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Information about the Latest Steam Update and Its Impact on DMarket Services (Updated)
Valve recently introduced an update that affects CS and the trading community. According to this update, from now on any items bought or traded will not be visible to others in your Steam inventory for a 10-day time period.
A Call to Arms Update: The First Ever CS2 Case and More
What makes you more excited about CS2 updates: practical gameplay improvements, or new skins and customization options? Well, why not both?! We’ve got exactly such a package with the most recent Counter-Strike 2 update A Call to Arms.
Counter-Strike 2 Is Out Now for Everyone
Let us start this post with a sentimental statement. Thank you CS:GO for so many wonderful playing hours, for all those amazing esports events, and for literally shaping the current world of Counter-Strike. Thank you! And farewell.
New CS:GO Collection: The Anubis Collection
Today, 24 April, Valve unexpectedly released a new collection of skins: the Anubis Collection package. It consists of 19 weapon skins themed around the newest addition to Counter-Strike’s Active Duty map pool. It was logical to create the Anubis weapon collection since the Anubis map requires a distinct collection for the upcoming French Major event.
The Most Expensive CS:GO Skin in History
Counter-Strike is on the threshold of its big renovation — CS:GO is moving to a new game engine and becoming CS2. This news makes players extremely excited. Even if many still don’t have access to the fresh version, they are feeling motivated to play more and be prepared for the super exciting release.
Update on Steam Services
Previously, we have made an announcement recommending our community to postpone any items withdrawals due to temporary unstable trading caused by issues from the Steam’s side. The situation gets better, so let’s catch up on the current state of things and find out what is happening now.
New CS:GO Update: The Revolution Case, The Espionage Capsule and a Music Kit
Today developers have pleased the fans of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with another addition in the form of a new case with skins, a capsule with stickers, and a music kit. This is great news for collectors and players who have long wanted to change their style and get something new in their inventories.
Mythical Games Announces Launch of New Marketplace and Acquisition of DMarket
Making Mythical the Second-largest Blockchain Processor of Digital Assets behind Ethereum. **Los Angeles, CA - January 25th, ** - Mythical Games, the next-generation gaming technology studio, has launched Mythical Marketplace 2.0 following the acquisition of marketplace tech start-up DMarket, as part of its continued commitment to innovation in gaming.
CS:GO Kart — a Fun Addition to Your Gaming Experience
Counter-Strike is obviously about shooting. You need to build a clever team strategy to effectively attack opponents. And you need to develop powerful personal skills to be victorious in every match and every situation. Wow, this level of competition might be pretty stressful, so in addition to the usual CS:GO practice, it would be helpful to add something relaxing and fun.
New Case in CS:GO: The Recoil Case
On 1 July 2022, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pleased its players and fans with another awesome CS:GO case. The Recoil Case can drop one of 17 new skins and gloves as a rare reward. The items come in several styles and will appeal to many, so let’s take a closer look at the Recoil case skins.
New Case in CS:GO: The Dreams & Nightmares Case
On January 20, 2022, CS:GO introduced another case with amazing skins. The Dreams & Nightmares Case consists of 17 weapons selected from the CS:GO Steam Workshop as part of the Dreams & Nightmares contest and the Gamma knives from the Operation Riptide Case as rare special items.
Win $1000 in 2x2 CS:GO Tournament from DMarket and WePlay eSports
As part of Black Friday DMarket activities, we are launching a Black Friday Rage CS:GO tournament. You are not mistaken. Have a skilled teammate good in CS:GO? It’s time to gear up! Together with the WePlay eSports team, we are giving you a chance to challenge yourself by taking part in a 2x2 tournament.
New CS:GO Update - Operation Riptide
The 11th CS:GO Operation is now live. Operation Riptide. Dust2 and Ancient update, new skins and new challenges await, with new maps and new game mode options. The latest update to the game brings plenty of additions to gameplay, 5 new skin collections, new skins for knives, agents, and so much more.
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