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Mirage 2021 Collection

Mirage 2021 Collection

The Mirage 2021 Collection is among the most exciting collections that some of these players will ever have come in contact with if they have the luck to do so. Most of the weapons in the collection are nothing special as they just combine darker theme elements to create decent skins, but nothing too impactful. However, this can't be said about the top 5-6 weapon skins in the collection, especially for the top 3. The decent skins in this collection combine solid colors with some exciting patterns to create great weapon skins.

The best CS:GO Mirage 2021 Collection skins:

But the top 3 of the collection are a whole different story. With the Mirage theme implanted in each of those three weapon skins, we receive some of the most incredible and rare skins in the world of CS:GO. Their appearance will catch every players' attention and even cause envy from most of your enemies. This is reflected in their price, considering that the most popular skin in the collection can reach close to $4,000.

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