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Mouse Settings for CS:GO
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Mouse Settings for CS:GO

Perfect controlling is super significant for CS:GO players. In fact, it’s the deep basis for becoming successful in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - you should feel pressing action keys and moving the mouse almost the same natural as moving and looking around in our physical realm.

Such mastery comes with regular practice. Still, something can give quick improvement - it’s adjusting the mouse settings according to your actual needs.

gaming mouse

You will play much better if the mouse settings are comfortable. The better you play, the more excitement you feel, and the more CS:GO skins you can sell on DMarket - for real money to spend as you wish.

CS:GO Mouse Settings in the Game Menu

The easiest thing to do for changing your mouse settings is to open the game settings menu and visit the Keyboard/Mouse tab.

csgo game menu
  • Reverse Mouse - we recommend turning this feature Off unless you want to have some odd feelings in the game.

  • Mouse Sensitivity - change this number to adjust the sensitivity.

  • Raw Input - to ignore the Windows mouse settings. It’s better to turn this feature On to prevent OS from interrupting into the playing process.

  • Mouse Acceleration - an additional boost for the fast mouse movements. Most of the players with gaming mice don’t use this feature.

  • Acceleration Amount - the limit of the previous feature.

In this menu, you can also change commands for the left and right mouse buttons (Fire and Secondary Fire).

Mouse Settings in the CS:GO Console Commands

Some players prefer using the developer console for every setting. Here are some console commands specifically for the mouse - many others are listed in the article with CS:GO Console Commands

csgo console command sensitivity

Concole Commands for Mouse Settings:

  • sensitivity 2.5 - to set the sensitivity. Change the numbers to feel the difference

  • m_rawinput 1 - this command turns on the Raw Input feature

  • m_customaccel 0 - to turn off the Mouse Acceleration. Type the value “1” to turn on

  • m_customaccel_scale 0.07 - acceleration amount. This command works only if the previous one is turned on

Fine-tuning CS:GO Commands:

Also, you can use the following commands for the mouse settings. They are not available in the default menu and they are not very significant, so use them only for fine-tuning.

  • m_mousespeed 1 - to turn on acceleration by Windows. The value 0 is to cancel

  • m_mouseaccel1 1 - to activate 2x acceleration by Windows. m_mouseaccel1 0 disables this feature

  • m_mouseaccel2 1 - to activate 4x acceleration by Windows. m_mouseaccel2 0 returns the default Windows acceleration

  • m_yaw 0.022 - changes the ratio of the distance on your mousepad and in the virtuality. Many players recommend to keep the default value of this command, but you can experiment, of course, and try out another feeling of the mouse sensitivity

  • m_pitch 0.022 - sensitivity for the horizontal movements

  • m_forward 0.022 - to change the sensitivity for forward movements

  • m_side 0.022 - to change the sensitivity for side movements

DPI/CPI and Sensitivity Settings

To use commands and the in-game settings in the most effective way, you should understand which values to use and what they mean. Let’s start with the basic terms

Mouse CPI, or counts per inch - this value means how many times the mouse gives the info to the game (computer) while moving one inch on the mousepad. So, if CPI is 400, the mouse “informs” about its movements 400 times per inch. This is quite a common value for professional CS:GO players.

What is DPI? It’s the same CPI setting but called differently. DPI means dots per inch. So, the best DPI for CS:GO is the same 400. You can use any name for this setting. DPI is more popular. An old name here is PPI - pols per inch.

DPI/CPI directly affects Mouse Sensitivity. To find out the real sensitivity, use the formula:

  • DPI/CPI multiplied by the mouse sensitivity from the game menu. For example, 400x2=800, so the real sensitivity is 800.

How to Find the Best Mouse Sensitivity for You

Now you know how to calculate total mouse sensitivity. But which result here is the best CS:GO sensitivity for you?

csgo mouse sensitivity

You will be much more accurate in the game shooting if you use low sensitivity. You will need to make bigger physical movements by your mouse to move the crosshair on the screen - thus you will be able to aim better and to perform nice headshots. Such low sensitivity may seem unusual, and you should get used to it. Still, the efforts are worthy - players with high CS:GO ranks use low sensitivity.

Recommendations - What DPI Should I Use in CS:GO?

Check out the actual DPI/CPI of your mouse and then make the appropriate setting in the game:

  • Low DPI (300-1000) - you should move your hand a lot but you will be able to shoot more accurately. Usually, for such sensitivity, you need to turn on the Raw Input (ignore Windows settings) and set 0.5 - 1.5 sensitivity in the game menu.
  • High DPI (1000-3000+) - even slight movements of the hand make the in-game character turn his gun with high speed. Some beginners use such CS:GO mouse sensitivity and this blocks their evolution.

