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The Best Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners (2019)
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The Best Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners (2019)

The game of Dota 2 is so huge, it offers so many gameplay aspects - from obvious to hidden. Players need lots of time and effort to learn the abilities of Dota 2 heroes, to understand how different builds work, and how it’s better to act in various situations. This massive chunk of information is hard to consume for beginners, and the starting adaptation period takes months.

All newbies to this amazing game have a unique chance to boost their internal progress by checking out our detailed Dota 2 Ultimate Guide for Beginners. It helps to discover the basic mechanics, economic principles, primary roles for an effective team-play, and some other significant features.

Now, Dota 2 has 117 heroes, and each of them has at least four abilities and a few build variants, able to change the play style. We at DMarket recommend for beginners to not try playing with all these characters - still, it might be helpful to grasp the basic info on their abilities and preferable play roles.

Proven Strategy for Mastering Dota 2 Heroes

Choose 2-3 heroes for yourself and play with them during your initial period. Then, after getting your skills improved to the level where you can play even with only one of them successfully and confidently, it’s time to add one more Dota 2 hero to your personal list. Thus, you will be able to continue and expand your hero arsenal.

For this new Dota 2 article on DMarket.com, we’ve prepared a list of 15 heroes, which are the best for beginners. Each character here has easy to learn and use abilities, convenient animation of adding creeps, and little variants in the builds.

Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners:

1. Dragon Knight

  • Characteristic: Strength
  • Attack Type: Melee/range
  • Position: Midlanner

The Dragon Slyrak sleeps within this armor, and the knight within the Dragon waits. Beware you do not wake them both.


Dragon Knight is good for those who only start their experience in Dota 2.

Main characteristics:

  • Average health
  • Increased defense
  • Increased regeneration (thanks to the Dragon Blood ability)

DK has a convenient animation of his sword attack, a nice movement speed, and three active and one passive abilities.


Dragon Knight will be confident and successful in every lane. Still, usually, players take this Dota 2 hero for the Midlane because of his passive regeneration skill that constantly restores health. Also, the Mid-position helps to gain more experience than in other lanes - players here battle alone.

DK is dependant on his ultimate ability, and this makes experience a crucial factor for him. With the form of Elder Dragon, Dragon Knight can quickly smash towers and lead effective attacks.

After getting the ultimate ability and first items, it’s necessary to buy Black King Bar for DK. Without it, opponents can easily kite the Dragon form and make it ineffective in fights.

Depending on the situation, players often make such builds for Dragon Knight:

  • For a bigger amount of health (Crimson Guard, Heart of Tarrasque, etc)
  • For bigger damage (Mjolnir, Silver Edge, etc).

2. Viper

  • Characteristic: Agility
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Midlanner/Carry

You’ve failed the acid test.


Viper is one of those heroes, with whom beginners make the biggest impact in their first games. He has easy to use abilities for slowing opponents and for dealing periodical but very powerful damage. The moving speed of Viper is high, and his attack animation is convenient.


The primary lane for Viper is Midlane. Fast levels boost helps to make early ganks in the Top and Bottom lanes. Viper doesn’t need a big number of items to kill opponents, that’s why his abilities deal big damage in the early game. His slowing ability prevent escapes of opponents. Zoning becomes possible thanks to the Nethertoxin ability - Viper keeps opponents away from a particular zone or gathers them in one place for more effective collective attacks with allies.

During the game, Viper can change his role from an attacking character to support or tank. If your team has Ultra DD that needs help to prove himself, Viper helps to create space, then buys Mekansm, Pipe of Insight, or other items, which gives aura for allies and increases fight time for heroes.

If you have an early advantage and you don’t need time to farm other characters, you can create a snowball, buy killing items (Mjolnir, Butterfly) or Aghanim’s items for improving the ultimate ability.

You can also check out our Ultimate Dota 2 FAQ.

3. Lion

  • Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Support

All hell’s broken loose, and I hold the pieces.


Lion is a character with four active abilities, and this is not an easy thing for newbies to master. Still, those brave enough to choose this hero at the beginning of their Dota 2 journey, notice simplicity and effectiveness of Lion. Thanks to sucking mana from opponents and creeps, Lion almost always can use his abilities - unlike many similar characters with often deficiency of mana.

