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Rust Skins Best Sellers in 2022

Having good practical items is crucial for surviving in Rust. With proper tools, you will be able to collect important resources and protect yourself. Cosmetic items do not have this specific power, but their role is nevertheless super significant.

When you have great Rust skins, you emphasize your playing skills and even your general status in the community. Cosmetic items create a special game mood and make allies and opponents respect you at first sight.

Rust is a living world, and it has its trends. What were the most popular Rust skins in 2022? What impresses other players the most?

rust skins best sellers in 2022

People from all over the world are into skins trading. There are some different ways to buy/sell/exchange your skins:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Because gamers want to trade without fees and withdraw money from their accounts (Steam does not provide such an opportunity).

Also, this information is really helpful for skins traders who should know what to focus on in their business.

1. Bombing Kilt

Rust Bombing Kilt
  • Category: Clothing
  • Starting Price: $0.39

This piece of clothing might not seem like a big deal, but in fact, the kilt is very effective for protecting your character’s legs. The basic item here is Road Sign Kilt, which is arguably the best in the game for this role (Heavy Plate Pants strongly affect speed). Bombing Kilt is a skin that replaces road signs with graffiti pieces. The look becomes less authentic for Rust as a post-apocalyptic game. But still, Bombing Kilt is super stylish, and players love it.

If you like practical stuff in games, you might be interested in our guide on how to see FPS in Rust.

Buy Bombing Kilt

2. Whiteout Hoodie

Rust Whiteout Hoodie
  • Category: Clothing
  • Starting Price: $4.04

What about bringing a sweet flavor of civilization into the wilderness of Rust? Let your character forget the clumsy things they could find and wear in the game and let them protect the upper body with this cool-looking hoodie.

Such an item is useful in general. You put it under armor and get a boost in melee protection. And with Whiteout Hoodie, you get a fresh version of the standard item. It might not be as practical on its own — it’s not easy to hide while wearing something bright white. But it may enhance your bravery and power. Let them be scared!

Buy Whiteout Hoodie

3. Black Boots

Rust Black Boots
  • Category: Clothing
  • Starting Price: $0.50

You absolutely need to wear good, reliable boots if you are going to lurk in wild forests. How is your Rust hero different? Take care of his feet and craft boots! They are made of leather, and you might need to choose what to use the material for. Most players prefer boots over bandanas or gloves — all thanks to their incredible in-game stats. Boots are just the best footwear!

Black Boots bring the standard functionality but with a different appearance. This Rust skin replaces brown boots with black ones. Do you like their style?

Buy Black Boots

4. Black Gold MP5

Rust Black Gold MP5
  • Category: Weapons
  • Starting Price: $1.22

Having a submachine gun in the dangerous world of Rust is kind of a blessing. Let those greedy enemies try to steal something from you! And let them try to save their precious belongings when you are on the hunt for treasures. MP5A4 is exactly such a weapon to boost your in-game might to unbelievable heights. The gun is pretty accurate and shoots a lot of bullets.

Black Gold MP5 is an awesome skin for MP5A4. The default gun turns into a piece of jewelry, with gold on metallic parts. It’s a weapon for the kings of Rust! Are you one of them? Then check out our marketplace for this and other Rust skins at the best prices.

Buy Black Gold MP5

5. Tempered Boots

Rust Tempered Boots
  • Category: Clothing
  • Starting Price: $1.27

Firstly, boots are definitely a great part of your practical Rust equipment. They have really good characteristics to protect your hero and make them a super strong inhabitant of this dangerous world. But also, the Tempered Boots skin can even be used for club parties — would you risk damaging those purple metallic-like parts in real life?

This item is for those players who have significantly grown in their game and place style over practicality (they are alright too).

Buy Tempered Boots

6. Alien Red

Rust Alien Red
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $89.87

Would you like your Rust weapons to look quite a lot like CS:GO skins? Then don’t miss this item! Alien Red transforms your default assault rifle into a stylish gun. That red surface makes this effective weapon look even more dangerous. Does it make an impression of a true killer? What about delivering this message to your Rust enemies? Sure, the skin doesn’t improve practical features, but Rust assault rifles don’t need that at all. This is one of the best firearms.

It is expensive to craft such a weapon. The recoil is high and affects accuracy. But the shots are super damaging, so you might find yourself victorious in many close/medium-range battles.

Buy Alien Red

7. Whiteout Facemask

Rust Whiteout Facemask
  • Category: Armor
  • Starting Price: $3.97

Metal Facemask in Rust makes your character much more scary — in a Friday the 13th sort of way. And also, this item brings additional protection for the whole head.

The default item looks clumsy; as if it was made from random stuff (as it should be). But if your glory in Rust does not allow you to wear something like that, you can switch to the skin Whiteout Facemask. It is not better practically, but it is scarier. Imagine meeting someone with such a mask on a dark street!

Buy Whiteout Facemask

8. Mummy Wraps

Rust Mummy Wraps
  • Category: Clothing
  • Starting Price: $4.54

What does your Rust character have under his armor and clothes? Should they have something to warm him during chilly evenings? What about some wraps to make them look like a mummy?

This Rust item changes the default appearance of your character. There is no logical connection to the world of this game, but the mummy outfit still feels so in tune with everything happening in Rust. A few blood splashes on the wraps emphasize how hard life here is. And the walking dead image might be something you are looking for to scare potential enemies… to death.

Mummy Wraps do not protect you and cannot help you survive in the game. But our powerful Rust tips can — check them out to know what you need to focus on.

Buy Mummy Wraps

9. Bombing Thompson

Rust Bombing Thompson
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $3.70

The Thompson gun is better for close-range battles in Rust as its accuracy is on the low level. Still, this weapon has an increased fire rate to just shoot all over the place and clear the surrounding location of enemies.

Sure, firearms are not cheerful in reality. But in a game, you can even add some bright colors to your tools of death. Bombing Thompson is a skin to cover your submachine gun with cool graffiti. Your victims might appreciate this style.

Buy Bombing Thompson

10. Spacesuit

Rust Spacesuit
  • Category: Misc
  • Starting Price: $11.02

The world of Rust is full of deadly dangers. Most of them come from other players, but the environment itself can also kill your character. Some areas here have high radiation levels, so survival requires special equipment — such as Hazmat Suit. This item is a full set of protective clothes (one piece in the game), and it might give you the advantage to enter forbidden highly radioactive zones to hide or fool enemies.

Spacesuit is a skin for the default anti-radiation outfit. It doesn’t change the characteristics but lets you look cosmically awesome.

Buy Spacesuit If you’re looking for other ideas for your Rust item collection, check out our list of cheap Rust skins. You do not always need to spend a lot of money to get impressively great in-game cosmetics.

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