You may need to pay attention to the screen resolution and USB poll rate. High resolution means the crosshair should move through more pixels on the screen - this affects the feeling of sensitivity. High USB poll rate makes the mouse more responsive, so professionals often use 1000hz.

Mouse Acceleration & Raw Input

Mouse acceleration CS:GO means your crosshair moves a bit further when you move your mouse very fast. This is not a good feature for the game, because you will not always know the exact position of the crosshair after your movements. It’s about muscle memory, which knows the usual behavior of the cursor. With acceleration, your muscle memory should count also the speed of your movements.

Most of the players turn the acceleration off. Still, there are even professionals who like playing with acceleration. Make your own decision here only after getting used to a non-accelerated mouse - thus you will feel the difference. Don’t change your acceleration and sensitivity often - this directly affects your results because you have to get used to the new settings.

Raw Input makes the game ignore the Windows mouse settings. Your decision - CS:GO Raw Input on or off depends on your mouse and your decisions on sensitivity and acceleration. Most of the players turn the Raw Input on.

Crosshair Settings

If you are done with the CS:GO mouse settings, take a look at the crosshair setting - after all your mouse is reflected on the game screen as that crosshair, so these aspects are tightly connected.

We all are different, so there are no particular rules on what crosshair to use. Play with the default crosshair for a while to feel your needs and then try out different sizes and colors. Don’t make the crosshair too big or too small - it should be quite noticeable on the screen but without taking too much attention. Find the perfect crosshair personally for you and then keep it - there is no need to change these settings in the future (the same as with the mouse).

CS:GO crosshair settings are available:

  • through the standard game menu - you will find there quite a lot of options;

  • through the console commands - for players who prefer controlling each small detail.

On DMarket, we have a very good guide on this topic. Please check out CS:GO Crosshair Settings.

Best Mouse Settings for CS:GO

gaming mouse

It’s nice to learn from successful professionals, so if you don’t want to experiment with the mouse settings, feel free to use those of the following famous CS:GO players:

  • Coldzera mouse settings: DPI 800, in-game sensitivity 1.1;

  • kennyS mouse settings: DPI 400, in-game sensitivity 2.2;

  • ScreaM mouse settings: DPI 400, in-game sensitivity 2.5;

  • tarik mouse settings: DPI 800, in-game sensitivity 1.1;

  • s1mple mouse settings: DPI 400, in-game sensitivity 3.09;

  • Stewie2K mouse settings: DPI 450, in-game sensitivity 1.85;

  • NiKo mouse settings: DPI 400, in-game sensitivity 1.38.

For a much bigger list, check out the article with PRO CS:GO Players Settings & Configs Explained.

How to Choose a Good Mouse and Mousepad

First, you may become confused by this assortment, but this confusion is an illusion - choose a well-known brand, choose not-the-most-cheap mouse and you will definitely find a decent product for your game.

Take a look at the article Best Gaming Mouse | What You Need To Know Before Choosing. Or just take one from the following list.

Recommendations on the Best Mouse for CS:GO

Popular manufacturers of the gaming hardware offer quite a choice of mice. Here are some that deserve your attention:

1. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

logitech g900 chaos spectrum This is a mouse of the professional level, with a high-end optical sensor, the DPI/CPI range 200-12,000, a light weight, and just an amazing design

2. Razer Basilisk

razer basilisk This mouse is made for FPS, so it will be a great tool/weapon for your CS:GO matches. The optical sensor supports up to 16,000 DPI/CPI. You can adjust the scroll wheel resistance for this mouse and even temporary change the sensitivity. Razer Basilisk may become your CS:GO pro mouse.

3. SteelSeries Rival 600

steelseries rival 600 It’s a mouse with a dual optical sensor and the DPI/CPI 100-12,000. The switches here are made for 60 millions clicks. The mouse has a very comfortable surface to hold it for a long time, and it has a perfect weight for efficient playing.

4. Roccat Kone EMP

roccat kone emp It’s quite a low-weight mouse with ergonomic design. The advanced optical sensor supports DPi/CPI from 100 to 12,000. Kone EMP has quite a lot of buttons and you can set them in the special application - for example, the wheel moves in four directions. It’s a beautiful mouse too, with customizable illumination.

5. Corsair M65 PRO RGB

corsair m65 pro rgb This is a mouse for competitive gaming, it’s dedicated for first-person shooters. It has a high-accurate optical sensor with the DPI/CPI up to 12000. The aluminum frame supports high durability, and still, the mouse has a very light weight. Use many options to customize the mouse - including even changing the center of gravity. Probably, this is the best CS:GO mouse for you.

Mousepad Recommendations

The mousepad is the same significant as the mouse itself. The feeling of a nice mouse on a nice pad is special - you may stop noticing it soon but you will feel the difference immediately after trying to play with a standard computer mouse on a table.

