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The 10 Best CS:GO Players in the World (2020)

Each season of professional CS:GO esports is unpredictable. Of course, we have some obvious favorites and long-time ranking leaders, but still, you never know who will be at the top of their game and who might be just a lucky guy.

Even the risk of making huge mistakes can’t prevent fans from predicting the best CS:GO players! Probably, this adds fresh excitement when watching big tournaments. So, we at DMarket have decided to follow this trend and reveal our top players in 2020. On one hand, this task is quite simple (obviously s1mple, you know) because the teams have already shown their current powers at a few notable events. On the other hand, a lot may change before the year ends - do you remember that thing about unpredictable CS:GO esports?

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10. Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte

Vincent 'Brehze' Cayonte
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.12
  • Kills per round - 1.75
  • Death per round - 0.66
  • K/D Ratio - 1.15
  • Total kills - 1037
  • Total deaths - 905
  • Total maps played - 50

The rifler of Evil Geniuses moved to his new team quite recently - in September 2019, along with the whole former roster of NRG Esports. That was probably a good decision because EG domenstrate nice results in the current season.

Brehze definitely helped his teammates to become 2nd at ESL Pro League Season 11: North America. EG lost twice to the winner, Team Liquid.

9. Denis ’electronic’ Sharipov

' Denis 'electronic' Sharipov

  • Rating 2.0 - 1.13
  • Kills per round - 0.71
  • Death per round - 0.65
  • K/D Ratio - 1.10
  • Total kills - 1397
  • Total deaths - 1296
  • Total maps played - 74

With Natus Vincere, electronic demonstrates a very good play. HLTV lists him among the top CS:GO players for two years now, and we can expect even further professional growth from this guy.

In 2020, electronic supports his team in the fight for first position in the world ranking. Their victory at Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV was a perfect start to this year. At ICE Challenge 2020, electronic was an MVP, for the first time in his career.

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8. Ludvig ‘Brollan’ Brolin

Ludvig 'Brollan' Brolin
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.13
  • Kills per round - 0.74
  • Death per round - 0.65
  • K/D Ratio - 1.13
  • Total kills - 1423
  • Total deaths - 1262
  • Total maps played - 70

Brollan has been playing for Fnatic since 2018. This year, the guy proves his skills quite well and helps his teammates to be among the CS:GO top teams. Brollan was an MVP at ESL Pro League Season 11: Europe. This result is an especially prominent achievement considering the young age of the player - he will be only 18 in June 2020.

Another good result for Fnatic is the 3rd-4th place at Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV. Many experts believe that Brollan has not come into his full power yet, so it will be interesting to follow the progress of his career.

7. Emil ‘Magisk’ Rei

Emil 'Magisk' Rei
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.13
  • Kills per round - 0.71
  • Death per round - 0.62
  • K/D Ratio - 1.14
  • Total kills - 1079
  • Total deaths - 945
  • Total maps played - 58

Introducing Magisk to the roster was followed by the phenomenal success of Astralis - which led to the longest period of top 1 in the HLTV ranking and the general reputation of being the best CS:GO team in the world.

Magisk plays as a rifler. He is always super dedicated to achieving victories and reacts to successes with super powerful emotions. In 2020, Astralis has yet to achieve any significant results but they are still looking very good at ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe.

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6. Robin ‘ropz’ Kool

Robin 'ropz' Kool
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.15
  • Kills per round - 0.76
  • Death per round - 0.61
  • K/D Ratio - 1.25
  • Total kills - 1367
  • Total deaths - 1094
  • Total maps played - 69

He is a rifler of mousesports and a significant danger for the opponents. Ropz is known for his powerful in-game skills that helped him to be among the top 10 CS:GO players in 2019. The start of 2020 proves good progress for this guy.

His team won the ICE Challenge 2020. Even if mousesports couldn’t succeed in the group stage of Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV, ropz played quite well at that tournament.

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5. Nicolai ‘device’ Reedtz

Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.18
  • Kills per round - 0.76
  • Death per round - 0.63
  • K/D Ratio - 1.21
  • Total kills - 1092
  • Total deaths - 902
  • Total maps played - 55

This guy is definitely one of the most popular and successful esports professionals - although device is not the best CS:GO player in the world only because he is the best AWPer ever.

Device is one of the main keys to the success of Astralis. He was in the top 10 rankings six times, and it would be predictable to see him in this list in 2020.

Of course, device doesn’t appear in pro matches with blank default sniper rifles. You would rather see him with something from our list of Best AWP Skins Everyone Should Buy.

4. Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski

Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.19
  • Kills per round - 0.77
  • Death per round - 0.67
  • K/D Ratio - 1.15
  • Total kills - 1065
  • Total deaths - 926
  • Total maps played - 51

Even if his team, Team Liquid, doesn’t perform great in 2020, EliGE demonstrates very good Counter-Strike in almost every match. He was an MVP of the tournament ESL Pro League Season 11: North America, so it’s quite logical to see him among the top CS:GO players of 2020 - probably, EliGE will be able to improve his position at upcoming events.

EliGE plays as a rifler and like everyone in the best CS:GO teams, he knows perfectly well how important fast and clear communication is during the shootout matches. Take a look at the article All CS Map Callouts to learn the art of efficient interactions with teammates.

3. Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut

Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.22
  • Kills per round - 0.77
  • Death per round - 0.62
  • K/D Ratio - 1.25
  • Total kills - 952
  • Total deaths - 759
  • Total maps played - 46

It may feel strange to see a player from Team Vitality on this list. Still, ZywOo CS:GO has proven his exceptional skills in many matches, and he was even the best CS:GO player in 2019.

So far, 2020 has not offered the same success for this AWPer, but we will have many opportunities to see ZywOo CS:GO in action. He is well known for the effective usage of other weapons as well, such as rifles (AK-47, for example), pistols, and even shotguns.

2. Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač

Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.23
  • Kills per round - 0.78
  • Death per round - 0.64
  • K/D Ratio - 1.22
  • Total kills - 1362
  • Total deaths - 1113
  • Total maps played - 66

This year, NiKo performs much better than in 2019. As an in-game leader and rifler, this guy helped Faze win Blast Premier Spring 2020 Regular Season, where he became an MVP. That was a good change after Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV, where NiKo couldn’t save his teammates, so they stopped at the group stage.

We have seen this guy in the list of top 10 players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive four times so far - who knows, maybe NiKo will be able to reach the peak and become the best CS:GO player in 2020.

1. Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev

Oleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
  • Rating 2.0 - 1.30
  • Kills per round - 0.85
  • Death per round - 0.58
  • K/D Ratio - 1.46
  • Total kills - 1560
  • Total deaths - 1065
  • Total maps played - 70

Something really extraordinary needs to happen to make this guy lose his top 1 ranking. The start of this year was absolutely insane for Natus Vinsere. They won World Championship Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV in Katowice mostly thanks to the brilliant play of s1mple, who was an MVP.

Even if NaVi has lost a bit of the momentum and moved lower in CS:GO team rankings, it doesn’t change the astonishing skills of their best player, whom many experts consider the best CS:GO player of all time - mostly thanks to his amazing ability to effectively use any weapon. Let’s wait and see s1mple at the upcoming CS:GO tournaments of 2020.

It’s worth remembering that no-one from this list was born as a successful CS:GO professional. These guys developed their skills with dedicated practice - and you can do the same!

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