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How to Get a Global Elite Rank in CS:GO

To get the first rank and raise it by several levels, the player does not need to put a lot of effort and time into the game. The first silver ranks will appear in your profile after you’ve learned the basics and practiced a little. But how to join the highest CS2 ranks and become part of the best players? In this article, we’ve prepared simple but powerful tips on how to get a Global Elite rank in CS:GO.

There are 18 ranks in CS:GO and only 0.3% of players reach the Global Elite.

10 Advanced Tips on How to Get Global Elite Rank

Every Second Is Important

It’s enough to know a lot of CS:GO map callouts if you want to get a low or middle rank. That will give you the knowledge for good and profitable communications with your teammates. But if you want to get the highest rank you need to know all the timing of movements across the map.

Knowledge of time will help predict the appearance of enemies. You’ll be hard to deceive with a fake rush and you’ll be ahead of your enemies. Learn and practice with all the timing of movements on the maps where you play.

Repeat and Improve Yourself

That tip works not only with CS:GO but with everything in life. Do something, look at your mistakes, fix it and repeat. Do it again and again to become a real pro. That’s the big difference between a good player and the best player. The good player just wants to learn how to play well but the pro player wants to play excellent without any mistakes. For unmistakable playing, you need to fix all the situations where you feel insecure.

The best practice in CS:GO is to download the replay of your match and find the moments with mistakes. Look what you did at these moments and think about how you can avoid it in the future.

Low Ranks Movements

Yes, that’s the correct name of the tip: low ranks movements. One of the differences between low-rank players and high-rank is the enemies. A lot of the enemies in the high-rank competitive matches are the over skilled person. They have good in-game knowledge and are thinking as highly skilled players.

All players make quick decisions based on their experience, so when you play against a high-level player you think they will act like a real professional. Fast and reckless actions can take your professional enemies by surprise, especially if these actions are supported by your high gaming skills.

Your fast rush or peak without flashbangs can surprise your enemies. Sometimes the movements as a low-rank player can give you a higher profit than any pro tactics.

We have collected the full information about all CS:GO weapon spray patterns. Find out where to shoot with each weapon in our article CS:GO Spray Patterns.

Choose Your Devices

Without practice, you won’t achieve great results, and no gaming mouse will kill enemies for you. But well-picked devices will help you to rise up to a Global Elite faster and easier.

computer devices

Make a Force-Buy Like a Real Man

I’m sure a lot of people who read this article doesn’t need to be told what is eco and force-buy. The tip is that you need to surprise your enemy with a force-buy when he does not expect it. In situations when your enemies are sure that you’ll have an eco, drop all of your money to the force-buy instead.

This way is perhaps not for every round, but you can use it several times per game and be sure it’s gonna work out for you.

CS:GO console will help you to customize everything in the game. We’ve prepared the biggest CS:GO console commands guide to complete your in-game settings.

Run Boost Tactics

The higher the rank of the players, the more popular the boost tactics become. Boost works not only to get to Global Elite but for each rank from silver to pro players.

Once at high ranks, it’s important to always remember that your enemies will abuse a boost all the time. Learn and check all positions where boosters can be found and don’t forget about it. Even professional players forget to do it sometimes.

Pro Players Are Higher than Global Elite

Keeping track of the esports scene is a good hobby that will give you many different tips and solutions from the best CS:GO worldwide players. Cybersportsmen spend thousands of hours in the game to find new features and game tricks. Those who follow the pro players take the best tactics from them to use.

I’m sure that pro player is the last rank in CS:GO after Global Elite. They are the ones who set the trends and show how to play most effectively in different game situations. Those guys are really insane, just look at this.

In addition to the fact that you can follow the games about pro players, you can use their presets and configurations. Find out Configs of the Most Popular CS:GO Pro Players in our article.

Abuse the Wall and Smoke Shots

There are several different ways to deal with damage to your enemy in CS:GO. Many people who read this article know that some of the walls, drawers, and doors in the game can be shot with a weapon. But few players abuse these in damage-dealing ways.

Learn the place on the maps where you can shoot to damage your enemies and abuse your competitive matches. In time, this will bring you some important kills.

You can shoot not only walls or doors, but also through the smoke grenade. High-ranking enemies will be waiting for shots in the smoke, but they don’t know when or where you’ll shoot.

With smoke grenades, you can do other interesting things. In some positions, you can see the enemy through smoke while he is not seeing you. It depends on the kind of map you are playing, and there aren’t many such positions in the game where you can do it but they are there. Learn them and use them in your favor.

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Give Up

Of course it’s a joke, but as tired as I am of this cliché, it really helps. Never Give Up!!! It’s very difficult to find the strength to continue playing when you’ve lost all faith and hope. But you’ll need to find it. As for me this video helps me to understand that there’s no such thing as a desperate situation.

Try to do your best in each in-game moment especially if we are talking about competitive matches. The victory of your team is created from the moments where you and your teammates are beyond your capabilities.

Hey, Boy. Would You Like Some Sleep?

In order to reach the highest rank in the game you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. Than higher you are in the ranking system, the more energy you will lose after each game (no matter if you win or lose). So you will need a good rest even more than before.

Hey, Boy. Would You Like Some Sleep

Don’t ever lost your rest. And it’s not your mom or your dad telling you this, it’s advice from the same player as you. Breathe fresh air, and rest our eyes after each match. This will add strength and energy to your future victories, believe me.

That was our tips on how to become the Highest CS:GO Rank. I hope that some of this advice will help you to get to Global Elite, but even if this doesn’t happen don’t get upset and remember it is just a game.

If you don’t have enough of these tips and want more, here is our guide on how to rank up in CS:GO. To develop your CS:GO settings with different binds read our CS:GO binds guide.

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