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The Best Dota 2 Heroes to Play

The number and variety of playable heroes make Dota 2 absolutely awesome. Each is available from the very beginning, so you don’t need to unlock characters. The heroes allow players to emphasize their personal style so you have all kinds of tools to be really successful in the game.

But this also makes Dota 2 confusing for newcomers. Who should I play first to become a powerful warrior and achieve many victories? Too much time is needed to practice properly with every character, so our list of the best dota 2 Heroes will help save you time and effort.

Sure, selecting your character and getting enough experience with them are essential steps to playing the game better. But then, you might want to take other steps — such as building a collection of cool cosmetics. They create an atmosphere and motivate you to practice more. Please, check out our list of the best Dota 2 items to buy. It might give you some interesting ideas.

1. Omniknight

Dota 2 Omniknight

This is one of the best Dota 2 heroes for beginners, as playing Omniknight does not require someone to babysit you. At the same time, the hero can be very helpful even at high skill levels.

Omniknight is a healer, so choose him when you feel like being supportive for the team. His abilities allow protecting and healing allies while simultaneously dealing damage to the opponents. Add to this good health (Omniknight is a Strength hero) and the chance to have immunity to damage. This hero might be a good choice for you to learn how to play Dota 2.

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Omniknight:

2. Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi Dota 2

Here we have another beginner-friendly support hero. Choose Ogre Magi instead of Omniknight if you prefer damaging and disabling opponents instead of primarily healing allies.

Despite being an Intelligence hero, he has a very good amount of health to tank through dangers. For fire-shooting abilities, Ogre Magi doesn’t need to be positioned properly, which is a useful feature for beginners. In addition, the hero can make the opponents significantly weaker or buff his teammates.

Multicast is unique to Ogre Magi. It’s kind of a boost of luck that allows casting spells a few times.

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Ogre Magi:

3. Sven

Sven Dota 2

This guy is not a frequent participant in pro Dota 2 tournaments, but Sven still might be a good choice to start Dota 2 career. He is a chance to gain precious experience with a carry hero.

The main distinguishing feature for this character is simple farming. He is a Strength hero with decent health — for you to feel more confident joining active fights. And the attacking abilities help with that significantly. The passive ability Great Cleave also makes Sven an easier and more effective character.

We’ve added Sven to this list of the best heroes in Dota 2 thanks to his straightforward approach — quite a lot of players really need this at the beginning of their experience. With some dedication, you might love Sven even at high-level play.

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Sven:

4. Ursa

Ursa Dota 2

Ursa is very effective in the early and mid-game thanks to relative independence from items. Get something like Boots of Speed and rush to destroy opponents. This Agility hero is very effective against melee warriors.

With this guy, you can stick to an aggressive playing style, and feel the power flowing through your fingers from the beginning of a Dota 2 match. Do you feel like farming Jungles? Go for it!

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Ursa:

5. Juggernaut

Juggernaut Dota 2

Juggernaut is kind of a universal character. He is awesome for aggressive players — quick leaps toward the opponents and absolutely destructive sword slashes. But also, the hero has a Healing Ward to support teammates and give Juggernaut some safe space while fighting.

Juggernaut is one of the best heroes in Dota 2 for beginners. You immediately become effective for your team, and you have impressive depth to grow as a player. With Juggernaut, you will be super strong against such opponents as Bristleback or Axe, but actually, the hero gives you enough flexibility to fight various opponents.

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Juggernaut:

6. Wraith King

Wraith King Dota 2

Playing this hero is like mixing high damage with very good surviving capabilities. Wraith King can rush into a fight to take damage instead of his teammates. As a Strength hero, the King has enough health to behave somewhat recklessly. Wraith King can attack on his own or through the Skeleton, but for using this minion, you need to be pretty skilled and have specific team support. The lifesteal option helps Wraith King survive longer, and if he dies, the hero reincarnates to continue harassing opponents.

Wraith King is a straightforward carry who can be efficient in the late game. Previously, we added him to the best Dota 2 heroes to win — Wraith King is good for both beginners and experienced players.

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Wraith King:

7. Zeus

Zeus Dota 2

The Greek god has a very appealing feature — he’s able to attack the whole opposing team from a safe distance. And actually, you should keep that distance with Zeus. He is not a hero to jump into a fight. His health is rather low, and he moves slowly, using magic spells to zone the opponents.

But Zeus is good at harassing the opposing team in the early stages of a Dota 2 match. The abilities are extremely threatening, and the dependence on items is very low. Zeus is an Intelligent character who’s often played as a nuker. He is obviously one of the best Dota 2 heroes.

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Zeus:

8. Phoenix

Phoenix Dota 2

We have another pretty versatile hero. Phoenix can effectively damage opponents from a distance, and slow them down. Also, this character has very good health. The speed of directing spells could be better, and you need some preciseness in positioning Phoenix.

This is a Strength hero, but you don’t want to be in the middle of a fight with Phoenix. Staying a bit distant and helping teammates would be much better. This character even has a pretty good healing ability. Phoenix is a good support character, and you can play him as a carry or nuker — quite high controlling skills are needed.

Phoenix was much stronger in the past, but even after nerfs, the flame bird remains one of the best heroes in Dota 2. Are you dedicated enough to master this character?

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Phoenix:

9. Beastmaster

Beastmaster Dota 2

Unlike many other heroes in our list, Beastmaster is obviously difficult to play. His advantages are not straightforward, and you need decent experience with the game to get the max out of them. Beastmaster summons two different minions. The Boar is rather offensive and slows down opponents. The Hawk gives information on the general situation.

It is important for this Strength hero to have a good start and then carry this initial advantage throughout the game. Start farming with Beastmaster and you will be rewarded. Having good items (such as Necronomicon) is essential. Play this hero if you feel like your Dota 2 skills are ready to shine in a challenging environment.

The most popular сosmetic Dota 2 items for Beastmaster:

10. Clinkz

Clinkz Dota 2

It’s a hero for well-experienced players who have developed a subtle understanding of the game. You need to feel when and where to attack with Clinkz. And you need to be patient enough to avoid dangerous moments and unfavorable situations.

Clinkz is an Agility hero. The move speed is high. The Skeleton Walk ability allows the character to remain invisible. After killing a good amount of creeps, Clinkz gets bonus damage and becomes even more dangerous to opponents. A few seconds might be enough to kill some heroes with his devastating arrows.

It is important to get Orchid Malevolence for Clinkz in the late game. It disables the opponents and helps the hero kill them easier. Clinkz has been one of the best Dota 2 heroes for quite a long time, but you need to practice hard with this character to approach the level of mastery.

The most popular cosmetic Dota 2 items for Clinkz:

Your Best Hero in Dota 2

Well, the very topic of the best heroes is extremely controversial. We all are different players, and the variety of characters is a way to give everyone their personal best tools to express themselves in the game. The hero choice is strictly individual — even if it strongly depends on the current meta. Your best Dota 2 hero is always someone you like and enjoy the game the most with. Your emotions are key to playing more and earning invaluable experience.

To emphasize your connection to a hero and to reflect your unique style, check out our Dota 2 market. You’ll find lots of cosmetics that probably do not affect the gameplay but certainly create a mood for you to win.

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