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The Most Expensive Purchases on DMarket

CS:GO is famous for its variety and versatility. You can radically customize your appearance, starting with the choice of agent and ending with stickers that can be put on your weapon to make it more unique and rare. At the moment, there are more than 1,000 different items and skins in the game, and over time the number will only increase.

Among all this variety, there are many inexpensive options that are popular with most players and look really good in-game. And there are options that not everyone can afford, but having them in your arsenal adds 100% to your authority and confidence.

Today we decided to share with you a selection of such skins and items, namely the statistics of the most expensive purchases on DMarket.

most expensive purchases on DMarket

All these skins and items are available for buying, selling and exchanging on our platform. Don’t forget about a new feature on DMarket called Rarevolution that helps users to find rare CS:GO skins in their inventory. You can get more information by reading this post.

For sellers this is a cool opportunity to sell their skins at fair prices, and for buyers it’s an opportunity to set up Advanced Targets for any skin with any float, pattern, phase, or sticker. Give this feature a try immediately!

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