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Best CS:GO Tips I’ve Received from Teammates

Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a deep experience – the game opens up layers after layers for those brave enough to learn its mechanics and strategies.

Are you one of those guys who are ready not to just shoot all over the place but use valuable CS:GO tips and tricks to boost your progress? And you don’t know how to get better at CS:GO? Then this post is precisely for you!

Such tips are born from the game, so you should transform them into your game practice to get real benefits out of them.

For beginners in these multiplayer shootouts, it would be helpful to take a look at our CS:GO Gameplay Review.

1. Don’t stomp like an elephant!

That was one of the first CS:GO tips I ever heard, and using it brought me quite a few brilliant victories.

Your in-game character makes noises, and normal players around you listen to them. Sometimes you have no time to press Shift and walk silently – the game is so fast-paced.

Still, in so many cases, silent movements allow bringing sudden death to virtual opponents or saving the life of your guy.

2. Don’t take guns you can’t use!

At the very start of my CS:GO adventure, I took to the matches anything I liked visually. That mighty Desert Eagle and glorious AWP turned out to be useless in my hands.

Practice is needed to shoot properly with CS:GO weapons, and it’s better to get this practice beforehand, for example, during offline matches with bots.

In Competitive and even Casual Matchmaking, teammates expect from you the best performance possible. It’s not the time for getting acquainted with new pistols and rifles. You should take firearms you have enough experience with.

3. Drop the bomb if you aren’t confident in your skills.

For the T team, keeping the bomb is quite a significant task. Your teammates won’t be happy if you lose it at the start of the round – for CTs to keep an eye on that precious thing. In many cases, it’s better to press G when you’re holding the bomb to drop it for more experienced players to take care of.

CSGO tips for Beginners

Many guys drop the bomb in a safe area and pick it up when the situation on the map is clearer and the T team is able to mount a proper attack on a bombsite.

4. Shoot a bit lower!

CS:GO rifles and SMGs try to copy real weapons, and this is what makes the game so fascinating. You can’t expect all bullets from a spraying gun to hit one only dot in the virtuality.

CS:GO spray patterns make quite a good topic to explore in the game. To simplify things, try to shoot just slightly lower – quite soon your victim will be in the most dangerous area.

CS:GO spray patterns

Of course, that’s true about spraying, not about one-shot mode. Short spraying is often more accurate – it’s smart to make breaks in your shooting.

5. Reload in time!

Facing opponents when you have one bullet in the magazine is not the best situation in CS:GO – your character might be dead before the reload finishes.

On the other hand, adding bullets to your gun when it’s not necessary creates the risk of being caught in the middle of the process with the same result of sudden death.

Don’t start attacks with a couple bullets left. Don’t reload when you still have lots of ammo to battle with. Always reload in a safe place.

6. It’s not necessary to play on all the maps.

Some beginners only want to join multiplayer shootouts after getting significant experience in the game – mostly, to not look like total noobs. That includes learning maps.

It’s really a very significant aspect! If you know the location, you will know how to build your in-game behavior and be effective in the matches. Still, you don’t need to know every map in the game – there are too many of them.

On the DMarket blog, we’ve described the best CS:GO maps. Even this list is rather long for beginners. Many players prefer playing on just a few favorite maps and getting to know them perfectly rather than trying each and every location and feeling timid on all of them.

7. Don’t become upset if they kick you!

You can’t call CS:GO players the most friendly community ever. Gamers here have their specific humor, and their attitude towards the playing process might be intolerant.

Someone might get a negative impression from your style. As a result, they might try to abuse you in the voice chat and kick you off the match. It’s ok to be in such a situation!

CS:GO Community

Most of the people in the game know nothing about you, so their attempts to be rude are just a way to communicate and have fun. Mute them and don’t follow their example if you don’t like such a style of interacting with others. Don’t copy them if you don’t want to have such things in your world.

If you were kicked from a match, just forget this and move on. Play with a relaxed mind and a calm heart – it’s not so easy to find better CS:GO tips! It will make your skills and CS:GO rank grow, so you’ll get less negative feedback from teammates.

8. Use grenades wisely!

Most beginners in the game entirely ignore any sorts of CS:GO grenades. Then, they start throwing smoke, flashes, and Molotovs in huge amounts without any understanding of what they are doing.

With experience, players decrease the quantity of grenades in use and become more careful in throwing them. Advanced guys know every spot on the maps where smoke can hide their actions and where fire can push the opponents back – they again use lots of grenades but do this wisely.

