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Dota 2 Items Best Sellers in 2023 (by Purchases on DMarket)

Items in Dota 2 can change the appearance of the heroes, give them a different weapon, or even bring to the matches new unique animations of their moves. All of them sure affect the general atmosphere in the game, support team spirit, and help players highlight their unique style and personality. It’s no wonder Dota 2 items are important for the community! They are among the best sellers on our trading platform, DMarket.

But which exact items from the game are the most popular among gamers and traders? We traditionally reveal this information at the end of each year. It’s time to dive into Dota 2 trade stats on DMarket for 2023.

For the full effect from checking these numbers and item names, compare the current edition with one from 2022. This may help you make good decisions for your skin trading business.

1. The Abscesserator

The Abscesserator in Dota 2
  • Hero: Pudge
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Released: 25 May 2020
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2020
  • Starting Price: $3.39

This hero looks threatening even without any weapon, but the Abscesserator makes Pudge absolutely terrifying. It’s an enormous hook with flexible claws to catch a victim, and probably to cut big chunks out of their bodies. The difference from the standard weapon is especially visible during the animation of the Meat Hook ability.

The Abscesserator is part of a bundle with the same name. The item can be combined with Feast of Abscession — chains on Pudge’s shoulders. In this case, it is possible to change their colors from red to green by choosing the second style.

Buy The Abscesserator

2. Dead Reckoning Chest

Dead Reckoning Chest in Dota 2
  • Hero: Any
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Slot: It’s a treasure
  • Released: 06 Mar 2023
  • Origin: Purchase
  • Starting Price: $0.03

It’s a chest with various cosmetic items. The key of the Dead Reckoning is required to open this treasure and get something. Your items will be chosen randomly from 16 variants. The content of Dead Reckoning Chest is divided into three tiers, with Altar Ball and Doll of the Dead being the rarest but sure, the chance of getting them is the smallest.

Buy Dead Reckoning Chest

3. Artificer’s Chisel

Artificer's Chisel in Dota 2
  • Hero: Any
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Slot: It’s a tool
  • Released: 14 Nov 2013
  • Origin: Purchase
  • Starting Price: $0.30

Use this to create a general socket for a Dota 2 cosmetic item. Artificer’s Chisel is a tool that can be used five times. General sockets are meant to be a place to attach gems and thus change the color effects for weapons and clothing.

Our list of the best-selling Dota 2 items has only two such non-cosmetic items.

Buy Artificer’s Chiselt

4. Artificer’s Hammer

Artificer's Hammer in Dota 2
  • Hero: Any
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Slot: It’s a tool
  • Released: 14 Nov 2013
  • Origin: Purchase, Crafting
  • Starting Price: $0.25

This item is pretty unique in our list of Dota 2 best sellers on DMarket. Artificer’s Hammer cannot be taken to the game matches, but it can be used to remove gems from other weapons/outfits. The gems affect colors of items, including particle and energy effects.

If you’ve changed your mind and want another color, you need to remove that gem first. It’s possible to do with any hero, just select a socket and then click the customize button and the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner. Use the action menu to extract gems. One Artificer’s Hammer can remove 15 gems.

Buy Artificer’s Hammer

5. Savage Mettle

Savage Mettle in Dota 2
  • Hero: Spirit Breaker
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Released: 08 May 2018
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2018
  • Starting Price: $0.37

The hero gets an armored mystic ball on a chain, and this weapon is apparently strengthened with powerful magic. A red and blue aura emerges from the ball as flames. Savage Mettle leaves a trace during the movements of Spirit Breaker. The ability Greater Bash puts an energy cloud around the victim.

Buy Savage Mettle

6. Pyrexaec Forge

Pyrexaec Forge in Dota 2
  • Hero: Jakiro
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Wings
  • Released: 24 July 2020
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure II 2020
  • Starting Price: $0.30

This Dota 2 dragon gets wings that better reflect the nature of his two heads, ice and fire. It becomes clearer thanks to the color effects (blue and deep orange) and the particles, especially during the fly. The wings of Pyrexaec Forge are quite beautiful, with the pattern repeating dragon skin. During attacking with the ability Macropyre, the icy-fire effects are even more visible. The item can create an awesome style with Pyrexaec Flux and Pyrexaec Floe—they belong to one collection.

Buy Pyrexaec Forge

7. Scavenging Guttleslug

Scavenging Guttleslug in Dota 2
  • Hero: Pudge
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Left Hand
  • Released: 16 June 2017
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure II 2017
  • Starting Price: $0.60

The very personality of Pudge creates the horrific atmosphere around this Dota 2 hero. Someone who enjoys lurking around battlefields to feast on dead bodies? But take a look at Scavenging Guttleslug, and the effect will be significantly strengthened.

