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How to Surf in CS:GO
Classic shootouts in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive include lots of various modes. Nevertheless, the game is able to offer something even more for your excitement. Some community-created maps expand the horizons of a traditional shooter towards surfing in a specially elaborated environment.
How to Trade Skins on DMarket
In-game items are so precious! They carry real-world value, so your digital inventories can be converted into money — thanks to the magic of DMarket. Also, they create your style and competitive edge in virtual universes.
The Best 5 CS:GO Maps
Practicing your skills on different maps is not only an excellent way to have even more fun but also an essential step to earning more victories. You can’t be successful in this game while playing one map only.
How to Play Dota 2 | The Most Effective Dota 2 Tips
Some people say that Dota 2 is a difficult game. Let us disagree. Dota 2 is far beyond just being difficult or hard. It’s brutal! It’s unforgiving! But that’s true only until a specific level — when you have proven your loyalty and taken the step from a beginner to… a beginner who can more or less play Dota 2.
How to Show FPS in CS:GO | CS:GO FPS Commands
Many gamers around the world have become a bit obsessed with the FPS numbers. It’s quite understandable - the more frames per second you have while playing a game, the more beautiful and “dense” the virtual world becomes.
All You Need to Know about CS:GO Ranks
One of the biggest problems in previous Counter-Strike versions is finding teammates and opponents with the same level of play — the CS:GO ranking system was designed to address this issue. It allows players to make their matches handier, more prolonged, extremely exciting, and the fight between teams becomes an intense struggle.
CS:GO Cheat Commands
The title of this article might seem confusing. However, it is not one of those articles that promote illegal CS:GO cheating. It is about legal CS:GO cheat commands that are primarily used for practice and fun.
How to Play Demoman in TF2
Demoman is the major TF2 character that, when mastered properly, can really help you turn the match around in your favor with his impeccable set of war skills and tools. However, Demoman is considered an intermediate player’s choice.
How to Play Spy in TF2 | TF2 Spy Tips for Winning
The most interesting class in Team Fortress 2 is the Spy. Having the ability to put on his Disguise Kit at any time, the Spy helps the team get rid of evil opponents. Agility, abruptness and stealth are the main characteristics of this character.
How to Show FPS in Rust
It’s easy to see that competitive gaming is all about perfection. We strive for flawless skills in every aspect: shooting, movement, strategic planning, etc. This is definitely true of Rust, where the quality of your actions affects your very survival in such a harsh world.
Dota 2 Ranks and MMR Explained
As in other similar games, Dota 2 ranks reflect the skills and abilities of the player. Dota 2 has 36 ranks in total. Each rank has a specific medal and requires a particular set of numerical MMR.
All You Need to Know About CS:GO Economy
Counter-Strike has many layers. On the surface, players have fun running around the virtual maps, shooting almost randomly. The deeper you go, the trickier aspects become obvious. You need to plan your individual actions and be in perfect harmony with the whole team.
All CS:GO Callouts
CS:GO Callouts are special words that refer to various places on the virtual locations. By simply knowing them, you will be able to boost your progress significantly (and probably even get better CS:GO ranks. You tell teammates where you are or where you meet opponents, and they understand you.
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