Follow their example! Reaching mastery here is a difficult task. Even if you listen to many CS:GO pro tips, time is needed to absorb them into your playing style.

Still, some steps toward gaming perfection should be taken here and now – don’t forget to buy various grenades, don’t forget to use them in the game, and think properly how to do this. Even if you do something wrong in one round, it will teach you a lot for many matches in the future.

Of course, watch where you throw flashes and fire – teammates are never happy to become suddenly blind and burnt away just because of “that noob.”

Consider training with special conditions, set with CS:GO console commands. For example, you can take lots of various grenades and throw them with no count.

You might be interested, as well, in our Advanced CS:GO scripts list, which might help you to dispose grenades faster.

9. Don’t rush to plant! Don’t rush to defuse!

Although CS:GO is a very fast-paced game, you will often need time for attentive observation, not for quick actions. That’s totally true for the very goal of the Bomb Defusal scenario.

Don’t plant the bomb without watching around you and looking for opponents. Players nearby can hear how you do this, so find the most hidden place for this – with practice, you’ll remember them on each bombsite.

Don’t defuse the bomb if opponents are around. Someone might sit and wait for you to make that sound. Start defusing and then stop the process to see the reaction. Repeat this to make Ts show themselves.

10. Learn to switch weapons fast.

Knives are good for quick movements. Then you should quickly activate your primary weapon. If it’s a sniper rifle, you might need to get a pistol even after one shot to remain competitive in the round.

It’s better not to use the mouse wheel for this. Take time to develop the skill of switching weapons with the 1–4 key buttons.

11. Move! Jump!

Standing on one spot is a great way to kill your in-game character. When you move him around, it will be much harder for opponents to perform a nice headshot. Jumps on the way give even better chances to avoid bullets.

One of the ways to improve your control skills is CS:GO surfing. It’s a fun mode of surfing on special ramps.

12. Play as a team.

There are different steps to mastering CS:GO. In the earlier stages, you try to become a better individual player. Then you should learn to play as a team – without this, further success will be very difficult.

Take a look at the mini-map during any CS:GO match. Those dots are very similar to chess pieces. The skills of the players determine the abilities of these “pieces.”

Then, a human, an observer is needed to move “chess on the board.” The best choice is to get a coach. For most amateurs, playing with the same guys regularly and discussing your team strategy will be totally enough.

After all, playing multiplayer games is a social phenomenon, so – don’t limit your communications to fellow-gamers! Especially because so many people play CS:GO regularly.

13. Watch Esports for the best CS:GO pro tips.

Professional players demonstrate the game to the highest mastery level – there are lots of things to learn from them. To do so, it will be enough just to watch such tournaments as Faceit Major in London or IEM: Chicago 2018.

You will need to have some amount of in-game experience to understand CS:GO Esports properly. Observe the performance of various players to pick up their tricks. Watch the mini-map from round to round to feel different strategies of team play.

You can use CS:GO Pro Configs to understand which settings have your beloved professional gamer.

14. Distract yourself from time to time.

Most of the CS:GO competitive tips are all about the game itself. Let’s not forget about the natural functions of our brain – it needs rest to work properly.

Long playing sessions are not the best for everyone. It’s much better to play for a limited time, have a proper rest and then repeat your in-game practice.

To get some nice refreshment, play other games too – maybe some great retro FPS, maybe games of other genres. Then, you will find yourself playing CS:GO better.

15. Play with skins.

Beginners play with the default appearance of CS:GO weapons. That’s not cool. Then, players use anything they get from the random drop. That’s also not the best attitude – it can’t create a thought-out style.

Advanced players choose designs for their guns quite carefully. It is a way to express their personality in the game – those things that will differentiate your character from all the others.

CS:GO skins

Skins don’t give you any real advantages, but they influence your game in other ways. With nice skins, you will get increased confidence – that’s quite a strength in gaming. With nice skins, the community will see a decent teammate/opponent in you. This also gives a boost to your confidence.

Getting skins from the game is a long process with uncertain results. It’s hard to get something you really need to express yourself. There is a better way – sell excess CS:GO skins and buy something you really want. DMarket is an excellent place for this! Often, prices here are lower than on Steam Market.

16. It’s just a game, man!

The game is meant to be a source of fun. Don’t become too serious about it! Enjoy your matches and your skills will develop automatically.

Don’t be tough with other players – this spoils the experience for everyone, including you. Just play the game and be happy. Leave it with a calm heart if it stops being enjoyable.

It’s quite useful to remember – not every CS:GO tip from your teammates is worthy of your attention. Keep your right to make the ultimate decisions in your own gaming life.

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