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How To Get a Knife in CS:GO
Getting a knife in CS:GO can be a bit confusing, especially for those who may be new to the game and the various marketplaces surrounding it. But even for those who have been playing for a little while, getting a knife can seem more difficult than it should be.
The Most Useful CS:GO Console Commands and How to Use Them
Whether you’re new to CS:GO or have been playing for a while then you already know how competitive it can be. The smallest detail can be the difference between winning or losing a match or specific gunfight.
Advanced CS:GO Radar Settings Guide (2023)
Experienced CS:GO players know that information is everything in this game. Information is primarily received via team communication, in-game sound, or visual confirmation. However, there is another way to receive information that a lot of players usually neglect, and it is through CS:GO radar settings.
How to Show FPS in CS:GO | CS:GO FPS Commands
Many gamers around the world have become a bit obsessed with the FPS numbers. It’s quite understandable - the more frames per second you have while playing a game, the more beautiful and “dense” the virtual world becomes.
How to 1v1 in CS:GO
In many competitive first-person shooters, the idea of a 1v1 matchup has always been seen as the ultimate way to settle friendly beef with other players. It’s such a popular notion that the phrase “1v1 me, bro” is even used outside of gaming whenever two people challenge each other’s skills.
CS:GO Ranks and How Does CS:GO Ranking Work
One of the biggest problems in previous Counter-Strike versions is finding teammates and opponents with the same level of play — the CS:GO ranking system was designed to address this issue. It allows players to make their matches handier, more prolonged, extremely exciting, and the fight between teams becomes an intense struggle.
CS:GO Launch Options Guide
CS:GO Launch Options allows starting the game with the chosen technical settings, such as max FPS and tickrate for offline matches. You only need to enter them once, and they will be applied for all the following playing sessions.
The Best CS:GO Crosshair Settings and Codes
It may seem like a small adjustment, but in an ultra-competitive game like CS:GO, small tweaks to the crosshairs can be the difference between winning and losing a gunfight. However, finding the right CS:GO crosshair codes or customization may take a little bit of experimentation as everyone is different.
Everything You Need to Know about CS:GO Float and Wear
Every CS:GO player knows that skins are indispensable to the game. Even though some think that skins do not have a purpose, a well-designed skin can make you stand out from the crowd and add more personality to your character.
TF2 Characters: An Ultimate Guide
So, you’ve decided to jump into this legendary shooter. Beware, because Team Fortress 2 is super fun and can be addictive. You may suddenly find yourself starting multiplayer matches again and again, collecting an amazing variety of skins, and improving each and every small aspect of your skills.
Funny CS:GO Console Commands To Use In The Game
Did you know that you can add some fun to your CS:GO game by using console commands? Yes, there are a number of CS:GO console commands that you can use to make the game more interesting and enjoyable.
CS:GO Give Weapon Commands List
Like many other games, CS:GO has a console that allows you to manage your settings and mechanics. You don’t need to know all the CS:GO commands; it is enough to learn the basic things and use them in practice to see the effect.
The Best 5 CS:GO Maps
Practicing your skills on different maps is not only an excellent way to have even more fun but also an essential step to earning more victories. You can’t be successful in this game while playing one map only.
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