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CS:GO Nova Skins

CS:GO Nova Skins

Nova Stats

  • Alternate name(s): Leone Eclipse
  • Price: $1050
  • Origin: Italy
  • Magazine capacity: 8 / 32
  • Firing mode(s): Pump-action
  • Rate of fire: 68 RPM
  • Used by: Counter-Terrorist Terrorist
  • Movement speed (units per second): 220 / 250 (88%)
  • Kill Award: $900 (Competitive) / $450 (Casual)
  • Damage: 26 (1 pellet) 234 (1 shot)
  • Recoil Control: 1 / 26 (4%)
  • Accurate Range: 3.2 m
  • Armor Penetration: 50%
  • Penetration Power: 1
  • Stopping Power: 540
  • Range Modifier: 0.7
  • Hotkey: B-2-1
  • Entity: weapon_nova

CS:GO matches may be very tough, and your team might feel a lack of funds for buying decent weapons. In such a situation, equipping the shotgun Nova is quite a good decision! It’s relatively cheap, but its kill reward is big – if you play nicely, you’ll prepare for the upcoming rounds. Of course, Nova has negative sides: low power and penetration, the same can't be said for UMP-45. Still, if you use Nova skins, CS:GO players will know your understanding of this particular firearms and will respect your choice of strategy in the game. DMarket is a source of the best CSGO skins! Also, in our market, you can make real money. Sell csgo skins that you do not plan to use in the game.

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