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Dota 2 Items Best Sellers in 2022

Dedicated players spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours in Dota 2 to master this amazing but super difficult game. And that’s not time you spend with NPCs — there are real people behind digital teammates and opponents. It’s a community! To integrate and establish yourself in it, you should practice a lot, play well, and also, reflect your dedication and personal style with cosmetic items.

But which items should you choose? Well, it depends on your hero, on your preferences, and on trends among the players. An interesting path is to check out the list of the most popular items in 2022 and note what you like the most — and then buy Dota 2 items on DMarket.

Also, this list has professional significance for skins traders. If you want to know what to invest in and what to sell, you definitely need to check out our Dota 2 bestsellers lists and in other games.

1. Pyrexaec Flux

Pyrexaec Flux Dota 2
  • Hero: Jakiro
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Left Head
  • Released: 22 June 2018
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure II 2018
  • Starting Price: $0.52

With this Dota 2 item, the left head of Jakiro gets covered with fire armor. It becomes surrounded by flames, and shots with this head turn into double fire breath. Pyrexaec Flux makes the dragon look much more impressive. It strongly highlights the magic of the fire element. To complement the general effect, you can buy the Dota 2 item Pyrexaec Floe — it’s a similar armor for the right, icy head.

Buy Pyrexaec Flux

2. Savage Mettle

Savage Mettle Dota 2
  • Hero: Spirit Breaker
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Released: 8 May 2018
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2018
  • Starting Price: $0.22

The weapon of Spirit Breaker gets kind of an armor with this Dota 2 item. It is said that thanks to this upgrade, the energy sphere can cross various dimensions, and it gives the same ability to the hero.

Sure, in the actual game, we don’t have improved abilities. But thanks to Savage Mettle, the general look and the animation change — Spirit Breaker’s Greater Bash creates a different atmosphere. Also, notice the new icon for this ability.

Buy Savage Mettle

3. Wyrmwrought Flare

Wyrmwrought Flare Dota 2
  • Hero: Lina
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Belt
  • Released: 16 June 2017
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure II 2017
  • Starting Price: $0.62

Lina is a great fire mage, and her image reaches a new level with such amazing flame wings. The item replaces the orange cloak of this Dota 2 hero. Does she become more like Phoenix?

Wyrmwrought Flare strongly affects the animation of Lira’s ability Light Strike Array, making it even more spectacular thanks to a mightier explosion effect. The icon of this ability changes as well.

Buy Wyrmwrought Flare

4. Maraxiform’s Ire

Maraxiform’s Ire Dota 2
  • Hero: Clinkz
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Back
  • Released: 4 May 2017
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2017
  • Starting Price: $0.47

What about even more deadly fire for this powerful skeleton? You get it with Maraxiform’s Ire — the item ignites magic flames in the arrow bag of Clinkz. It nicely complements the burning chest of this Dota 2 hero.

Pay attention to the changes in animation of Searing Arrows. The flaming arrows look more dangerous, don’t you think? Do you like the new icon?

Buy Maraxiform’s Ire

5. Span of Sorrow

Span of Sorrow Dota 2
  • Hero: Terrorblade
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Back
  • Released: 8 May 2018
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2018
  • Starting Price: $0.30

The mighty figure of Terrorblade becomes even more mystical, even more terrifying. His wings get energy whirls. Do they power up the Dota 2 hero’s abilities? Or maybe they take away the life power of his opponents?

The wings themselves look more impressive. Span of Sorrow adds a fabulous shine as if Terrorblade is filled with cosmic energy, and it flows out of his body. The item changes the icon and animation of the Sunder ability, adding a whirling post-effect around the victim and hero. Use Prismatic Gems to change the color of Terrorblade’s sheen.

