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A New Filter on DMarket: CS2 Sticker Combo

Guys, we are glad to introduce a new filter on our marketplace! Now you can select CS2 skins specifically with attached stickers and specify various parameters to see the most relevant results and make your best purchases.

The CS2 Stickers Combo filter is the next step in the never-ending process of improving DMarket’s search options.

We would like to tell you what this filter is all about and its criteria.

CS2 Sticker Combo Filter

Use this filter to see listings of CS2 skins with stickers attached.

Stickers Combo works differently than the general Stickers filter, which allows DMarket users to find and buy CS2 stickers to use on any weapon skin they want. The new filter is exactly for combos of skins+stickers. With such a combination, stickers cannot be reattached to another weapon, only removed, scratched away.

cs2 sticker combo filter on DMarket

Sure, it’s quite logical that the Sticker Combo filter can help you with the opposite search too: for CS2 skins without stickers.

Search Parameters

Like everything on DMarket, this new filter comes with enhanced features, improved to the max.

While looking for Counter-Strike 2 Stickers Combos, you can use various parameters to see the items you really want to buy.

  • Collection — to look for stickers from a specific collection or capsule.
  • Film rarity — stickers of different types: Foil, Glitter, Gold, or Holo.
  • Team — for selecting stickers connected to CS2 esports organizations.
  • Player — stickers connected to CS2 pro players.
  • Number of stickers — the number of stickers attached to a CS2 skin.
  • Identical — to filter weapon skins with identical stickers attached.

Exceptional CS2 Stickers Combo Examples

Counter-Strike 2 skins can certainly get better (and much more expensive) with the addition of suitable stickers. Sometimes, these combos follow a unique art style. Other times, they help recreate iconic esports moments or deliver a powerful message to other players.

Here are some ideas on how to use the filter parameters and what you can find with them on the CS2 marketplace.

  • Stickers from the EMS Katowice 2014 Collection
cs2 sticker combo filter on DMarket

This lists any CS2 skin with stickers from the collection EMS Katowice 2014. It was released for a legendary esports event, where the Polish roster of achieved one of their biggest victories.

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  • AK-47 with 4 Holo Stickers
ak-47 with holo stickers

Here we have all skins for one of the most popular assault rifles in Counter-Strike 2, the AK-47, exclusive to the Terrorist team. With the filter, it’s possible to see only the ones with four Holo stickers attached.

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  • AK-47 | Fuel Injector with Natus Vincere Stickers
ak47 fuel injector with navi stickers

The yellow and black on the Fuel Injector skin combine so nicely with Natus Vincere’s logo, don’t you think? The filter allows us to see all AK-47 | Fuel Injector offers with NAVI sticker, from any esports event, and with any other stickers.

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  • AK-47 | Vulcan with n0thing’s stickers
ak47 vulcan and sticker nothing

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert is an iconic figure in the Counter-Strike community, and the Vulcan skin is his favorite. It looks amazing in combination with his stickers, and all such offers can be easily found with the new filter.

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We at DMarket strive to bring the best service possible to the community of gamers and item traders. Try out the CS2 Stickers Combo filter, and let it help you find some amazing gems on our marketplace.

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