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CS:GO skins are divided into quite a few collections. Some of them are super rare - you get such items only during certain game operations, or the collections were totally removed from the drop system. Others are active and players regularly get random weapons/graffiti from them. But regardless of what type of CS:GO collection you are looking for, you can find it in this section of DMarket.

Buy CS:GO skins of different collections

There are many attitudes to choose from when selecting skins for your CS:GO inventory. You can be chaotic and choose whatever you like in the moment. Or you can set a specific goal - to have all items from that collection and then follow one general style in the weapons of your terrorist/counter-terrorist.

Checking out the available skin collections is a good idea in both cases. For thorough collectors, it’s a chance to see what else you can buy to make your inventory absolutely splendid. “Chaotic” players may just find something interesting they couldn’t imagine having in the game.

DMarket is a perfect marketplace for purchasing skins from different collections. Don’t limit yourself with random drops. Get that item you always wanted to play with and surprise everyone on the server with your extraordinary style!

Skins collections you can buy on DMarket:

  • Operation-exclusive CS:GO Collection - skins from the drop to players who have an active operation pass;
  • Active CS:GO Collections - such skins drop weekly;
  • In-active CS:GO Collections - you can buy such skins from souvenir and gift packages, which no longer drop;
  • Retired Collections - these are especially rare skins, available only from trading.

DMarket has a big audience of active gamers and traders, so you can find skins from any collection on the marketplace (and also from any CS:GO family). Check regularly to find something super rare.

Sell CS:GO skins from any collection

Having many skins in your inventory is a sign of great experience in the game. But what to do with duplicates and those items you just don’t like? Sell them on DMarket and earn real cash - for your dream skins, for items from other games (Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Rust), or literally for anything you want.