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Meet Your Personal Seller’s Store on DMarket

DMarket becomes even handier! Meet the awesome new feature for easier and faster sales: from now on you can turn your account into a Personal Seller’s Store.

What Is It?

By Personal Seller’s Store we mean an option to share your personal market (your DMarket offers, as well Face2Face offers) to your friends, social media accounts, other traders, etc. It will help you to sell items faster and more directly to the right audience.

Please note: You can customize your Seller’s Store nickname to personalize it.

How to Customize Your Nickname for the Personal Seller’s Store

The pop-up with an offer to customize your nickname will appear in your “On Sale” tab. If you want to change your nickname just press the “Customize it now” button.

customize username on DMarket

This step is not mandatory, you can use a randomly generated link as well.

Visit the “On Sale” tab of your DMarket account. There you’ll see the links to share, both for your DMarket and Face2Face offers. Different links are generated for every game (CS:GO, DOTA 2, TF2, RUST).

Share Your Personal's Store on DMarket

Also, you can go to the Account settings, follow to the “Personal Seller’s Store” tab, choose a game and copy the links.

Personal Seller's Store on DMarket

Important note: In Settings, you can add your affiliate code, and all the transactions made through these links with a code added will count as your affiliate ones.

What if I Don’t Want to Turn My Account Into a Personal Seller’s Store?

Sure, you choose whether you want to use this new feature or not. If you are not interested in using Personal Seller’s Store just go to the Settings and turn it off.

store displaying on DMarket

How Do I Know if Other Sellers Are Using Personal Seller’s Stores Too?

When checking someone’s Sell offer, we’ve added the “All offers by this seller” tab for those who are using the Personal Seller’s Store feature. It means you can see all items for sale from other sellers, and the same applies to your sell offers.

all offers by seller on DMarket

That’s It! Wishing you profitable trades; do not forget that you can withdraw the money earned from sales. DMarket has 45+ payment providers available on the platform.

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