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Steam Skins API | Trading on Dmarket

The in-game items market is rapidly growing, attracting more and more wholesalers who buy and sell virtual goods in large amounts. To be efficient, such business requires algorithmic trading, because manually managing so many transactions is too time-consuming. Automation saves time and brings added profitability to large-scale traders but could also be beneficial for end-users. For instance, data aggregation services that display items from different marketplaces allow gamers to compare prices and get the best deals on desired assets.

Meeting the demand for algorithmic trading of in-game goods, DMarket is introducing our Steam Skins Application Programming Interface (API). With a wide range of CS:GO and Dota 2 skins available on DMarket now, you can buy and sell items automatically.

DMarket Steam Skins API Enables Traders to Automate Six Basic Processes:

  • adding assets to the marketplace;
  • putting items up for sale;
  • removing them from sale;
  • updating prices;
  • buying items; 
  • getting detailed transaction data.

The integration is easy and secure, takes only a few clicks, and charges no fee.

After signing in to DMarket and connecting your Steam account to the platform, you can get an API key in your Account Settings and implement API methods to your application. The step-by-step guide is available or by clicking on the API link in the header of the website. Detailed Documentation provides the code of needed API methods and is easy to navigate.

Implementing the Steam Skins API, DMarket users get an opportunity to streamline in-game items trading and maximize their revenue. The solution is all set, so you can start capitalizing on automated bulk trading right now on

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