In most cases, Lion plays as a support, but depending on the situation, he can become a real killer, with a power to destroy the whole opposing team with just one click.

With different chosen items and with different branches of the talent tree, Lion can be an initiator, DD, roamer, or support.


Players with this hero Dota 2, usually stay in the Easy lane together with their carry. They help to harass opponents and can initiate a fight with their first ability Earth Spike. Those enemies who are dependant on their mana will suffer from Lion activity especially - the magic might can be sucked out by the third ability Mana Drain.

How to attack when playing Lion:

  • You should combine the first and second abilities to prolong the time of inactivity for the opposing hero.
  • First, throw stun and at the end of its work, use Hex.
  • If your team has other fixing abilities, you can keep enemies in stun and Hex even till their death.

Another ability is the ultimate one of Lion:

  • After it, Kill Grace Duration is activated.
  • If a victim of Lion’s ultimate ability dies during the following three seconds, Lion has +50 damage for the ability Finger of Death.

This feature is worth remembering. And it’s worth to use the ultimate ability when an opposing hero is close to death.

4. Sniper

  • Characteristic: Agility
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Midlanner/Carry

Now that’s what I call stopping power.


Sniper is small and looks harmless, but in some situations, he can deal unbelievable damage to the opposing team. Sniper shoots from so big distances that enemies have to attack in response by guess - the shadow hides him.

The ultimate ability of this Dota 2 hero effectively finishes opponents with low health, and this happens from far away. The Shrapnel ability can zone enemies. It helps to choose the attack directions.

Sniper doesn’t have escapes, so heroes that can quickly reach their victims are able to attack Sniper easily.


Players with Sniper prefer to stay in the Easy or Mid lanes. Sniper can have the advantage of a support on Easy. If you act cautiously, it’s harder to attack your Sniper on Mid.

Skilled players with Sniper never fight at the forefront. A correct position for them is that, from where it’s possible to attack enemies with no fear of quick response. Hills and other terrain features make up an advantage for Sniper.

An effective item for Sniper is Hurricane Pike. It gives the possibility to push off close opponents and shoot them quickly four times. The best efficiency can be obtained with items for increased damage (Mjolnir, Daedalus, MKB, etc.)

5. Lich

  • Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Support

And so the dead will bury the dead.


Lich has four active abilities, but all of them are easy to use, with targeted directions. Read more about various abilities in our Ultimate Dota 2 Guide. Each ability of Lich is useful and has a small cooldown.

Here we have an obvious support. Lich is good for beginners who still can’t nicely finish creeps and stay in lanes alone.


With Lich, you can play in any lane as a support. More often, this hero of Dota 2 supports the main carry. The second ability Frost Shield helps to protect ally characters and buildings. The Frost Blast ability can keep enemies in constant tension. Use the ability Sinister Gaze to bring down opponents that cast abilities or bring down positional attacks.

After the laning stage, Lich helps his allies fight, giving them protection. Having a nice position, Lich can activate the ultimate ability. With some luck circumstances, it can deal colossal damage.

It’s not recommended to use Lich’s ultimate ability for only one victim - using it for two or more opponents that stand close to each other will be much more effective.

Read our article How to Rank Up in Dota 2.

6. Wraith King

  • Characteristic: Strength
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Position: Carry

Purer than flesh, stronger than bone, imperishable is the essence of the wraith.


Wraith King is easy to learn:

  • This hero has a big reserve of health and even an extra life.
  • Usually, he battles on the forefront, dealing a lot of damage.
  • His passive ability allows restoring health with successful attacks on opponents - that makes playing with Wraith King even easier.

When opponents make a strong pressure, Wraith King can move to the forest and farm creeps there, without big expenses on regeneration items. This Dota 2 character is good for destroying buildings – thanks to his ability to summon small skeletons.


More often, Wraith King is the main carry of the team. He stays in the Easy lane with the possibility to farm in the forest - and Wraith King regularly uses this possibility. With the active ability Wraithfire Blast, he can initiate attacks.

You can choose different builds for Wraith King:

  • For better health (Crimson Guard, Heart of Tarrasque, etc)
  • For bigger damage (Mjolnir, Silver Edge, etc.)

