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Trade Like a Pro! Tips and Tricks for Trading on DMarket

On the one hand, our marketplace of game items is a pretty straightforward platform. If you want to sell a skin from your inventory, then create an offer and list the item for everyone to see. If you are looking for something, then check out the general listing, specify your search using filters, select the best offer, and make a deal.

But on the other hand, a big marketplace such as DMarket brings many options to the table. It is our goal to make trading as convenient and profitable as possible. We’ve developed and added many practical features to DMarket that help gamers and traders save time and money, find perfect items, get substantial revenue, use it comfortably, and enjoy the most functional platform in the industry.

For a more general review of DMarket, check out this collection of video guides. And now, let’s focus on specific marketplace features and how they may help you buy or sell skins (or even get them for free).


targets on DMarket

Searching specific skins may be a laborious activity. Imagine you want to get a rather rare item. This skin is not available among current offers. Or its price is ridiculously high. Returning to the marketplace again and again, day after day, would be time-consuming and tiresome. To avoid that, use the Targets system on DMarket.

  1. Press the “Target” button on the marketplace interface;
  2. Choose an item to Target with our search tab. Or you could select a skin in the current listing and then, after pressing the Target button, you will see this exact item;
  3. Select various parameters, including the desired price;
  4. Activate your Target by depositing funds for this deal;
  5. The transaction will be made automatically, when a relevant offer appears on DMarket. The item will be added to your inventory.

Try out and explore the Target feature. It’s a great tool for getting a cool rare item. Or you may want to focus on a lower price for some skins — Targets will help you to not miss a deal. For sellers, it’s an opportunity to find a customer really quickly.

Also, you may be interested in a dedicated article on searching CS:GO skins on DMarket.


F2F deal on DMarket

A potential inconvenience of skins trading is the Steam Trade Hold for some items. Thanks to DMarket, you can avoid unnecessary delays and quickly get a purchased item into your inventory.

It’s possible thanks to Face2Face deals. Look for offers with a Steam icon — it’s a sign of F2F, so the item is stored on Steam (instead of DMarket). The deal will be made directly between users, with DMarket still guaranteeing safety.

For sellers, the F2F mode might also be beneficial. Buyers may be attracted to the lack of unnecessary holds. And while your skins are listed on DMarket with the F2F feature, you still can use them in the game.


RareDetect on DMarket Game items have many characteristics that determine their rarity. These features may be connected to exterior conditions (float) or even attached stickers. DMarket has a system that automatically detects rarity characteristics and evaluates the item accordingly.

The RareDetect feature will help you get the max money for your skins in various modes (for instance, in exchange for other items or quick sell).

For potential buyers, this is a convenient way to receive some unique offers. RareDetect allows DMarket users to Target specifically rare items.

Personal Seller’s Store

Personal Seller’s Store on DMarket

For many DMarket users, buying and selling virtual items is more than a way to show off with cool skins or create a great atmosphere in a game. It is a business! And we would like to offer you a personal professional environment for it.

Many buyers tend to make deals with the sellers they already know. This is connected to our psychology. So why not invite them to your personal store? The items you offer will still be on the general listing, and it may become a boost for your business.

A Personal Seller’s Store also works as proof of your reputation in the community. Showcase your items for sale in one convenient place and motivate others to buy more from you.


Auto-select feature on DMarket

This feature is tightly connected to trading game items — when you exchange something from your inventory to get other skins.

Usually, the process is manual. You add items to one side of the interface, and then choose items from a trade bot. But with Auto-Select, you can get the offers automatically. Press a special button, and check out what you could get for the price.

This might be helpful when you actively expand your items collection and need some brave ideas. Or when you’ve already selected a skin you want and are looking for a way to spend the change (instead of getting funds to your DMarket account).

Have you already tried the Auto-Select feature?


2FA on DMarket

Security of your DMarket account is one of our top priorities. Significant values can be connected to it, such as skins (which often cost a lot) or just deposited funds. No one wants to lose control over their account.

Thanks to two-factor authentication on our platform, DMarket users are protected. The system checks various factors, such as logins from a new IP, and then asks for additional confirmation.

Your skins and funds are safe on DMarket!

DMarket API

trading API on DMarket

We don’t limit the gaming and trading community to using only tools directly available on DMarket. What about using the DMarket API and implementing your own ideas?

Many options become possible thanks to it, such as straightforward trading in bulk or having extra tools for managing your inventory. With our Trading API, you can access stats, create sell offers, buy skins, change prices, etc.

DMarket API could be compared to an engine that powers up your projects with DMarket. The sky’s the limit here, and many technical business dreams become real.

Affiliate Program

affliliate program on DMarket

Sell skins and get real cash — this is one of the key aspects of DMarket. But there is another way of earning on our platform. You may want to participate in the DMarket Affiliate Program and get revenue from every new user you bring to the marketplace.

Generate your personal affiliate link, share it wherever you want to, and then get your part of revenue share. The more transactions people make after joining DMarket with your link, the bigger bonus you get from the platform.

Mobile Apps

DMarket mobile apps

DMarket is available through a usual web interface, and it also has dedicated Mobile Applications. Install them to your iOS or Android device and have the skins marketplace available in just one tap.

Advantages of using DMarket Apps include getting notifications about important activities so you don’t miss anything. Being always close to the community may be beneficial for both traders and gamers.


DMarket giveaways

Perhaps one thing unites us all, and it’s love for free skins. Who doesn’t like getting a drop in their favorite game? Who doesn’t like participating in DMarket’s Giveaways?

Promos on our marketplace happen quite often. And the tasks for being part of this magic are not complicated.

Check out Daily and Weekly Giveaways on DMarket to take your chance!

Practically everything you would want from a skins trading platform can be found on DMarket. And we don’t stop here! We strive for perfection, and plan to bring even more features to our marketplace.

Trade on the go - install the mobile app of DMarket from Google Play or App Store. Never miss great prices and unique skins. The best CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust and TF2 marketplace is always at hand!

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