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Meet The New Ranking System of DMarket Discord Server

At DMarket we are open to our user community and have 225k+ subscribers across our Social Media profiles.

When talking about updates, discussions, chats, and other stuff, one of the most active gaming communities comes to mind: Discord.

DMarket’s Discord family has about 7K of our users, and we decided to come up with something special for this party.

We are happy to announce our Discord Ranking System for the most active ones:

Join our Discord community, become an active member, and you’ll be able to boost your account’s level and unlock rewards and special bonuses. The higher rank you achieve, the bigger the bonus.

What Are the DMarket Server Levels?

There are 8 different levels in total. Each level you open gives you access to even more opportunities. It works as follows:

DMArket Discord Server - New Ranking System

On the NPC level you’ll be able to read the news and chat in “flood” and “trading” rooms.

By accessing the Newbie level you can reach additional rooms for chatting, as well as the “Giveaway room”, where you can check all current and upcoming giveaways.

Ranking up to Soldier level you’ll be able to open a special room with upcoming DMarket updates.

At Warrior level you can vote for which skin should be added as a prize for the upcoming giveaway.

Getting to the Master level, you’ll open a few additional rooms with special giveaways for that level or higher. Also, you’ll have an option to propose the skins you want to see in the next giveaway.

Grandmaster level opens a few special rooms for giveaways with more valuable prizes at stake. Also, you’ll get access to the “tips and tricks” room to find out more about promos and other exciting updates.

The last two levels are the special ones. Rank to the Boss or Legendary level to be invited to the most special rooms. These rooms are totally secret, only those who level up can find out what’s inside.

More rewards, special rooms and special events for members will be added. Let’s grow and evolve our Discord community together!

The current leaderboard of ranks can be found here.

How Can I Rank Up?

Every minute that you’re messaging on a DMarket server of Discord, you randomly gain between 7 and 12 XP. The more messages you send on a daily basis, the higher your rank becomes.

How Can I Find out My Rank?

You can always check your level and how many XP points are left to get a level up. Just go to the DMarket server of Discord, go to the “levels” room and type “/rank” — the bot will outline the current situation.

DMArket Discord Server

Already a DMarket Discord participant? Let’s get the party started!

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