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CS:GO Skins Best Sellers 2019

Skins are the power that moves the game through the years and different situations. Everyone wants to have a knife skins in their inventory or beautiful AWP skins, such as AWP | The Prince. Allowing your weapon a new skin gives you great feelings and winning conditions.

Over the past year, we’ve been collecting all info about the DMarket’s deals, and we’re able to share with you our statistics - including what skins were the most popular and best-selling in 2019. The previous-years article is available via the link The Best Selling Skins in 2018. When you choose another method of including the information then you look to the specioal galleries. and if you want to see the pictures in the next tab, you should rite step-by-step guide

CS:GO Items By Purchases

CS:GO Items By Purchase on DMarket
  • Weapon Skins - 75.7%
  • Cases \ Keys \ Packages - 14.69%
  • Stickers \ Capsules - 7.25%
  • Graffiti \ Music Kits - 1.23%
  • Gloves \ Other - 1.13%

Weapon’s Skins amounted to 75.7% from all deals made making them the favorites dealt on DMarket in 2019, Cases and Keys - 14,69%, are in 3rd position Stickers and Capsules - 7.25%, Graffiti and Music kits - 1.23%, and last but not least Gloves and Other - 1.13%.

Weapon Skins Types by Purchases

Weapon Skins Types by Purchases on DMarket
  • Regular - 89.77%
  • StatTrack - 8.83%
  • Souvenir - 1.4%

There were 8.85% weapon skins with a StatTrack purchased on DMarket in 2019. From all weapon deals - 1.4% were souvenirs. Professional players have the biggest statistics when it comes to kills of enemies in CS:GO. To follow the best world-class players, keep an eye on our article Top 10 CS:GO Upcoming Tournaments.

CS:GO Weapons by Purchases

CS:GO Weapons by Purchases on DMarket
  • Rifles - 53.5%
  • Pistols - 30.3%
  • SMGs - 8.1%
  • Heavy - 6.4%
  • Knives - 1.7%

The most popular weapon by total purchases is by far the rifle, amounting to 53.5% of all deals in 2019. Pistols received 30.3% of all weapons skins purchases. For a year, people have been buying SMGs - 8.1%, heavy - 6.4%, and last but not least - knives with 1.7%.

CS:GO Quality Rank by Purchases

CS:GO Quality Rank by Purchases on DMarket
  • Field-Tested - 29%
  • Minimal Wear - 26.1%
  • Factory New - 18.97%
  • Battle Scared - 14.09%
  • Well-Worn - 11.84%

This stat is not a surprise for us. Skins with Field-Tested quality are the most popular on the market. Within a year, 29% of all skins sold were Field-Tested. The closest to this indicator is Minimal Wear, with 26.1%. Other stats are very close to each other.

The best indicator for your level of playing in CS: GO is your rank. In our article CS: GO Ranks Guide, you’ll find the complete information about ranking and season medals in CS:GO.

Top Rifles by Purchases in 2019

The Most Popular CS:GO Purchased Rifle 2019 on DMarket
Top Rifles 2019 % Top Skins by Turnover Start Price
AK-47 26.7% AK-47 Uncharted (Field-Tested) $0.37
AWP 17.48% AWP Atheris (Field-Tested) $2.50
M4A4 14.2% M4A4 Magnesium (Well-Worn) $0.15
M4A1-S 8.3% M4A1-S Decimator (Field-Tested) $3.37
Galil AR 5.2% Galil AR Cold Fusion (Field-Tested) $0.97

As we know, AK-47 (26.7%) is one of the most popular rifles in CS:GO of the all-time. That was evident in 2018 and continued throughout 2019 — second place AWP with 17.48. And from 3 to 5: M4A4, M4A1-S, and Galil.

Top Pistols by Purchases in 2019

Top CS: GO Pistols in 2019 on DMarket
Top Pistols 2019 % Top Skins by Turnover Start Price
Desert Eagle 24.3% Desert Eagle Light Rail (Field-Tested) $0.90
USP-S 17.2% USP-S Cyrex (Field-Tested) $1.32
Glock-18 13.9% Glock-18 Moonrise (Field-Tested) $0.34
P250 5% P250 Metallic DDPAT (Factory New) $0.05
CZ75-Auto 3.4% CZ75-Auto Tacticat (Field-Tested) $0.25

Desert Eagle Light Rail is the most popular skin among pistols. The top 5 popular pistols for 2019 included: Desert Eagle, USP-S, Glock-18, P250, and a surprise for me, CZ75-Auto.

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Top SMGs by Purchases in 2019

Top SMGs by Purchases in 2019 on DMarket
TOP SMGs 2019 % Top Skins by Turnover Start Price
MP7 26.51% MP7 Cirrus (Minimal Wear) $0.90
MAC-10 23.67% MAC-10 Silver (Factory New) $0.09
P90 16.30% P90 Traction (Field-Tested) $0.08
MP9 14.10% MP9 Bioleak (Field-Tested) $0.11
UMP 12.20% UMP-45 Exposure (Field-Tested) $0.25

There are many popular SMG’s in CS:GO, but the favorite one is MP7 Cirrus (Minimal Wear). Different skins for SMG weapons are not expensive. You can make your inventory happy for only $2-3. MP5-SD and PP-Bizon are not as popular as these top 5 SMGs, but they still look pretty good; don’t forget about them.

Top Heavy Rifles by Purchases in 2019

Top Heavy Rifles by Purchases on DMarket
Top Heavy Rifles 2019 % Top Skins by Turnover Start Price
Nova 30.07% Nova Candy Apple (Factory New) $0.10
MAG-7 22.90% MAG-7 Metallic DDPAT (Factory New) $0.10
Sawed-Off 20.22% Sawed-Off Origami (Field-Tested) $0.06
XM1014 14.86% XM1014 Ziggy (Field-Tested) $0.23
Negev 9.20% Negev Bulkhead (Field-Tested) $0.08

Nova Candy Apple is not just the most popular Heavy Weapon skin, but one of the most popular skins on the whole. It’s a difficult situation when you see how “one-shot” Candy Apple Nova can deal you a lot of damage. But you can also avoid it if you know your opponent’s position before he would kill you. Want to know how to peak at enemies and up your CS:GO rank? Find out simple but powerful tips to up rank in CS: GO in our article.

Top Knife Skins by Purchases in 2019

Top Knife Skins by Purchases in 2019 on DMarket
Top CS:GO Kkives 2019 % Top Skins by Turnover Start Price
Gut Knife 17.51% Gut Knife Doppler (Factory New) $87.46
Bayonet Knife 13.67% Bayonet Knife Doppler (Factory New) $278.09
Karambit Knife 11.30% Karambit Knife Doppler (Factory New) $357.90
Shadow Daggers 9.50% Shadow Dagger Rust Coat (Battle-Scared) $49.80
Butterfly Knife 8.70% Butterfly Knife Fade (Factory New) $580.25

Knives in CS: GO looks like a real work of art. A lot of knife skins are so expensive, but not all of them. We’ve prepared the article with the cheapest CS:GO knife skins that will help you to complete your inventory.

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