Due to his ultimate ability, the hero is always at the forefront - Wraith King can re-born in three seconds and slow down attacks and movements of all the enemies by 75%.

The Mortal Strike ability allows summoning small skeletons, which are good in quick pushing of enemy buildings. By building Wraith King through auras of Assault Cuirass and by boosting his talent to increase the amount of summoned skeletons (20th level), players become able to summon a really powerful army of those small bony creatures. They hit opponents painfully, and it’s not so easy to kill them.

7. Luna

  • Characteristic: Agility
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Main Carry

I was once the scourge of the plains, a terror on the wind. What hope do our enemies think they have?


Luna is the main damage dealer in her team. Players need a lot of items for this, but collecting them is a worthy effort - thus, Luna can deal huge damage to opposing characters and buildings. It’s quite easy to control her. Luna has two active and two passive abilities.

Luna has a very high pushing potential. Her passive ability Moon Glaives and the ultimate one, make Luna a nice hero for massive fights.


Luna stays in the Easy lane. For a comfort laning stage, a support character should protect her (or even two supports.) Her attack animation is convenient. With the active ability, she can attack enemies or be effective in defense. The ability Moon Glaives helps to farm in the forest.

In the middle game, Luna needs:

  • Black King Bar
  • Manta Style

Closer to the end game, many players get:

  • Butterfly
  • Satanic.

This is a build for physical damage.

There also is a build for magic damage - through Aghanim.

With a decent quantity of items, Luna becomes a very strong character. Choose the correct position if you play with this hero and want to use her ultimate ability. Luna is the most effective in the battle center - there, she can hit a big number of enemies.

8. Sven

  • Characteristic: Strength
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Main Carry

May my enemies share the fate of the Shattered Helm.


Sven is a strong hero with average health and increased defense. He is interesting by his ultimate ability, which doubles the damage, and also by his splash attacks, which can kill the whole opposing team (with the ultimate ability activated and with some favorable circumstances).

Sven is not very fast, and enemies can easily kite him (if they know how, of course.) Two active abilities help Sven reach victims and fix them.


In Dota 2, Sven is an obvious main carry, which needs items and constant farming. Like other main carries, he farms in the Easy lane - with help from support characters. With Great Cleave, Sven easily farms forest creeps and can kill stacks of ancients.

Must-have items for Sven:

  • Echo Sabre (allows making two hits in a row)
  • Daedalus (gives amazing critical hits for the ultimate ability)

Sven’s ultimate ability is his primary might in any battle. Before using it in massive fights, players should get Black King Bar to have the possibility to run fearlessly, with no slowing down and trapping into enemy spells. It’s better to activate the ultimate ability only in situations when damage to opponents is obvious - thus the time of double damage will be used effectively.

9. Drow Ranger

  • Characteristic: Agility
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Midlanner/Carry

I walk alone, but the shadows are company enough.


Drow Ranger is simple in control, but she is very dangerous at the same time:

  • Her health and defense levels are low.
  • Drow Ranger deals damage from a distance and with a specific talent, she can push opponents away.
  • Drow Ranger has a very big pushing potential, along with a nice potential to kill enemies - especially those who can’t move quickly.

More often, Drow Ranger stays in the Midlane position. Sometimes, she can play in the Easy Lane too. Players quickly get experience in the Midlane, boosting up the ultimate ability for increasing agility and damage characteristics.

Drow Ranger needs items to open her potential. Players collect for her items to power up the attacks.

Best escape items for Drow Ranger:

  • Shadow Blade
  • Hurricane Pike

Correct positions for Drow Ranger are the heights and a distance from enemies. Thus, opposing heroes can’t reach Drow Ranger quickly to destroy her low health. By using Frost Arrows, Drow Ranger slows victims downs and prevents them from escaping. Her passive ability, Precision Aura, powers up all the ally heroes and units with high-range attacks. That’s why this ability stacks good and works effectively if the team has many high-range heroes.

10. Tidehunter

  • Characteristic: Strength
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Position: Offlaner

You can’t hide from the tide.


