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Steam Tips & Tricks | Steam News & Updates

Information about the Latest Steam Update and Its Impact on DMarket Services (Updated)
Valve recently introduced an update that affects CS and the trading community. According to this update, from now on any items bought or traded will not be visible to others in your Steam inventory for a 10-day time period.
The Most Common Steam Scams and How to Avoid Them
The industry of trading game items is generally pretty safe. The basic formula is to use reliable services and simply be attentive during each and every transaction. Steam scams mainly take advantage of people’s careless tendencies.
Update on Steam Services
Previously, we have made an announcement recommending our community to postpone any items withdrawals due to temporary unstable trading caused by issues from the Steam’s side. The situation gets better, so let’s catch up on the current state of things and find out what is happening now.
All You Need to Know About Trade on Steam
If you have ever bought a PC game, you should be familiar with Steam. To date, it is the world’s biggest digital game store. Steam has more than 20 000 games for various operating systems, including but not limited to Microsoft, Linux, and macOS.
How to Secure Your Steam API Key from Scam Attacks
The number of phishing bots and websites has drastically increased in recent months. Man-in-the-middle attacks are aimed at intercepting and collecting users’ ID and authentication data to then gain access to their funds and other assets, like your in-game items on Steam. — New Broadcasting Service from Valve
While the best Dota 2 teams are deciding who will win The International 2018, Valve announced the launch of a new streaming service As reported in the official blog, the service supports such functions as:
Valve Rolls Out a New Chat Update for Steam
It’s been a long while since Steam’s chat client got positive feedback from the gaming community. The old Steam Chat was rather awkward, failing to provide robust interaction for gamers. For this reason, other sleek communication services won the race almost hands-down.
Announcement to the Steam Community
We’re all aware of recent landmark events in the Steam Community. Opskins was among the first to trade skins on Steam. Starting with and then DMarket, we worked alongside our peers in a climate of mutual respect and healthy competition.
Steam Skins API | Trading on Dmarket
The in-game items market is rapidly growing, attracting more and more wholesalers who buy and sell virtual goods in large amounts. To be efficient, such business requires algorithmic trading, because manually managing so many transactions is too time-consuming.
Top 10 Most Expensive Steam Items Ever Sold
Steam community market is not only a digital game store. It is a place to discuss new releases, to get useful tips about gameplay, to find friends… Also, Steam has its marketplace for trading virtual items created by both developers and the community – Steammarket.
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