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Dota 2 Ranks & Ranking System
As in other similar games, Dota 2 ranks reflect the skills and abilities of the player. Dota 2 has only eight ranks. Each rank has a specific medal and requires a particular set of numerical MMR.
Vertigo Callouts in CS:GO
Vertigo is one of the latest CS:GO maps, which was added to the Active Duty Group in March 2019. It’s the only map where players are allowed to fight on the skyscrapers and can even fall outside the playing area.
Train Callouts in CS:GO
The topic of Nuclear power is quite popular in the game CS:GO, and the Train map is also about it. Terrorists want to plant the bomb near some nuclear cargo in Russia. Of course, counter-terrorists try to stop them.
Cobblestone Callouts in CS:GO
Cobblestone is quite a beautiful CS:GO map. Players appear near a castle with big open spaces, convenient for snipers. This location was introduced in the original game Counter-Strike. It entered the Global Offensive version after significant improvements.
Mirage Callouts in CS:GO
Mirage map was added by Valve on July 6, 2013. This map is arguably the most popular in the game - you can see professional teams picking it at each CS:GO Major tournament, and most of the players consider Mirage as one of the best.
Dust 2 Callouts in CS:GO
Dust 2 is considered one of the legendary competitive maps CS:GO. Players of the original game Counter-Strike enjoyed the first version of this location, named Dust. Then, the place was remastered and significantly improved. The Bomb Defusal scenario happens somewhere in the Middle East.
Nuke Callouts in CS:GO
Terrorists try to plant the bomb in a nuclear power plant. Of course, this plan can be spoiled by brave counter-terrorists. Choose your side and prove your skills on Nuke. This location is quite unusual among other CS:GO maps - the bomb sites are located one above the other.
Cache Callouts in CS:GO
Cache map invites into a specific atmosphere of the Nuclear Station Chernobyl. It’s a good place to practice shooting art of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Cache opens many interesting possibilities for both teams. Some players like this location, and still there are some people even among professionals who prefer avoiding it.
Overpass Callouts in CS:GO
Overpass map was added to the game in 2013. The location is quite interesting with many tactical possibilities for players. The Bomb Defusal scenario takes place in virtual Berlin. Counter-terrorists and terrorists fight in a park and in a canal overpass below it.
Inferno Callouts in CS:GO
Inferno map is arguably the most beautiful location in CS:GO. Players jump into virtual Italy, run through narrow streets and cozy rooms. Inferno can be called even canonical - if you want to improve your skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you should play here.
How to Play Demoman in TF2
Demoman is the major TF2 character that, when mastered properly, can really help you turn the match around in your favor with his impeccable set of war skills and tools. However, Demoman is considered an intermediate player’s choice.
How to Trade NFTs on DMarket
We are super glad to announce three new games joining DMarket. Moreover, these games bring new NFT items to the marketplace, which significantly strengthens decentralized features of our platform. You can buy NFT and really own your digital assets.
TF2 Pyro Guide | How to Play Pyro in TF2
The variety of characters in Team Fortress 2 helps players to choose the best option that suits their desires and skills. One of the most mysterious characters in the game is Pyro, because he is always silent and keeps secrets.
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