He is big and green, but he is not Hulk. This Dota 2 hero is Tidehunter. It’s rather difficult to kill him in the game battles, so Tidehunter becomes an easy-to-play for beginners in many situations. A big amount of health and the ability Anchor Smash allow staying in a lane against any opponents, getting necessary artifacts, and reaching high levels.

Must have item for Tidehunter:

  • Blink Dagger (needed for sudden attacks on enemies and the following use of the ultimate ability - for spreading tentacles from the ground and stun opponents on a big territory. If you can use Blink Dagger and Ravage correctly, you will be able to take the whole enemy team by surprise and stun them all.)
  • Guardian Greaves (restores mana and health for allies, with healing many negative effects. This helps Tidehunter to survive in battles for a very long time. By using Guardian Greaves twice, you can prolong the life of allies and even change the game situation)

Tidehunter stays on the Hard lane. Often, he battles there alone against one or two enemies. It’s a hard task, so the lane is also Hard, you know. Tidehunter is a good hero for such missions, thanks to his big health reserve, a lot of armor, and abilities for killing creeps and opposing characters.

11. Bristleback

  • Characteristic: Strength
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Position: Offlaner/Carry

It was a barkeep that got me into this mess. Yeah, I think I’ll pay em a visit when this is done.


The same as Tidehunter, Bristleback is one of the hardest to kill characters in Dota 2. This guy has a big amount of health, powerful armor, and high speed of movements.

Bristleback can fight effectively against one or two opponents in a lane, getting a necessary amount of gold and experience. His passive ability allows making easy kills and getting less damage from magic and physical attacks by turning his back to enemies.

While staying in the Hard lane, Bristleback can lead opposing creeps to a tower of his team. Also, he can move to the small forest for additional farming. The ability Viscous Nasal Goo helps to attack enemies and slow them down - this will be a significant help for allies with ganking abilities.


The best build for Bristleback is one with additional health and defense to AoE damage:

  • Crimson Guard
  • Pipe
  • Radiance

After the stage of laning, this hero directly participates in battles, staying at the forefront. For opponents, it’s often not a good decision to attack Bristleback - due to his big health, increased defense, and the ability Quill Spray, which deals damage to everyone around.

Often players don’t want to spend lots of resources for killing Bristleback. At the same time, they just can’t ignore him. That’s why opposing heroes should move around the map, looking for weak positions of your team. While they try to walk around Bristleback, you can make a surprise and successful attack.

Bristleback is good for attacking strategies with:

  • Luna
  • KoTL
  • Chen
  • Enchantress
  • Lycanthrope
  • Nature’s Prophet

12. Crystal Maiden

  • Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Support

When Hell freezes over, I’ll start calling it Heaven.


This is quite a helpful hero for her teammates and very inconvenient for opponents. Crystal Maiden is good for each and every carry. Her ability Arcane Aura helps every ally - it restores mana.

This is a slow Dota 2 hero with little health. That’s why she can die quickly if players can’t react to attacking actions in time. If circumstances are favorable, Crystal Maiden can deal colossal damage even without a big number of items - thanks to her ultimate ability.


On the stage of laning, Crystal Maiden stays in the Easy lane, helping the main carry to farm and disturb opposing characters. By using the ability Frostbite, she can stop enemies. The ability Crystal Nova slows down and deals damage. Such actions are helpful for Juggernaut, Ursa, Sven, Wraith King, and others who can’t move fast to their victims but can deal significant damage if they reach opponents.

In the game, Crystal Maiden helps everybody to restore mana and does all the other support stuff. She stacks forest creeps, makes warding and dewarding, helps on the lanes. It’s better for her to keep a distance from hot fights - to not get a deadly amount of damage (Crystal Maiden dies easily in direct fights.)

If you find yourself in the middle of a battle, try to cast the ultimate ability of Crystal Maiden - it will slow enemies down and will deal a lot of damage to them.

Builds for Crystal Maiden are limited by her possibilities, Often, support Dota 2 heroes don’t have big money, so we recommend to buy items depending on the situation and your current funds.

Read our article if you want to know Dota 2 System Requirements.

13. Ogre Magi

  • Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Position: Support

Once is not enough! It’s just as high as we can count.