Gaming mousepads should be big enough to use a mouse with low sensitivity. Here are a few examples to choose the best mousepad for CS:GO:

1. Corsair MM800 Polaris

corsair mm800 polaris Its size is 350x260x5 mm, the mousepad has micro-texture surface and beautiful lighting.

2. Logitech G440

logitech g440 The size is 340x380x3 mm, the surface is hard, with ultra-low friction. The base is rubber for high stability.

3. Razer Sphex V2

razer sphex v2

It’s a very thin mousepad, made from polycarbonate of high durability. The size is 355x254x0.5 mm. The design here is quite impressive.

CS:GO Mouse Settings - FAQ

For even better understanding of the topic, let’s answer some very popular questions about CS:GO mouse settings:

What Is the Difference between DPI and Sensitivity?

DPI (dots per inch) or CPI (counts per inch) is the number of connections between the mouse and computer per one inch of movements, or how many times the mouse will inform the computer (game) about its physical movement per one inch.

Total in-game sensitivity consists of the DPI value multiplied by the in-game sensitivity. For example, if the mouse DPI is 400 and the in-game sensitivity is 1.5 then the total sensitivity is 600.

Is It Better to Have a Higher DPI?

Most of the gaming mice have a high DPI feature, but this doesn’t mean you should use this power. It’s a way of manufacturers to show the high-end quality of their sensors. So, it is definitely good to have a mouse with high DPI, but players should use low DPI and total sensitivity - for better accuracy, to not be unnecessary quick in your game movements.

Why Do PRO Gamers Use Low DPI?

They try to be more accurate in the shooting, so they are ready to move their hands more on the mousepads but make more precise actions in the virtuality.

How Do I Change My DPI in CS:GO?

DPI is a feature of your mouse. Many gaming mice have a special switch to change the DPI value. Also, you can visit the Mouse Setting in Windows, click the Pointer Options tab and adjust the pointer speed. To affect the in-game sensitivity, make adjustments in the game menu.

What Is the Default Sensitivity in CS:GO?

Your actual sensitivity in CS:GO depends mostly on your mouse - please, check out your DPI first. Then enter the game settings menu and check out the tab Keyboard/Mouse - there is the Mouse Sensitivity option with the possible values from 0.05 to 8.00. To calculate the total sensitivity, multiply your mouse DPI by the in-game sensitivity. The default in-game sensitivity is 2.5.

How Do I Find My Best Sensitivity in CS:GO?

Only practice can help you to figure out your playing style and the best CS:GO mouse settings personally. It’s highly recommended to try first a low sensitivity (300-1000) and take your time to get used to it. To calculate the total sensitivity multiply the mouse DPI by your in-game sensitivity value.

What Sensitivity Should I Use in CS:GO?

It’s better to use a low CS:GO sensitivity - regardless of your actual level in the game. This gives the possibility to be more precise in your crosshair movements because you will need to make bigger movements by your hand. Check out DPI of your mouse and multiply it by the in-game sensitivity. The result should be 300-1000. So, now you know what a good CS:GO sensitivity is and what your mouse sensitivity should be in CS:GO.

What Sensitivity Do CS:GO Pros Play On?

Most of the professionals play with the total sensitivity 300-1000 - they prefer a low sensitivity. To discover the exact numbers, check out the article with configurations of CS:GO pro players. For example, you can discover there what sensitivity ScreaM use. Notice the sensitivity setting of s1imple - he is one of the few who play with more than 1200.

What Is Mouse Acceleration in CS:GO?

If the mouse acceleration is turned on, your crosshair goes a bit farther when you move the mouse fast. It’s a kind of addition to the mouse sensitivity and you should get used to this feature. Many players prefer to turn it off, considering that mouse acceleration is not good for CS:GO.

How Do You Change Sensitivity in CS:GO?

You can do this in the Game Settings menu or by using the console command sensitivity 2.5 (with your custom value).

What Is Raw Input on CS:GO?

This is a kind of command for the game to ignore mouse setting of your Operating System. It’s better to turn on Raw Input CS:GO in the game settings menu or by using the console command m_rawinput 1.

Does Screen Resolution Affect Mouse Sensitivity?

Definitely yes. With a high resolution, the crosshair should move through more pixels on the screen, so you will feel the difference in your physical moves. After changing the resolution you need to get used to the new style, change also your muscle memory.

After getting the initial experience in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players should find obstacles in their in-game progress and remove them. Making comfortable settings for everything is really a significant step here, and this includes mouse settings.

Progressing in CS:GO is mostly about dedicated practice, but sometimes players need nice tips to boost their evolution to the pro level. DMarket gives many of them - just follow articles on our blog. For example, have a look at these 33 Best Pieces of Advice to Rank Up in CS:GO.

Your in-game reputation is built not only on the rank and your skills. It’s also about finding the best place to buy csgo skins to amaze teammates and opponents.

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