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The Best AWP Skins Everyone Should Buy in 2024

One shot - one kill. This is the primary rule of each sniper rifle. In Counter-Strike AWP is one of the most expensive weapons, it’s also the most destructive. An in-game item in CS that fetched a record price is the AWP Dragon Lore with a Skadoodle signature. That skin was bought for $61,052 after Cloud9 won a Boston Major 2018.

It might be complicated to become a good AWPer, but the confidence and reward of good skins can help with it. In general, AWP skins aren’t as expensive as the Dragon Lore, to understand more we’ve prepared a list of the best AWP skins that come with both a beautiful view and a great price too. Let’s get to it!

In CS2, there are two different ways to buy/sell/exchange your skins:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Where gamers can withdraw their money and trade without fees

AWP | Man-o’-war

AWP Man-o'-war
  • Flavor Text: Turn some heads before you take them off

  • Added: 8 January 2015

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $37.36

  • Case: Chroma Case

  • Collection: The Chroma Collection

AWP | Man-o’-war boasts a majestic naval theme, reminiscent of the powerful warships that ruled the seas. Its deep blue base is adorned with golden ornamental patterns, embodying the strength and dignity of ancient maritime adventures. Ideal for players who command their matches with precision and authority.

AWP | Man-o’-war

AWP | Asiimov

AWP Asiimov

The Asiimov skin is a vision of the future, featuring a bold, sci-fi inspired design. Its striking contrast of white, black, and orange segments encapsulates the essence of modern combat innovation. Perfect for players who embrace a forward-thinking approach to strategy and style.

Buy AWP | Asiimov

AWP | Oni Taiji

AWP Oni Taiji

Drawing inspiration from Japanese folklore, the Oni Taiji skin depicts the epic battle between samurai and demons. Intricate artwork featuring fearsome oni faces against a serene backdrop creates a beautiful yet deadly skin. A must-have for players who value honor and tradition in their gameplay.

Buy AWP | Oni Taiji

AWP | Fever Dream

AWP Fever Dream

Fever Dream is a surreal, psychedelic explosion of colors and shapes designed to stand out in any match. With its chaotic, dreamlike patterns and bold, contrasting colors, this skin evokes vivid hallucinations. It is ideal for players who want to make a statement with their playstyle and weapon choice.

Buy AWP | Fever Dream

CS2 ranking system helps to find teammates and opponents with the same level of playing as you. To get ahead from silver to the global elite, you need to win thousands of matches and kill tens of thousands of enemies. How can you reduce this path and reach one of the high ranks? Just follow the rules from our simple but powerful guide: How to get up rank - 33 the best tips.

AWP | Desert Hydra

AWP Desert Hydra
  • Flavor Text: Cutting off one head means two more appear—is that a risk you’re willing to take? - Valeria Jenner, Revolutionary

  • Added: 22 September 2021

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $2 490.00

  • Collection: The 2021 Mirage Collection

Embodying the merciless nature of the desert, the Desert Hydra skin features a lethal hydra serpent design, winding its way across a sandy, sun-bleached background. This skin symbolizes resilience and danger, perfect for the player who thrives in the harshest conditions and emerges victorious.

AWP | Desert Hydra

AWP | Dragon Lore

AWP Dragon Lore
  • Flavor Text: 200 keys could never unlock its secrets

  • Added: 1 July 2014

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $2 514.39

  • Collection: The Cobblestone Cobllection

Dragon Lore is the stuff of legends, a rare and coveted skin that features an exquisite depiction of a dragon winding around the barrel. Set against a backdrop of ancient Celtic symbols and lush greenery, this skin is a symbol of power and prestige in the CS2 community.

AWP | Dragon Lore

AWP | Neo-Noir

AWP Neo-Noir

Neo-Noir is a stylish tribute to the noir film genre, blending seductive female silhouettes with a moody, neon-lit cityscape. This skin is for the player who appreciates the art of mystery and the allure of the night.

Buy AWP | Neo-Noir

AWP | Silk Tiger

AWP Silk Tiger
  • Flavor Text: A national treasure—the tiger, not the AWP

  • Added: 3 December 2020

  • Quality: Classified

  • Starting Price: $105.00

  • Collection: The

With its vibrant orange and black tiger stripe pattern set against a blue background, the Silk Tiger skin is as striking as it is intimidating. This skin channels the spirit of the jungle’s most fearsome predator, perfect for the hunter who stalks their prey with deadly precision.

Buy AWP | Silk Tiger

AWP | Hyper Beast

AWP Hyper Beast
  • Flavor Text: You really want to impress me Booth? Make this black light sensitive - Rona Sabri, Rising Star

  • Added: 26 May 2015

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $13.37

  • Case: Falchion Case

  • Collection: The Falchion Collection

Hyper Beast unleashes a monstrous, otherworldly creature onto the battlefield. Its vivid, chaotic design is a frenzy of colors and ferocity, making it a favorite among players whose gameplay is as wild and unpredictable as the beast itself.

Buy AWP | Hyper Beast

To become a winner in Counter-Strike you need a little luck, persuasive skills, and a good PC. CS may look like a game from 2012, but it also requires enough hardware to feel comfortable. FPS is the best indicator to understand that your device is sufficiently equipped for both you and CS. FPS helps you to find the time when you need to upgrade hardware or decrease game settings. We’ve prepared a big guide on what you need to know about FPS in CS where you can find out further information about frame rate.

AWP | Atheris

AWP Atheris

Inspired by the venomous viper of the same name, Atheris combines lethal elegance with natural beauty. Its green scale pattern covers the weapon, embodying the deadly precision required to dominate the game. Ideal for the player who strikes fast and leaves no trace. One of the most popular skins in the game.

Buy AWP | Atheris

AWP | Containment Breach

AWP Containment Breach

Containment Breach is a cautionary tale rendered in skin form, featuring apocalyptic imagery of biohazard symbols and quarantine zones. This skin is a stark reminder of the chaos that players can unleash in the game, suited for those who like to keep their opponents on edge.

Buy AWP | Containment Breach

AWP | Fade

AWP Fade
  • Flavor Text: This isn’t just a weapon, it’s a conversation piece - Imogen, Arms Dealer In Training

  • Added: 3 December 2020

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $775.00

  • Collection: The Control Collection

AWP | Fade mesmerizes with its gradient transition from deep purples to vibrant pinks and oranges, resembling the fleeting beauty of a sunset. This skin is for players who appreciate finesse and subtlety in their gameplay, making every shot count.

Buy AWP | Fade

AWP is a perfect weapon for players who are happy to wait for their enemies, but what about players who can’t sit and wait and are ready to run into battle? The first thing these types of players need to realize is how to make a targeted shooting from the different rifles. Each weapon has a unique spray pattern. The player who knows these patterns has the advantage to win many duels over his opponents. In our article spray patterns and recoil compensations, you can find all of the essential weapons guides. Practice more and become the best in this game!

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