Announcement to the Steam Community
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Announcement to the Steam Community

We’re all aware of recent landmark events in the Steam Community.

Opskins was among the first to trade skins on Steam. Starting with and then DMarket, we worked alongside our peers in a climate of mutual respect and healthy competition.

We have always supported the idea that healthy competition facilitates progress for the entire gaming community. What happened made us all re-think our responsibility towards millions of gamers who use our services every day.

DMarket will always adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and transparency, and will continue to sustain robust competitiveness to ensure the gaming community’s development.

We will continue to develop our business and the DMarket gaming community in strict compliance with Valve’s code of conduct, international law, and universal ethical and moral codes.

In order to support the whole gaming community, we are launching a giveaway of a special Veteran Memorabilia that is dedicated to everyone deeply involved in skins trading for many years.

Veteran Memorabilia will be available on Please, find details here

We fully appreciate our responsibility to the gaming community, and we encourage all our peers to adhere to the same ethos.


Vlad Panchenko

CEO and Founder of DMarket

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