • Used by: All Classes
  • Starting Price: $0.81

It’s a practical item that adds extra slots for a player’s backpack in Team Fortress 2 and it looks like a big backpack with some attached items. One Expander adds 100 slots, and you can have more than one in the game, reaching up to 3,000 slots. Now your character can carry even more items!

Backpack Expander was added to the game in 2010 with the patch Australian Christmas. As this item is quite helpful, it remains popular in TF2 and therefore, on DMarket.

Buy Backpack Expander

2. Max’s Severed Head

Max's Severed Head in TF2
  • Category: Cosmetic
  • Used by: All Classes
  • Starting Price: $46.24

This funny hat for all TF2 character classes is based on the franchise Sam and Max. It’s a franchise of book series, video games, and cartoons — all are about a dog Sam and a “rabbitty thing” Max. The hat copies Max’s head.

The item was added to Team Fortress 2 as a promotion for another game, a graphic adventure Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse. To get it back then, people needed to buy the adventure before a specific date. Now, the only way to obtain this hat is to buy Max’s Severed Head on DMarket. Such rarity and generally a cool style make the item one of the best sellers in 2023. Max’s Severed Head can be painted with the Paint Can tool, and the variety of colors is impressively big.

Buy Max’s Severed Head

3. The AWPer Hand

The AWPer Hand in TF2
  • Category: Primary
  • Used by: Sniper
  • Starting Price: $0.19

This item connects two excellent shooting games by the same developer, Valve: CS2, and Team Fortress 2. The AWP sniper rifle is visually stylized for TF2, but it sounds like a weapon from Counter-Strike.

Only one character class can use the AWPer Hand, and naturally, it’s Sniper. Just place it in the primary weapon slot.

The sniper rifle was available in the game in 2012, for those who purchased CS:GO before August 21. The AWPer Hand is popular among TF2 players, but it could probably get even more interest with the variety of available skins (like Dragon Lore). What do you think about the idea of skins for a skin?

Buy The AWPer Hand

4. The Rocket Jumper

The Rocket Jumper in TF2
  • Category: Primary
  • Used by: Soldier
  • Starting Price: $0.02

This weapon may look very similar to the proper Rocket Launcher for Soldier, but in fact, it’s a training tool that cannot be used in matches. The Rocket Jumper helps players practice quite an advanced trick of jumping. Soldier should do two actions at the same time: jump and shoot his Rocket Launcher downward, just near his feet. The shot creates the momentum to jump higher. The trick requires training, and as it takes some health away, you may need something safer than the Launcher.

The Rocket Jumper deals no damage, but it has slots for more ammo (+40 rockets). If your rocket jump attempt is successful, the TF2 item makes a specific sound.

The option of such rocket jump practice has been available since 2012, with the Mann-Conomy Update. Players use this item quite a lot, even now.

Buy The Rocket Jumper

5. The Conscientious Objector

The Conscientious Objector in TF2
  • Category: Melee
  • Used by: All Classes except Engineer and Spy
  • Starting Price: $0.12

Some time ago, this item probably was a proper wooden sign that informed people on something important. But that is an almost-forgotten past now. Someone ripped the thing from the ground and stubbed a few nails into its surface. As a result, the sign has become a dangerous melee weapon. A few bloodstains prove that the Conscientious Objector was often used for such a purpose.

In Team Fortress 2, this item replaces a default melee weapon for almost all the character classes. It doesn’t change the practical features, though. As for the appearance, you can use the Decal Tool to change the picture on the sign. What would you add instead of the TF2 logo?

The Conscientious Objector was added to the game in 2011 with the Manniversary Update & Sale.

Buy The Conscientious Objector

6. The Phlogistinator

The Phlogistinator in TF2
  • Category: Primary
  • Used by: Pyro
  • Starting Price: $0.02

This gun looks like a weapon from the future, and the Phlogistinator actually works like one. If your Pyro gets the item in his Primary slot, he shoots deadly energy waves instead of traditional fire. Practically, the effect of using it is the same as from the standard Flame Thrower. But visually everything is cooler (or hotter?), and gamers love that so the item is among the TF2 best sellers on DMarket.

The Phlogistinator was added to Team Fortress 2 in 2011 with the Australian Christmas update. One of its unique features is the ability to charge a special gauge for activating a taunt with short invulnerability.

Buy The Phlogistinator

7. Conniver’s Kunai

Conniver's Kunai in TF2
  • Category: Melee
  • Used by: Spy
  • Starting Price: $0.02

This melee weapon is quite tricky, and using it requires good skills with Spy. If you take Conniver’s Kunai to your Team Fortress 2 matches, your character will have significantly reduced health (only 70). But the reward may be worthy of such sacrifice! Land a backstab with this Kunai, and the victim’s health will be added to Spy’s. Your character will be healed from damage and his cap health may be increased up to 210. Sounds good? Make sure you can benefit from this weapon before using it; some training with Spy is essential.

Conniver’s Kunai was added to the game in 2011. Now players have a few methods of obtaining it, and many consider purchasing on DMarket the most effective.

Buy Conniver’s Kunai

8. Decal Tool

Decal Tool in TF2
  • Category: Tool
  • Used by: All Classes
  • Starting Price: $0.11

Use this tool to replace the texture of other TF2 items. The process of doing so is quite simple, and the game guides players step by step. But sure, you need a prepared image file to add as a new texture. A few different image formats can be used for this purpose, including .jpg and .png. You need to know that the final version of the texture will be a square of 128x128 pixels. If you use something bigger, it will be converted automatically, but the final look may be different.

