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Trading Tips: How to Double Your Gaming Budget With DMarket

Trading Tips: How to Double Your Gaming Budget With DMarket

Want to get a new game or buy a digital gift for your friend? Double the funds in your Steam Wallet by following this proven trading strategy with step-by-step instructions and examples.

Pay Less, Play More

Due to the huge discounts on many skins on DMarket, you can use a simple and efficient trading strategy to cut your gaming expenses by half or get twice as more games without spending more. In short, it’s “Buy on DMarket – sell on Steam”. For more details, check out this step-by-step guide:

AUG Storm

Set Your Goal

Let’s assume you want to buy a $40 game on Steam.

Add Half the Amount You Need to Your DMarket Balance

If your goal is a $40 game, add $20 or a bit more (to reach the goal faster).

Use Filters and Sorting on DMarket

  • Set the item price range to under $20 (you can also indicate a minimum price, to filter out those few-cent items).
  • Sort items by the best discount.

Monitor the Market

  • Look for in-demand items with 40%-50% discounts compared to Steam (aside from DMarket filters and sorting, you can also use online aggregators for skin prices).
  • To check the demand for items, use the recent sales stats on DMarket.

Buy Skins on DMarket

As soon as you spot a suitable item at 40%-50% off, check its actual price on Steam to be sure of the discount, then buy the item on DMarket.

Sell Skins on Steam

Withdraw the item to Steam, sell it there and capitalize on the price difference.

Keep It Up

Catch a couple of good deals and transform your $20 deposit on DMarket into a $40 balance on Steam.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t Forget About the Target | Bid Feature

This will help you when a discount for an item you want is not as much as you need. Make a bid with your optimal price, and the item will be automatically purchased as soon as it is listed for sale at the price you have offered. Make multiple bids for different items to increase your chances of getting a great deal.

Beware of Trade Locks

Steam applies trade hold periods to items after each transaction, so it’s impossible to resell an item immediately after buying it. Use the Face2Face trading mode on DMarket to cut trade hold periods by 50%.

Check It Twice

Since item prices fluctuate, always check the actual rates on Steam and DMarket before making a purchase.

Watch How It Works

This strategy isn’t just a theory – it is a proven method to profit from price differences between DMarket and Steam. Watch the video below to see how it has worked out for others and then you can make it work for you.

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