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The Best Trading Experience with the Lowest Fees on DMarket

Our marketplace of game items offers quite a few opportunities for gamers and traders. You can sell and buy skins and items from various titles, exchange them, and make direct deals with other users. Sure, it’s all business, and DMarket takes some fees to let the whole system work and provide the community with the best service possible.

Understanding fees is significant for planning your transactions. You absolutely need to know how much money you will eventually pay for purchasing items and how much you will get after selling something.

Specific complexity comes with the many opportunities that DMarket has to offer. But actually, everything is super straightforward. In this article, we explain all the fees in detail, so you will know what to expect.

Buying on DMarket

You will find many offers on DMarket. The convenient sorting system allows buyers to find something extra cool, for games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, and others. Every offer has a clear price. But do you need to pay extra?

Rest assured that DMarket doesn’t take any extra fee for purchases. You pay the exact money specified in the offer.

But (well, we should have some “but” here) let’s not forget the fees for depositing money into the marketplace. DMarket does not take fees for this, but most payment systems do. And before buying something, you will need to deposit funds to your balance while (potentially) paying a bit more for this.

deposit methods on DMarket

These fees do not depend on DMarket, and they obviously may change. Please, be attentive when you deposit money — our system informs you of the extra percentage you have to pay. We also recommend you check out our post with the most common deposit failures.

If you are focused on a specific price for the items of your choice, pay closer attention to the Target system on DMarket. It allows you to select something you want to buy and specify the item’s characteristics, including the price. The marketplace does not add any fee to this sum, and you pay the exact amount you see/type on the Target screen.

Selling on DMarket

Every time you want to sell something on DMarket, you fill out the price form. Here you can choose the exact amount you want to get for this transaction, and the system automatically adds a fee to this sum. There is no need to do math in your head as you will see all the numbers before putting items on sale.

selling skins on DMarket

Sure, we are not hiding any info, so here are the fees for selling transactions on DMarket. They differ depending on the game and the item:

  • CS:GO — 2%*
  • Dota 2 — 5%
  • Team Fortress 2 — 5%
  • Rust — 5%

*Usually, the fee for selling your CS:GO skin(s) is equal to 2%, but for the low-priced items / low liquidity items it can be 10%. It happens so because DMarket fees fully depend on the liquidity of the item for sale. Representively, the less liquid skins have higher fees, while liquid skins are subject to 2% sell commission only. This is how the logic of fees creation work.

Don’t forget that withdrawing funds from DMarket also applies a payment system fee. Like with the deposit, DMarket doesn’t take any additional fees from cashouts. The exact percentage is shown at the withdrawal screen — and of course, you can choose a system with the lowest to no fee at all.

Trading on DMarket

This feature allows you to exchange items from your game inventory for something else. Trading transactions are pretty straightforward on DMarket — you choose the items to exchange on one side of the screen and select something you get in return on the other side.

trading skins on DMarket

And the system shows the total sums for both sides. For trade transactions you need to pay small commission. Fees here also depend on the game:

  • CS:GO — 2.5%
  • Dota 2 — 2%
  • Team Fortress — 2%
  • Rust — 2%

All the calculations are visible on the trading screen before the operation is done.


This mode allows you to make buying/selling deals directly with other DMarket users. It’s an effective way to avoid extra trade locks. And sellers can use their items in games until the transaction is done, without transferring items to DMarket.

face2face on DMarket

The fees for Face2Face are different to traditional sells:

  • CS:GO — 4%
  • Dota 2 — 4%
  • Team Fortress 2 — 4%
  • Rust — 4%

And again, the marketplace doesn’t hide any fee. The sellers see all the calculations on the screen when creating their offer. The buyers pay the exact sum shown in the listings.

Comparison with other marketplaces

We at DMarket work hard to deliver the best service for you guys. And we also care about making transactions on our marketplace the most profitable for every user. DMarket’s fees are among the lowest in the items trading industry.

Marketplaces Fees
DMarket 2%
Skinwallet Market 5%
Market.CSGO 5% 8%
BitSkins 5%
ItemHerald 6%
Skinport 5%

Here is a clear comparison of fees on various marketplaces. These platforms have been chosen as the most popular and reliable.

The industry of trading in-game items is pretty big at this point, and it’s going to grow even more. To find your place here, you certainly should be attentive to details. Learn which items may potentially bring you profit, what’s trending in the community, which new games may open new prospects for your business, etc. And also, it’s quite important to be attentive to fees — to know the real price you pay and exact sums you get.

DMarket offers many effective tools to be the best marketplace for traders and gamers. Charging low and clear fees is one of our priorities. Hopefully, this article has answered all of your fee-related questions.

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