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Update on Steam Services

Previously, we have made an announcement recommending our community to postpone any items withdrawals due to temporary unstable trading caused by issues from the Steam’s side. The situation gets better, so let’s catch up on the current state of things and find out what is happening now.

  • Rollback process: Items from all the failed operations will be automatically rolled back and available for Withdrawals only. No sell/exchange operations are allowed, since your item status will be “LOCKED”.
  • Best Time For Trading: Successful item Withdrawals mostly occur between 2am - 3pm UTC
  • Support: Our support team is working 24/7, but there is a backlog of inquiries due to the issue mentioned above. Please be patient, all tickets will be processed in order.

What is happening with Steam?

Over the past few weeks, Steam inventory services have faced major technical malfunctions that led to users’ inability to trade properly or even see/manage CS:GO inventories. Please be informed that the issue was fully on Steam’s side, but affected DMarket work as well.

This massive Steam maintenance has caused and keeps causing the failure of numerous item withdrawals, making the item disappear from DMarket inventories. Please be informed that all assets are safe and remain secure, and will be rolled back to all the owners. When items are back, they will be available for Withdrawals.

*In most cases item/items are rolled back in up to few minutes time.

If you have already faced an issue while doing trades, don’t worry. No extra actions need to be taken, the rollback of the items will happen automatically.

How to avoid a transaction failing?

In order to avoid failed transactions, we highly recommend checking the Steam server’s status before creating any trade. You can do it by following the link:, just scroll to the “CS Player Inventories” row to see the current status.

Can I get support?

Please be informed that our team is diligently working towards resolving the matter as soon as possible, but as the mistake is not on our side, we can only partly impact on the resolution speed. Due to the issue mentioned above, we’ve received an abnormal amount of inquiries, causing a big backlog on our ticket load and increasing the waiting time.

If you have already texted us, please stay patient until we serve your request. All tickets will be processed in order of the queue, and creating a new one won’t speed up the process.

Thank you for your understanding,

DMarket team.

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