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Rust Skins and Items Best Sellers in 2023 (By Purchases on DMarket)

Surviving in the world of Rust requires a proper understanding of what items you need and where you should look for them. This knowledge helps players make it through the starting stage and develop their character to their full might and glory.

While beginners to the game care mainly about getting essential practical items, experienced players move towards proving their status in the community, and establishing their unique style. Rust skins become their best helpers, as when you have them, the items you find look different, and significantly better.

Skins and some Rust items can be bought outside the game, for example, on DMarket. And many players do this, making wonderful collections in their inventories. Among the mind-blowing variety of offers, we can distinguish especially popular skins and items. They are best sellers on DMarket in 2023, and we list them here, in this article.

1. Black Hoodie

Black Hoodie in Rust
  • Category: Clothing
  • Starting Price: $0.26

The default Rust hoodie is great for protecting your character from cold. It also helps them stand against some physical injuries and even radiation.

Black Hoodie is strictly a cosmetic item that changes the color of this clothing. Instead of a rather deep red you get a black one.

Buy Black Hoodie

2. Snowcamo Jacket

Snowcamo Jacket in Rust
  • Category: Clothing
  • Starting Price: $0.55

The original item is called Jacket, and it’s a pretty nice protective piece of clothing. The item works especially well in combination with other wearable stuff, such as a T-Shirt or Hoodie. Snowcamo Jacket is a cosmetic skin that changes the color scheme from default gray to snow camouflage. This change may be quite practical if you use it to hide in specific environments.

Buy Snowcamo Jacket

3. Whiteout Facemask

Whiteout Facemask in Rust
  • Category: Armor
  • Starting Price: $6.83

If your character finds the default Metal Facemask, they can wear it and be more protected from physical injuries, mainly from bullets and melee weapons. But however practical it is, it doesn’t look very cool. Whiteout Facemask changes the colors to blank white and boosts your general style in this game.

Buy Whiteout Facemask

4. Tempered AK47

Tempered AK47 in Rust
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $12.14

The Assault Rifle is obviously quite effective in Rust. This weapon will show everyone how dangerous you are. With it in hand, you may consider starting even risky missions.

The Tempered AK47 skin is colorful and even cheerful. It may even bring CS2 vibes, as skins in that shooting game can be very bright.

Buy Tempered AK47

5. Tempered Thompson

Tempered Thompson in Rust
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $1.84

This type of submachine gun is effective at mid-range and can protect your character during close-range battles too. If you play Rust aggressively, Thompson will give a big boost to your achievements. And also, it could be a good defensive tool.

With Tempered Thompson, you get a skin for this default SMG. It looks different but has the same practical features. Do you like such bright colors with a big focus on purple?

Buy Tempered Thompson

6. Blackout Chestplate

Blackout Chestplate in Rust
  • Category: Armor
  • Starting Price: $2.77

This item can give you some of the best protection possible in the game, but you should wait till the later stages to find a Chestplate. It looks and acts like an armor piece. Wear it, and your character may feel braver in rather dangerous situations.

The default style is not great at all, and it may be a good idea to have Blackout Chestplate in your Rust sessions. Show those opponents who they are dealing with!

Buy Blackout Chestplate

7. Alien Red

Alien Red in Rust
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $101.44

Here we have another skin for the default assault rifle. The gun is fully automatic and pretty deadly. The accuracy with it is the best at mid- and close-range, but with some experience, you can learn how to handle recoil at long distances too.

The Alien Red skin creates an atmosphere of danger and effectiveness with that blood-like color and worn elements.

Buy Alien Red

8. Bombing Thompson

Bombing Thompson in Rust
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $1.14

It’s generally great to obtain a submachine gun during a Rust playing session so you can protect your character from various dangers. The offensive strategy becomes more accessible too, bringing better loot in bigger amounts.

What about taking care of the style? Bombing Thompson changes the appearance of this SMG, bringing bright colors and graffiti-like elements. This design may nicely emphasize your risky yet confident nature.

