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CS:GO Skins Best Sellers in 2022

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has an impressive variety of skins. They all are a way to express your unique style and personality. But what is actually popular in the game? How to be in tune with the whole community?

Traditionally, we prepare lists of best sellers at the end of each year. This time, we’re looking at the most popular CS:GO skins in 2022.

Such “rankings” are sure helpful for players — to see which skins potential teammates and opponents like and to know which weapons might be the most useful in the game. Also, professional traders will find this list of best sellers very, very interesting — for their future profitable strategies.

Do we have to remind you that it’s possible to buy CS:GO skins on DMarket? Nope, you definitely know this. After all, you are already on the best in-game items marketplace!

CS:GO Items by Purchases in 2022

csgo items by purchases
  • Weapon Skins — 48%
  • Cases/Keys — 17.8%
  • Stickers — 15.4%
  • Capsules — 7.7%
  • Pins/Patches/Passes/Others — 6.6%
  • Agents — 2.1%
  • Graffitis — 1.2%
  • Music Kits — 0.7%
  • Gloves — 0.5%

It’s not surprising to see that weapon skins occupy first position. Most players prefer getting a specific item for their collection rather than risking it with cases. That also motivates traders to focus their business mainly on this category. The popularity of cases is based on the random drop in the game — players get a lot of them. Stickers are a great way to make the appearance of weapons even more unique.

Actually, the general positions are not too different from the CS:GO Best Sellers in 2021. The only notable difference is a more than double increase for Pins/Patches/Passes/Others: 6.6% instead of 2.6%.

CS:GO Weapons by Purchases in 2022

csgo weapons by purchases
  • Pistols — 33.6%
  • Rifles — 28.0%
  • SMG — 15.0%
  • Sniper Rifles — 12.7%
  • Shotguns — 5.8%
  • Knives — 3.0%
  • Machine Guns — 1.9%

Here the stats are relatively unchanged from 2021. We can see some minor changes in numbers, but the general situation with preferred weapons in CS:GO is the same.

The most effective weapons are on top. Players of all skill levels use pistols and rifles a lot. SMGs are rather situational. Sniper rifles require high mastery to be really worth using.

The choice of weapon for a game round often depends on a CS:GO Economy situation. Please, check out our guide on this topic.

CS:GO Weapon Quality Rank by Purchases in 2022

csgo weapon quality by purchases
  • Field-Tested — 39.2%
  • Minimal Wear — 24.9%
  • Factory New — 14.9%
  • Well-Worn — 11.3%
  • Battle-Scarred — 9.7%

It might be a bit surprising to see the best possible exterior being in the middle of this list. But however awesome Factory New CS:GO skins are, they are also rather expensive. Field-Tested and Minimal Wear items look great as well, but you can find better offers on them — and such skins are available in bigger numbers.

Do you use more worn skins? In a way, they might emphasize your experience in CS:GO battles.

Top 5 Pistols By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo pistols
Top Pistols Starting Price
USP-S | Black Lotus $0.44
Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline $0.25
Glock-18 | Water Elemental $2.57
Five-SeveN | Boost Protocol
USP-S | Cyrex

Lists of top skins in specific weapon categories give information on two aspects. Not only do we discover the aesthetic preferences of CS:GO players but also we get clear stats on which type of guns are preferred by the community. Perhaps, beginners should consider this “report” in their weapon choice — and of course, if you want to improve your skills, check out our tips on How to Get Better at CS:GO.

Desert Eagle, Glock-18, and USP-S were present among the best CS:GO pistols in 2021. Five-SeveN is new to this list. As for the skins, only Water Elemental made it to Top 5 in 2022. This image has kept its third position.

Top 5 SMGs By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo smgs
Top SMGs Starting Price
MP9 | Mount Fuji $0.81
MAC-10 | Disco Tech $1.60
MP7 | Cirrus $0.15
P90 | Grim
UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf

SMGs are significantly less effective in CS:GO battles than assault rifles, and still, they play a very important role in the matches. They are cheaper, bring you a kill bonus, and might help your team gain money for full buys in the following rounds.

The choice of a specific SMG depends mostly on your personal preferences. In the top list for 2022, we can see a pretty big variety of such guns — all five best-selling CS:GO SMGs are of different types.

MAC-10 | Disco Tech and P90 | Grim were also among the most popular SMGs on DMarket last year.

