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How to Find and Buy Any CS:GO Skin on DMarket

Counter-Strike has a mind-blowing number of skins. Anything you wish for to highlight your skills or reflect your unique style is here. And we at DMarket are proud to claim that our marketplace has the full variety of CS:GO / CS2 skins, with convenient and effective tools to look for even super rare items or within specific price ranges.

A Huge Marketplace of Game Items

Whenever you open the actual list of offers on DMarket, you certainly have a chance to get confused. On the one hand, we strive to make the platform as straightforward as possible. But on the other hand, the variety of options create an illusion of complexity.

This means you may see skins you are not interested in, or many repetitive offers of the same items. This is basically how a marketplace works — sellers list their items, and to find something specific, you should dig slightly deeper into the available tools, not just scroll through all the offers (which might be interesting but not necessarily practical). DMarket has tons of various offers. What about taking a look at some numbers?

How Many Offers Are On DMarket?

The exact number varies depending on the general market activity. For example, the announcement of CS2 significantly boosted the number of offers and the general activity of the marketplace users. Releases of new collections, big esports events, and even balance updates also play their role, which increases not only the number of offers but also buying transactions on the platform.

We can still give you a short summary on the quantity of offers on DMarket. Let’s take the first half of 2023 as an example:

number of СSGO offers by months on DMarket

CS:GO is certainly not the only game on DMarket. So, here are some extra numbers for context. In January 2023, there was a daily average of 1,603,856 offers on DMarket for all the connected Steam games. In June 2023, this number grew to 1,768,773.

Sure, there is a big difference between the number of offers and the variety of skins. One item may be present in many offers.

Let’s check out how many unique skins are on DMarket — statistically and averagely:

skins in stock on DMarket

Sorting Tools are a Trader’s Best Friend

With such an enormous number of offers and skins, it becomes absolutely crucial to use the sorting filters. Otherwise, the system might just show you something irrelevant, and you risk getting a wrong impression about the marketplace in general — which means losing skins, profit, and opportunities.

filters on DMarket

The filters on DMarket are really, really straightforward. Check them out and sort the offers by criteria including:

  • Item Category — such as assault rifles, knives, pistols, agents, music kits, etc.
  • Exterior — from Factory New to Battle-Scarred
  • StatTrak™
  • Souvenir
  • Float
  • Pattern
  • Stickers
  • etc

Just let yourself explore, and you might be surprised with what can be found on DMarket. These convenient filters are also pretty helpful for sellers, as your items will not be drowned in the powerful stream of offers. They ensure that the right customer will find your skins and buy them.

Yes, we don’t throw around phrases such as “any CS:GO skin” without proper understanding of the chaotic nature of a marketplace and the rareness of some items. Not everything is present on DMarket at any given moment. But that doesn’t mean you need to visit the platform daily and manually look for specific items.

Any CS:GO skin can be found and bought on DMarket thanks to the automatic searching system Targets. You create your Target, specifying what you would like to buy, and whenever someone adds this item to the marketplace, you get the deal.

targets on DMarket

The Target system allows you to be precise with the desired price range or even some item features. But at the same time, flexibility is also possible. We cannot guarantee that an incredibly rare Counter-Strike skin will be added to the offers on DMarket. But we certainly give our users every means necessary to not miss it, find it easily, and buy for the best price possible.

Targets work well for sellers too, as you don’t need to wait for a customer for too long. If someone is already looking for your offer, DMarket will facilitate the deal without any obstacles whatsoever.

With the release of CS2 and ever-growing interest toward Counter-Strike esports, we are totally sure the assortment of skins for this amazing game will be absolutely mind-blowing. And DMarket is the platform for skins trading to reach new heights.

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