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Lowest Skin Prices | Find the Best Offers on DMarket

As a gamer, you certainly don’t want to appear in front of teammates and opponents with some random skins. Your items should reflect your personality, your unique style, and your general playing skills. It is absolutely essential to select your special skins and only then buy them and add them to your inventory. And you certainly don’t want to do that for any price.

As a trader, you basically have the same needs. A secret to success is purchasing popular skins for the lowest price possible — as an investment in the future, with the possibility of substantial revenue.

We at DMarket regularly give recommendations on the best items, like the best cheap CS2 combinations. So, why not read some tips for finding the best offers on DMarket price-wise?

The Best Prices on DMarket Are Easy To Find!

Providing impeccable service for gamers and traders is our top priority at DMarket. We know for sure that this includes straightforward methods of finding the cheapest offers (on our marketplace and even beyond it). For this, we’ve created a few dedicated tools. They are part of the general strategy for building a versatile marketplace environment, where everyone can trade like a pro.

Best Price on Global Market

You will find this filter right under the field for specifying the price range. All you need to do is to choose this option, so there will be only the best, cheapest offers globally in the listing.

The system is powered by SteamAnalyst. It automatically scans offers on the global market and highlights only those with the lowest price for the specific item among many marketplaces.

It is still a pretty raw filter. As an addition to the globally lowest price, you may want to specify the exact items you are looking for. Other filters will help you find skins of one or a few categories, of a chosen pattern, with your desired float value, etc. But if you’ve marked Best Price on Global Market — yep, rest assured that the prices are really the best.

Here are some examples:

  • StatTrak™ M4A4 | In Living Color (Factory New) — there is a $92.05 offer on DMarket (found with the filter Best Price on Global Market), while the best offer on a competing platform is $125.
  • AWP | Chromatic Aberration (Minimal Wear) — $18.29 on DMarket; $23.70 on another marketplace.
  • StatTrak™ Desert Eagle | Code Red (Field-Tested) — $42.76 on DMarket; $55.65 on another marketplace.
Note that the skins market is very dynamic, so the exact prices may be different at the time of reading this article. These are just examples to highlight the general pattern.

Best Deals

This is a sorting option — you can choose it and see the best deals for a specific item instead of sorting by recommendations, general price, or date of publishing. Again, the Best Deals sorting on DMarket works better in combination with filters. Otherwise, you will see all deals on the marketplace, and it’s a lot.

On the other hand, the sorting may help you find some interesting ideas for your game inventory or trading.

best deals on DMarket

Best Discount

This opportunity is pretty similar to the previous one, but instead of sorting by deals, you get the highest discounts (in comparison to Steam prices).

DMarket has an amazing variety of skins, and patient gamers/traders have good chances to catch really good discounts for the items of their choice. And to make the process of monitoring daily listings as simple and efficient as possible, we’ve created this sorting by Best Discounts.

You sure should know that the marketplace situation changes very often, so this filter may be really useful.

best discount on DMarket


Use this mechanism on DMarket if you know exactly what items you want to buy and how much you are ready to pay.

Just create a Target for a chosen skin, specify the price, deposit funds for it, and wait for an offer to appear — when this happens, the deal will be processed automatically, and you will get the skin to your DMarket inventory.

This type of smart shopping on our marketplace requires having rather good knowledge of the game items industry. If you don’t feel you are this level of pro, rely on the filter and sortings described above. They certainly will help you to gain the necessary experience.

creating targets on DMarket

Helpful filters

We’ve already mentioned the importance of using additional filters for finding the best and the cheapest skins on DMarket. But to reiterate: without filters, you risk getting lost in the quantity of offers on DMarket — and it’s an impressive number indeed.

filters on DMarket

Here are examples of the filters you could use to make your perfect purchases possible:

  • Tradelock — if you want to buy a skin and use/trade it as soon as possible. Choose items with or without Tradelock.
  • Unique Items — this filter will help you see only really special, rare offers. The rarity may be based on various aspects, such as phase, float, or stickers. But also, you could choose and see generally rare game items.
  • PhaseCS:GO Doppler and Gamma Doppler skins have a few phases that affect the actual look of the items. Specify what phase you are looking for, and you will see only these offers.
  • Patterns — you may want to make a collection of skins with one pattern. Or, experienced traders may know that a pattern is popular among gamers, so it could be a good investment. This filter on DMarket helps you choose items by CS:GO patterns.
  • Float Value directly affects the look and the price of CS:GO skins. DMarket has a simplified version of this filter, Exterior, where you can select the float names, from Factory New to Battle-Scarred. The Float filter is more precise, and it allows you to enter a range of the float value in numbers.
  • Stickers make Counter-Strike skins more unique and more valuable. You cannot take the stickers away, as they become part of the game item. Quite often, the combinations of skin and stickers are worthy of special attention. And DMarket helps you to find them thanks to this filter.
  • StatTrak and Souvenir — these are good examples of filters for additional features. Use them to see items with StatTrak™ (a kill counter) or Souvenir CS:GO skins.

For more info, check out this article about DMarket filters.

Searching for the best offers may feel kind of an adventure, and we strive to keep it exciting and profitable. Visit the main listing on our game items marketplace, and let the adventure begin.

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