Quite a few items allow players to use custom textures. One of them is on our list of the TF2 best sellers—the Conscientious Objector. On the official store, a Decal Tool is given for free with each such customizable item, but if you have fun with it, you may want it again. That’s why DMarket users purchase Decal Tool quite often.

Buy Decal Tool

9. The Sharp Dresser

The Sharp Dresser in TF2
  • Category: Melee
  • Used by: Spy
  • Starting Price: $0.14

What do you think about having Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed: Revelations in matches of Team Fortress 2? Well, this sounds like an impossible fantasy. But you absolutely can have that hero’s weapon for your TF2 Spy! The Sharp Dresser is exactly it. This item is based on a hidden blade of Ezio’s. While it doesn’t bring any special features, the blade looks really impressive (and super dangerous). Unlike the standard Knife, it cannot perform the Fencing taunt kill.

It was a promotional item upon its release in 2011, for those who purchased the Assassin’s Creed game before a specific date. For now, it is possible to craft the Sharp Dresser, but many players still prefer to buy it on DMarket.

Buy The Sharp Dresser

10. Frying Pan

The Frying Pan in TF2
  • Category: Melee
  • Used by: All Classes
  • Starting Price: $0.02

It’s hard not to mention PUBG while describing the Frying Pan in Team Fortress 2, as that Battle Royale game made such a melee weapon almost iconic. But in fact, this item is based on another shooting game, Left 4 Dead 2.

Gamers love such a weapon and purchase this Team Fortress 2 item actively. Still, the pan doesn’t bring any remarkable features. In matches, it repeats the default melee weapon of the chosen character class. The only difference is the hitting sound—it’s been taken from Left 4 Dead 2.

The Frying Pan plays one unusual role. If you use Strange Bacon Grease on it, you will get a Strange variant of that item instead of Unique.

Buy Frying Pan

11. Hong Kong Cone

Hong Kong Cone in TF2
  • Category: Cosmetic
  • Used by: All Classes
  • Starting Price: $0.26

Basically, it’s just a hat for any character in Team Fortress 2. The item is obviously based on a real-world Asian conical hat. In a way, it looks so out of place here, but probably TF2 players love such extravaganza.

Originally, Hong Kong Cone was created by a community member and released to the Steam Workshop. But then, the developers promoted the item to the official level, making it part of the Fall Event 2013. Would you like to bring some traditional Asian vibes to your shooting matches?

Buy Hong Kong Cone

12. The Big Earner

The Big Earner in TF2
  • Category: Melee
  • Used by: Spy
  • Starting Price: $0.02

This TF2 item is cosmetic and practical at the same time. Just look at it! The idea of having such an Italian stiletto feels absolutely perfect for Spy. These weapons are meant to be hidden in clothes to then stab a victim unexpectedly. That’s exactly what Spy does in Team Fortress 2!

In addition to this, the Big Earner gives a bonus — if you hit an opponent with it, your Spy will get +30% of the Cloak meter and 3 seconds of speed boost. It sure comes at a cost, as your Spy will have less health (100) in matches with the Big Earner. Unlike Conniver’s Kunai, this item activates its beneficial effect with any successful attack, not only a backstab (and even with the Fencing kill taunt).

Buy The Big Earner

13. The Sticky Jumper

The Sticky Jumper in TF2
  • Category: Secondary
  • Used by: Demoman
  • Starting Price: $0.02

Both Soldiers and Demomen can jump higher if they use a specific technique — shooting from some weapons right under themselves and jumping at the same time. For Soldier, the weapon for this trick is Rocket Launcher. Demoman uses Stickybomb Launcher. The problem is that these weapons deal damage to the characters, and it’s difficult to train the jumping with the default variants. Soldier has the Rocket Jumper for harmless practice (it’s on our list of Team Fortress 2 best sellers too). Demoman has the Sticky Jumper, and it also deals no damage, only creates the jumping momentum.

The item has a bigger stock of ammo for longer training sessions. Sticky jumping is super helpful in TF2 matches, so investing time and money in developing this skill may be a very good idea.

Buy The Sticky Jumper

14. Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer in TF2
  • Category: PDA
  • Used by: Spy
  • Starting Price: $0.02

It’s a very clever device that can be helpful for skilled Spy players. The idea behind the Dead Ringer is to trick an attacking opponent into believing that their hit/shot has successfully killed Spy. They will see the body lying on the ground—but they will not know that this is a fake, and the real Spy is cloaked and can run away to safety. Or sure, he can attack that impudent opponent; it depends on your playing style.

The Dead Ringer is not a simple item to use. General training with Spy is essential, as this character class acts very close to deadly opponents.

Buy The Dead Ringer

15. Mad Milk

Mad Milk in TF2
  • Category: Secondary
  • Used by: Scout
  • Starting Price: $0.02

Scout can throw this bottle at opponents as a projectile to splash Mad Milk over them and then absorb 60% of damage dealt to the victim. Like with some other TF2 best-selling items from our list, Mad Milk requires advanced skills, as you need to time it properly to not waste the boost the item provides. Some team tactics could be helpful for this—for example, Scout throws Mad Milk, and a teammate quickly attacks the victim. The effect from this item continues for 10 seconds.

Mad Milk was part of the Mann-Conomy Update in 2010. Now you can buy this Team Fortress 2 item on DMarket.

Buy Mad Milk

Team Fortress 2 remains popular, but the number of active players and the amount of funds in the game items trading industry is smaller than, say, in Dota 2 or CS2.

Do you prefer staying within this niche title but with smaller competition or do you like aiming at a bigger audience with more impressive potential? Check our stats on best sellers from other games to make proper decisions. (and why not both?)

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