Top 5 Rifles By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo rifles
Top Rifles Starting Price
AK-47 | Slate $2.14
M4A1-S | Fizzy POP $0.57
M4A4 | Spider Lily $1.30
FAMAS | ZX Spectron
Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration

No one dares to doubt the glory of AK-47 and M4A4 in CS:GO. They are of the same class but for different teams, T and CT. It’s relatively simple to gain a kill with them, and many, many players buy such rifles when they have money — skins for them are a must-have for dedicated CS:GO fans. M4A1-S is basically the same M4A4 but with a silencer. FAMAS and Galil AR are cheaper. All the rifles in our top list are essential for your in-game success.

This category of the most popular CS:GO skins got its refreshment in 2022 — all cosmetics are new best sellers.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo sniper rifles
Top Sniper Rifles Starting Price
AWP | Atheris $1.81
AWP | Capillary $0.17
AWP | Mortis $1.41
SSG 08 | Mainframe 001 $0.06
SSG 08 | Fever Dream

Everyone loves an AWP in CS:GO (ok, most players do). But not everyone can use it. Having an AWP skin in your collection is a sign of experience and skills. When you take such a sniper rifle to a round, you’d better use it properly to not ruin your reputation. While preparing such annual lists of best sellers, we are almost sure we’ll have AWP in top positions. This year, there are three of them. SSG 08 is less expensive, but it’s unable to deliver a bodyshot. This sniper rifle might be slightly easier to use.

Atheris keeps its first place again. Mortis is the second skin that remains in the top 5; others are the new most popular CS:GO sniper rifle skins.

Top 5 Shotguns By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo shotguns
Top Shotguns Starting Price
MAG-7 | Monster Call $0.33
Sawed-Off | Apocalypto $0.32
Nova | Wild Six $0.26
Nova | Windblown $0.08
MAG-7 | BI83 Spectrum

Delivering kills with shotguns might be even more challenging than with sniper rifles. This type of weapon is the most effective at a close range, and therefore you take more risks to get shot. But mastering shotguns is rewarding, as their killing power is significant, and the kill bonus is high. Get more info on the differences between weapons in our article CS:GO spray patterns & recoil compensation.

Monster Call and Apocalypto keep their top positions again. Three other skins managed to make it to best sellers this year.

Top 5 Machine Guns By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo machine guns
Top Machine Guns Starting Price
M249 | O.S.I.P.R. $0.07
Negev | dev_texture $0.23
Negev | Lionfish $0.24
Negev | Ultralight $0.05
M249 | Spectre

Rushing into a CS:GO round with such a deadly weapon is very appealing for beginners. The deadly power of machine guns is really impressive, but they have a substantial downside — both Negev and M249 are super heavy, so they affect the character movement negatively. O.S.I.P.R. made it to best sellers this year and occupied first place. dev_texture is also a newcomer.

Pro players mainly avoid using machine guns, but these weapons might be fun for more casual matches. To improve your skills with them, you sure have to know maps well. And to improve your movement skills, you might require additional training — for instance, in special CS2 surf maps.

Top 5 Knives By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo knives
Top Knives Starting Price
M9 Bayonet | Doppler $300.07
Gut Knife | Doppler $99.08
Karambit | Doppler $800.24
Huntsman Knife | Rust Coat $70.05
Navaja Knife | Tiger Tooth

Can you believe it? Three top CS:GO knives in 2022 are of the same pattern, Doppler. The knives are different, but the image on them is identical. These skins are really impressive; they make the knives look somewhat tougher. And the red color pattern creates the effect of bloody danger.

Using knives in CS:GO is a sign of high skills and special style. Such items are especially rare and therefore super expensive. Do you want to have one of the best-selling knives in your personal arsenal?

Top 5 Graffitis by Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo graffitis
Top Graffitis Starting Price
Heart (Blood Red) $0.23
Sheriff (Battle Green) $0.23
PGL | Krakow 2017 $1.25
NaCl (Shark White) $0.03
Still Happy (Tracer Yellow)

The assortment of graffitis in CS:GO is absolutely mind-blowing. And the interests of players include the whole variety of such items. The most popular graffiti represents just 2.3% of all graffitis sold/purchased on DMarket in 2022.

An interesting thing to notice, though, is that Heart (Blood Red) keeps its leading position. It seems like players like leaving this small heart on Counter-Strike maps.

Top 5 Regular Stickers By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo regular stickers
Top Regular Stickers Starting Price
Ancient Marauder $0.30
Broken Fang $0.10
Battle Scarred $1.57
Stalking Prey $0.12
Ancient Protector

This year, we decided to highlight regular stickers separately to tournament ones. This allows gamers and traders to see what is popular beyond the hype of big CS:GO esports events.