Buy Span of Sorrow

6. Mournful Reverie

Mournful Reverie Dota 2
  • Hero: Vengeful Spirit
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Shoulder
  • Released: 8 May 2018
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2018
  • Starting Price: $0.19

The wings of Vengeful Spirit become significantly bigger if you use Mournful Reverie. Not only does the Dota 2 item add more feathers, but also, it creates a magical shine around the hero. It is pink on the top of the wings and beautifully purple on the bottom. While standing and walking, Vengeful Spirit leaves feathers on the ground — but sure, they never end.

The Magic Missile ability gets new sounds, animation, and icon. The shot has deep purple shades, creating the impression of even more destructive power.

Buy Mournful Reverie

7. The Gates of Nothl

The Gates of Nothl Dota 2
  • Hero: Dazzle
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Back
  • Released: 5 July 2019
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure II 2019
  • Starting Price: $0.15

Looking at the bare skull of this Dota 2 hero is rather a terrifying experience. But at the same time, shouldn’t Dazzle cover his face and potentially vulnerable eyes? This item solves the issue in an elegant way — sure, just cosmetically. The guy gets a protective helmet that still allows the opponent to see those nightmarish teeth. The Gates of Nothl has the form of a bird head, and it strengthens the impression of a dangerous predator. The thing sure is beautiful! The item has purple feathers with pink sheen and particles.

The pink energy flows back when Dazzle walks around. And the same color fills the shots of Shadow Wave, one of the hero’s abilities. Like many other Dota 2 items, The Gates of Nothl also changes the ability icon.

Buy The Gates of Nothl

8. Crucible of Rile

Crucible of Rile Dota 2
  • Hero: Axe
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Head
  • Released: 5 August 2019
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure III 2019
  • Starting Price: $0.22

Usually, Axe bravely fights with almost no armor to cover his body. He sure has all the means to avoid attacks and be victorious in many Dota 2 battles. But armor in this game is more about scaring opponents, making them feel your power and the seriousness of your intentions. Crucible of Rile creates exactly such an effect for Axe. It’s an unusual-looking helmet that covers the face and absolutely adds aggressiveness to Axe’s appearance — with shining eyes and a roaring mouth.

Crucible of Rile is probably a mechanical thing, as it makes steam come out of a few tubes. And it changes the animation of Berserker’s Call. When Axe taunts his opponents, he creates an energy wave that even cracks the ground. The ability icon becomes pretty impressive with this item on.

Buy Crucible of Rile

9. Fortune’s Tout

Fortune's Tout Dota 2
  • Hero: Juggernaut
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Healing Ward
  • Released: 16 May 2016
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2016
  • Starting Price: $0.27

Juggernaut is one of the best Dota 2 heroes to play, having quite versatile abilities. One of them is creating a Healing Ward — obviously, to restore the health of his team. If you have Fortune’s Tout, the Ward transforms into a cute cat figure. Just look at him! He is so adorable!

The cat has a sword behind his back and a lantern. He waves his paw as if inviting allies to come closer and bathe in the green waves of healing energy. The sounds and the icon also become custom.

Buy Fortune’s Tout

10. Reaper’s Wreath

Reaper's Wreath Dota 2
  • Hero: Drow Ranger
  • Rarity: Immortal
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Released: 7 May 2019
  • Origin: Immortal Treasure I 2019
  • Starting Price: $3.76

Drow Ranger fights with a bow in her hands. What about transforming this weapon into something really amazing, wonderfully beautiful? Reaper’s Wreath gives the hero a magical bow that combines deadly frost and the power of nature. The weapon shines with magical energy, it has a ruby-like gem in the middle, and a big part of it becomes two mirroring trees with amazing red leaves. Perhaps every elf-archer would like to have this thing in their arsenal.

The basic Frost Arrow ability changes its animation with this Dota 2 item. Drow Ranger shoots arrows with red tips. Also, red elements appear on the ability icon.

Buy Reaper’s Wreath

As you can see, gamers can find cool, impressive items for many heroes and for all Dota 2 positions and roles. Sure, it’s better to be focused on your playstyle first of all to find your perfect characters and then create awesome sets of game skins for them.

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