Buy Bombing Thompson

9. Cultist Deer Torch

Cultist Deer Torch in Rust
  • Category: Item
  • Starting Price: $1.38

Everyone spawns in the world of Rust with a Torch, but not every player can show off with such a cool design of this item. It has a decorated deer skull on it, which creates quite a mystic atmosphere around your character. Imagine putting many Cultist Deer Torches within your base in the virtual world!

Beginners should be very careful with any Torch in the game, including this custom one. The item sure brings light to the dark, but it also shows your positioning to potential enemies.

Buy Cultist Deer Torch

10. Dragon Rage Boots

Dragon Rage Boots in Rust
  • Category: Clothing
  • Starting Price: $0.58

The default Boots make exploring the world of Rust much easier. This item gives nice protection in every category, and therefore taking Boots would be preferable than Gloves or Bandanas (they share the slot). The standard boots are okay but not remarkable.

If you want to highlight your uniqueness, you should consider getting Dragon Rage Boots. Even the main black elements look better. And then, take a look at the golden dragon-like faces and a scratchy mark on one of the boots! The skin is very impressive, and many Rust players are ready to buy it.

Buy Dragon Rage Boots

11. Comics MP5

Comics MP5 in Rust
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $1.54

The submachine gun MP5A4 has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it has low recoil and shoots fast. But on the other hand, the bullet spread is too vast for long ranges, and the damage is moderate to low. The best usage for this weapon is close-range battles, where MP5A4 becomes really threatening.

The default look of the SMG can be changed with this skin, Comics MP5. It turns the gun transparent with fun notes on it. Does this style correspond to your personality?

Buy Comics MP5

12. Cold Hunter Thompson

Cold Hunter Thompson in Rust
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $3.18

It feels like the name of this skin refers to a cold heart of a hunter, who sneaks around the Rust world, looking for the next victim. But in reality, it’s more about the visual style of this weapon, which looks like a piece of ice in the form of a submachine gun.

The item is still as dangerous as the default Thompson weapons. The unusual appearance makes Cold Hunter Thompson popular among Rust players and DMarket users.

Buy Cold Hunter Thompson

13. Tempered Crossbow

Tempered Crossbow in Rust
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $2.23

This weapon can shoot different types of arrows, like normal or high-velocity ones. The Crossbow works well on big distances, and it can be effective for hunting animals. It’s better not to rely on it in fights against other people, or at least you should carry a good close- or mid-range weapon with you.

The skin Tempered Crossbow looks cool with its blue-violet metallic colors. As Crossbow is considered a low-tier weapon, Rust players use it a lot. Therefore, they like having this stylish variant instead of the default.

Buy Tempered Crossbow

14. Abyss Furnace

Abyss Furnace in Rust
  • Category: Deployable
  • Starting Price: $3.33

The Rust furnace provides players with an accessible way to smelt metal and sulfur ore. Its default version looks too simple, though. Players who want to do everything with style buy the Abyss Furnace skin, which is simply impressive.

Stones become black, and clay is turned into an unsettling monster head. The whole fire is now a mouth with fangs. The fire itself is purple. The whole process is more alchemical with Abyss Furnace, and it’s great for gamers.

Buy Abyss Furnace

15. Black Gold MP5

Black Gold MP5 in Rust
  • Category: Weapon
  • Starting Price: $1.00

It’s a very special skin, as it brings more than just new colors to the game. Black Gold MP5 glows in the dark, and taking such a thing to Rust may be a sign of your bravery and great experience in the game.

The golden part is luxurious. Do you like it? Beyond its stylish appearance, you will find the standard MP5A4, which is a very good weapon for close-range battles.

Buy Black Gold MP5

It’s hard not to notice how many weapon skins we can see among Rust best sellers. This certainly reminds traders of another game, filled with similar cosmetics. Please, take a look at DMarket’s stats on CS2 skins in 2023. Expanding your trading collection to those items may be a very good business idea.

Another game that has tradable practical items and cosmetic skins is Team Fortress 2. Recently we published an article with TF2 best sellers. Checking out such stats may be really useful for supporting your profitable skins trading business.

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