Pudge gets a bloody wormy creature around his left arm, with claws (or fangs?) near the shoulder. Red particles are nicely visible even in the idle animation, and they cover the whole body of Pudge during the Rot ability. In combination with actual worms that appear on the ground and on the victim, the item even risks being called disgusting.

Buy Scavenging Guttleslug

8. Maraxiform’s Ire

Maraxiform’s Ire in Dota 2
  • Hero: Clinkz
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Back
  • Released: 04 May 2017
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2017
  • Starting Price: $0.21

The hero gets a quiver for his arrows. The item resembles an oven with handles and a stand. We can see hot fire inside; it emerges from above and leaves traces of coal on the ground. The flaming effect changes the Searing Arrows ability quite significantly. Maraxiform’s Ire comes with some new sounds.

Buy Maraxiform’s Ire

9. Horns of the Betrayer

Horns of the Betrayer in Dota 2
  • Hero: Lion
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Head
  • Released: 05 July 2019
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure II 2019
  • Starting Price: $0.30

A lion with horns? That sounds interesting but kind of unsettling. Maybe this Dota 2 item has been created to spread fear among opponents?

The horns are huge and rather beautiful as if made with red-hot gold. They come with a beard to make the hero look even more serious in his aggression. The item leaves a trace of fire particles during the run. And a similar but much more pronounced effect remains after using the Earth Spike ability. Horns of the Betrayer comes with custom sounds.

Buy Horns of the Betrayer

10. Hydrakan Latch

Hydrakan Latch in Dota 2
  • Hero: Slark
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Released: 26 July 2016
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure III 2016
  • Starting Price: $2.25

Slark carries two curly blades, one facing forward and one backward, as if the hero tries to protect himself from both sides. When the character stays still, the weapons spread blue particles.

The ambient animation of Slark includes slashing the air with the blades, and two energy traces remain visible if you take this item to the game. The effect can be seen during the run too. The Pounce ability is changed with Hydrakan Latch. Also, Slark has new sounds.

Buy Hydrakan Latch

11. Baneful Devotion

Baneful Devotion in Dota 2
  • Hero: Legion Commander
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Head
  • Released: 14 July 2017
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure III 2017
  • Starting Price: $0:63

It’s a massive helmet for the hero, which looks like both a magic artifact and a precious crown. In the middle of Baneful Devotion we can see a big gem, surrounded by the energy whirl. The visual effect of Overwhelming Odds becomes different with this helmet on Legion Commander. This Dota 2 item brings some new sound effects to the game.

Buy Baneful Devotion

12. Mantle of the Cinder Baron

Mantle of the Cinder Baron in Dota 2
  • Hero: Axe
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Misc
  • Released: 17 Nov 2015
  • Origin: The International Compendium 2015
  • Starting Price: $1.30

Just look at this flame coat to immediately feel the power of Axe in Dota 2. The item has seemingly metal plates and liquid lava in between. Mantle of the Cinder Baron has two styles, with blueish fire somewhat closer to the shoulders in one of them. Both variants spread sparkles around the hero. The ability Battle Hunger looks quite different if you take the item to your matches.

Buy Mantle of the Cinder Baron

13. Staff of Gun-Yu

Staff of Gun-Yu in Dota 2
  • Hero: Monkey King
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Released: 04 May 2017
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2017
  • Starting Price: $0.12

Monkey King gets an impressively big staff, with beautiful but pretty dangerous blades on both sides. The item looks great even in the ambient style, and also, Staff of Gun-Yu affects the animation of Boundless Strike, one of the abilities — the hit keeps a long trace of the energy particles. In addition to the visuals, this Dota 2 item changes some sound effects.

Buy Staff of Gun-Yu

14. Span of Sorrow

Span of sorrow in Dota 2
  • Hero: Terrorblade
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Back
  • Released: 08 May 2018
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2018
  • Starting Price: $0.14

This item adds big and beautiful wings for Terrorblade. They shine with mystic energy and have two blue “whirlpools”. Are these a source of the hero’s might?

The color can be changed with Prismatic Gems. Span of Sorrow alters animation of one of Terrorblade’s abilities, Sunder. Another slight difference that the item makes is the position of the weapons - the blades are a bit further from the body.

These wings have a similar style to another item, Scythes of Sorrow. They look stunning together.

Buy Span of Sorrow

In some games, items have more than just a cosmetic effect. For instance, in Team Fortress 2, you can even change the health of your character by taking specific weapons. Such items are also tradable, and they are available on DMarket. We recommend you check out the TF2 best sellers in 2023 maybe this list will give you some interesting ideas on the game collection or trading business prospects.

Gamers may want to see which characters are popular in the game—they obviously get the most items. Can this motivate you to experiment with another Dota 2 hero?

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