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DMarket at GDC: Case Studies for In-Game Economy

Update: Originally set for this March, GDC 2020 has instead been postponed until the summer. We’ll keep you updated on DMarket’s big events schedule. But no matter the event, the DMarket toolset for game developers is always available 24/7. Read this article to explore the DMarket tech for building in-game economies.

Since the informal gathering of 25 developers in a San Jose apartment in 1988, the Game Developer Conference has grown into the pinnacle event for the game dev community.

Thousands of game developers come to San Francisco each year to take part in top-tier networking events, expos, and award shows. Global tech giants – such as Amazon, Epic, and Google – showcase their latest game development tools and services at GDC.

DMarket is coming to GDC 2020 with a plug-and-play game economy building solution and comprehensive case studies on its implementation in a game.

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Ready-Made Toolset

DMarket offers game developers both platform integration and white-label solutions for building a game economy and monetizing in-game content.

Focusing on seamless user experience and community-friendly business models, DMarket’s toolset is designed to increase revenue at every phase of your game’s life cycle.

The toolset provides:

  • An item store for primary sales of your in-game content to players
  • A secondary market solution for P2P trading
  • Exclusive trading features for boosting item turnover
  • Pre-orders for monetizing your game before its launch
  • Access to 1 million and counting monthly active users of DMarket
  • Item SEO for increasing organic traffic to your game assets
  • Challenges, cross-game exchange, and other mechanics for increased player acquisition, engagement, and retention
  • Workshop for enriching your game with user-generated content
  • Economy simulation for testing and balancing your in-game economy

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Proven Solution

DMarket is heading to GDC 2020 shortly after the integration of ambitious MMO Life Beyond with the DMarket platform. The game is designed by the Darewise studio made up of world-known devs with a background in Ubisoft, CD Projekt Red, and Rockstar.

The integration has expanded the game’s robust in-game economy, provided new monetization pathways for the developer and enabled players to buy, sell, and exchange in-game items among themselves.

As Life Beyond is now in closed alpha, its in-game economy has already been put to the test by players.

Meet DMarket at GDC 2020 to learn both from this and other case studies on how DMarket’s tech can benefit your game. You can also apply for a partnership or meeting with DMarket right now.

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Tailored Approach

DMarket’s game monetization toolset has been built to help you leverage the most powerful trends in the gaming industry.

As GDC’s traditional pre-conference survey reveals, at least 43% of game developers are favoring a free-to-download business model.

Tailored Approach

To become lucrative, this model requires a well-balanced in-game economy. With DMarket, game developers can build and launch such an economy in just three weeks.

Yet, DMarket’s toolset is customizable and fits any other monetization model both as an additional source of revenue for a game and entertainment for players.

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Funding Opportunities

While some trends DMarket contributes to are already in full swing, others are still incipient yet their potential remains massive.

According to the GDC survey, only 3% of game developers are using alpha funding for their games.

Funding Opportunities

DMarket-powered pre-order campaigns have everything to boost this percentage by a drastic pace. They enable game developers to sell bundles with game keys and gear from unreleased titles. As a result, players can immediately begin trading and building a game’s core community.

Learn more about this and other game monetization opportunities with DMarket at GDC 2020 or start leveraging them right now.

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