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Information about the Latest Steam Update and Its Impact on DMarket Services (Updated)

Valve recently introduced an update that affects CS and the trading community. According to this update, from now on any items bought or traded will not be visible to others in your Steam inventory for a 10-day time period.

This action has raised lots of questions and concerns among the community, particularly regarding its effects on third-party trading platforms like DMarket. Currently, our team is working on delivering a suitable solution to allow our users to trade such items.

What Does This Mean for DMarket Users?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that the core operations and functionality of DMarket remain untouched by this update. This means that the process of how you buy, sell, or trade items on DMarket will not change. The update solely affects the visibility of items on Steam, not their tradability or availability on DMarket.

The Specifics of the Update

Previously, there was a 7-day trade lock before you could list an item on DMarket that had been traded or bought on the Steam marketplace. With Valve’s latest update, this period has been adjusted to 10 days. It’s important to note that this change targets the period that items are invisible in the Steam inventory after being traded or purchased on a Steam Market.

Trading on DMarket Remains As Usual

Once a skin or item is traded to DMarket bots, it is immediately available for buying, exchanging, or selling within the DMarket marketplace. This process remains as efficient and user-friendly as it has always been. That means your experience on DMarket will not be adversely affected by Steam’s new policy.

The recent Valve update almost does not impact DMarket’s operations. Trading on DMarket will continue as seamlessly as before, ensuring our community’s experience remains positive and unaffected.

*The sole modification as of now is our decision to temporarily suspend the Face-to-Face (F2F) feature of the platform, starting from March 5th, 2024, prioritizing user safety. We will provide updates once the situation evolves. Consequently, all ongoing F2F transactions have been frozen to safeguard both funds and items. It’s essential to emphasize that this change exclusively pertains to F2F operations, bot-trading remains unaffected.

Happy trading, and thank you for being part of the DMarket community!

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