As you can see, the percentage of top-selling stickers nicely reflects the variety of such items in the game and how different the interests of players are. This is probably the most difficult category to make any prediction of how popular one item or another will be. It would be better to use your own vision of beauty.

Top 5 Tournament Stickers By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo tournament stickers
Top Tournament Stickers Starting Price
Boombl4 | Stockholm 2021 $0.04
PGL | Stockholm 2021 $0.04
Evil Geniuses | Stockholm 2021 $0.04
Perfecto | Stockholm 2021 $0.02
Team Liquid | Stockholm 2021

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 was the first tournament of such a level after quite a break. Naturally, we can see stickers from that event all over our list of best sellers.

Boombl4 was a team leader of NaVi, the tournament champion. Perfecto is also from this Ukrainian team. Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid did not reach Top 8, but probably, the viewers were impressed with their performance — and the organizations have many supporters.

Top 5 Capsules By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo capsules
Top Сapsules Starting Price
Stockholm 2021 Legends Sticker Capsule $0.60
Stockholm 2021 Champions Autograph Capsule $0.60
Antwerp 2022 Legends Sticker Capsule $0.28
Antwerp 2022 Contenders Autograph Capsule $0.24
Stockholm 2021 Finalists Autograph Capsule

We can see that the same esports tournament dominates the capsules category too. The list of best sellers has three items from PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The other two positions are taken by the newer big Valve-sponsored event, PGL Major Antwerp 2022. CS:GO capsules carry the same risk as cases — you can’t know for sure what will appear from them. But the reward also can be significant. Did you ever get a super valuable item from a capsule/case box?

Top 5 Agents By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo agents
Top Agents Starting Price
Bloody Darryl The Strapped | The Professionals $8.48
Arno The Overgrown | Guerrilla Warfare $1.80
Rezan The Ready | Sabre $1.39
Osiris | Elite Crew $0.70
Soldier | Phoenix

The possibility to change the appearance of your character was revolutionary — for CS:GO. Now, the community is used to it, and we have a bigger choice of agents.

All five characters in our list are from different factions. Various Bloody Darryl skins are kind of one guy but with different masks and outfits. The other agents here are less eccentric, they look like someone you would expect to meet in CS:GO matches. Some of them have been included in our list of the Best Counter-Strike Agents.

Top 5 Cases By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo cases
Top Cases Starting Price
Clutch Case $0.29
Fracture Case $0.11
Snakebite Case $0.19
Dreams & Nightmares Case $0.31
Operation Riptide Case

The game gives the cases generously… probably, too generously. Many players prefer selling them without further investments — as you need a CS:GO key to open such a box. But there is another strategy. If you take risks, you can be rewarded with a really expensive weapon skin (with rather small chances for success).

Only Clutch Case and Fracture Case remain in Top 5 from the 2021 list. The other three cases are new among best sellers — but the percentage differences between items in this category are not big.

Top 5 Gloves By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo gloves
Top Gloves Starting Price
Driver Gloves | Racing Green $38.22
Hydra Gloves | Mangrove $43.60
Hydra Gloves | Emerald $48.36
Broken Fang Gloves | Needle Point $45.72
Hydra Gloves | Case Hardened

Three of the most popular CS:GO gloves in 2022 were from the Operation Hydra Case. That in-game event happened back in 2017, but players still enjoy its items.

The game has many glove options, so the percentage for top best-sellers is not very big. *Driver Gloves were #1 in 2021 as well. Actually, only Broken Fang Gloves | Needle Point and Hydra Gloves | Case Hardened are newcomers to our list.

Top 5 Music Kits By Purchases in 2022

top 5 csgo music kits
Top Music Kits Starting Price
The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE $3.80
bbno$, u mad! $3.53
The Verkkars & n0thing, Flashbang Dance $4.03
Scarlxrd, CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT. $1.74
Beartooth, Aggressive

The Verkkars with their track EZ4ENCE made it to first place this year. Also, the band has another track among best-selling CS:GO music kits, Flashbang Dance created in collaboration with n0thing. It seems like the vibes of their music have a good response in the hearts of CS:GO players.

Music Kit | bbno$, u mad! is another newcomer to our Top list. Music Kit | Scarlxrd, CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT. somewhat lost its position, but still, this track is pretty popular in the game.

Lists of best-selling skins might be really helpful for gamers and traders, but they are never the ultimate recipe for success. You should listen to your internal feelings and intuition. In this way, you have more chances to express your style. And even for the skins trading business, big success comes when you put your heart into it, not just follow the stats.

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