Ogre Magi is a typical support hero with low range attacks - this is a rare thing for intelligence. He is very useful as a support for the main carry, thanks to his buff that increases the attacking speed and thanks to the possibility to disturb opponents in a lane. A big amount of health along with amazing armor (one of the best in the start game), Ogre Magi can play as equal with many opposing carries.


Ogre Magi stays in the Easy lane with the main carry, playing as a full support character. He makes warding, harasses opponents, and stacks neutral creeps.

Considering his role, Ogre Magi doesn’t have big money, so players may have problems with builds.

Support items for Ogre Magi:

  • Arcane Boots
  • Mekansm
  • Force Staff

The battling behavior of Ogre Magi differs from other Dota 2 supporters. With a big amount of health, this character can play like a kind of tank during the initial 15 minutes of the game. He will debuff enemies and buff allies. Ogre Magi often enters the forefront and prevents opponents from concentrating.

He is easy to control, has three active abilities with a targeting usage. His killing animation is a simple one. With a big number of items, Ogre Magi becomes a very difficult enemy - it’s hard to kill him, and he causes lots of disturbance for the opposing team.

14. Zeus

  • Characteristic: intelligence
  • Attack Type: Range
  • Position: Midlanner

Immortality was overrated. This is much more interesting.


Zeus is a Midlanner, and it’s easy to stay with him against any opponent - thanks to the ability Arc Lightning, which helps to kill creeps with no harm for Zeus himself. Like all the other magical Dota 2 heroes of the same kind, this guy has a small amount of health and can’t escape.

Zeus is vulnerable to fast heroes who can quickly reach their victims and deal big damage to them - Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer, etc..


During the game, Zeus collects items for increasing intelligence and therefore damage from magical attacks.

Some of the items for Zeus are:

  • Aether Lens
  • Veil of Discord
  • Kaya
  • Octarine Core

After the stage of laning, Zeus has a nice ganking potential even without a big number of items. By reaching a high level, he can go to the Top and Bottom lanes to participate in battles and kill opposing heroes.

The ability Thundergod’s Wrath helps to find items and enemies, which are under the invisibility effect. Use this ability all the time while playing - to check places with potential opposing wards and to check the invisibility of enemies.

The ultimate ability of Zeus allows dealing damage to the whole opposing team on the map. Use it wisely, preferably during massive fights, to reveal all the enemies when they are out of the visible area, or to kill running heroes with low health.

15. Phantom Assassin

  • Characteristic: Strength
  • Attack Type: Melee/range
  • Position: Main Carry

I’m here to blur the line between life and death.


Phantom Assassin is the main carry, who can make fast jumps and destroy opposing heroes. The ultimate ability makes him one of the most dangerous opponents with little health and weak armor. Sometimes, critical hits of Phantom Assassin reach the level of 1000+. His ability to dodge saves from many physical attacks.


Phantom Assassin is a typical example of a carry Dota 2 hero. He needs farming and items.

Common items for Phantom Assassin:

  • Battlefury
  • Black King Bar
  • Satanic (depending on the situation)

In a lane, this hero needs constant help from a support character - because of his low health and vulnerable defense. It’s clever to use Phantom Assassin with fixing characters, such as Crystal Maiden, Shadow Shaman, etc.

If you need to run away, Phantom Assassin can use the ability Phantom Strike - it works for an ally. After getting Battlefury, the hero can start farming neutral creeps in the forest. We recommend to jump to support characters in a fight - they can fix Phantom Assassin, and at the same time, it’s easy to kill them.

All the Dota 2 heroes have some advantages and some disadvantages. It would be nice to learn how to play with each of them, learn all the abilities, and know which items are collected for different characters. Knowledge is one of the most significant factors for getting victories in Dota 2.

This knowledge will help to choose an appropriate hero in the game. A nice choice can change the whole situation and create an advantage for your team even before the start.

For example:

  • Phantom Lancer is good against such heroes as Lina and Outworld Devourer
  • Sniper is good against Medusa

Learn which heroes are good for different game situations and you will have an advantage on the picking stage.

Let your computer look better with this beautiful Dota 2 Wallpapers - they are good to enjoy favorite heroes even outside of the game.

It’s nice to take care not only of your knowledge but also about the appearance of your characters. No one will be impressed by standard sets and weapons. Give your heroes the best sets with cheapest Dota 2 skins

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