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Mythical Games Announces Launch of New Marketplace and Acquisition of DMarket
Making Mythical the Second-largest Blockchain Processor of Digital Assets behind Ethereum. Los Angeles, CA - January 25th, 2023 - Mythical Games, the next-generation gaming technology studio, has launched Mythical Marketplace 2.0 following the acquisition of marketplace tech start-up DMarket, as part of its continued commitment to innovation in gaming.
CS:GO Kart — a Fun Addition to Your Gaming Experience
Counter-Strike is obviously about shooting. You need to build a clever team strategy to effectively attack opponents. And you need to develop powerful personal skills to be victorious in every match and every situation. Wow, this level of competition might be pretty stressful, so in addition to the usual CS:GO practice, it would be helpful to add something relaxing and fun.
New Case in CS:GO: The Recoil Case
On 1 July 2022, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pleased its players and fans with another awesome CS:GO case. The Recoil Case can drop one of 17 new skins and gloves as a rare reward. The items come in several styles and will appeal to many, so let’s take a closer look at the Recoil case skins.
New Case in CS:GO: The Dreams & Nightmares Case
On January 20, 2022, CS:GO introduced another case with amazing skins. The Dreams & Nightmares Case consists of 17 weapons selected from the CS:GO Steam Workshop as part of the Dreams & Nightmares contest and the Gamma knives from the Operation Riptide Case as rare special items.
Win $1000 in 2x2 CS:GO Tournament from DMarket and WePlay eSports
As part of Black Friday DMarket activities, we are launching a Black Friday Rage CS:GO tournament. You are not mistaken. Have a skilled teammate good in CS:GO? It’s time to gear up! Together with the WePlay eSports team, we are giving you a chance to challenge yourself by taking part in a 2x2 tournament.
New CS:GO Update - Operation Riptide
The 11th CS:GO Operation is now live. Operation Riptide. Dust2 and Ancient update, new skins and new challenges await, with new maps and new game mode options. The latest update to the game brings plenty of additions to gameplay, 5 new skin collections, new skins for knives, agents, and so much more.
NAVINATION Season 3 Wrap Up
The flywheel of the first eSports metaverse is gaining momentum, making the recap of the NAVINATION Season Three a pretty pleasant process. These four weeks were traditionally full of updates, upgrades, and technical improvements, generated by both the community and the DMarket team.
Congrats to all of us – Season Two of NAVINATION, the first esports metaverse, is now over. Let’s recap some of the most exciting facts from this just-finished race for valuable gaming NFTs, flavored with inspiring figures, and a look forward to some of the upcoming changes and challenges that you can expect in the Season Three of NAVINATION.
NAVI to Launch New Gaming Metaverse With Their Fans to Commemorate 11th Anniversary
Los Angeles, California, December 22, 2020. The world’s leading Esports club NAVI is celebrating its 11th anniversary with the launch of a new gaming metaverse: NAVINATION. NAVINATION lets fans craft, sell and buy digital assets and receive rewards and gifts from the team and partners.
Dota 2 Patch 7.28 Overview
It’s hard to believe, but it has finally happened - the new Dota 2 Patch 7.28 has been released! Last night Valve surprised every Dota fan with a new hero, new items, and massive features and changes.
In-Game Cosmetics Want to Trade Skins for Real-World Money
Gaming is thriving. There are now 2.7 billion gamers worldwide — a number that will surpass 3 billion in the next three years. Simply put, game-related engagement is higher than ever. At the same time, the ways gamers engage with the pastime are also evolving, with players interacting with games beyond playing alone: viewing, discussing, owning — the list goes on.
Trade Skins and Get Rewards: Join the Black Friday Rush
Buy, sell, and exchange skins on November 27 to get special rewards that will lead you to even greater treasures. Each dollar you earn or spend on DMarket during the Black Friday Rush will bring you a special digital badge and get you closer to the next one.
Payment Methods Update: PayPal Withdrawals Included for 36 More Countries
The global coverage of PayPal withdrawals and bank transfers provided for DMarket by Tipalti has been massively increased. Check out the extended list of featured countries and cash-out your trading profits easily, securely, and fast.
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