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CS:GO Launch Options Guide 2020
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CS:GO Launch Options Guide 2020

CS:GO Launch Options allows starting the game with the chosen technical settings, such as max FPS and tickrate for offline matches. You only need to enter them once, and they will be applied for all the following playing sessions. In this post, you’ll find a detailed list of the most useful launch options for CS:GO.

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How to Set Launch Options in CS:GO

  1. Open Steam and enter your Library;
  2. Right click on CS:GO and choose Properties;
  3. Choose the tab General and press the button Set Launch Options;
  4. Enter commands of your choice, press OK, and launch the game.

Follow simple rules while entering CS:GO Launch Settings:

  • Start each command with - or +
  • Separate commands by spaces
  • Don’t use quotes - " "
How to set Launch Options in CS:GO

Using the launch options is a good alternative to entering CS:GO console commands.

The Best CS:GO Launch Options

Every player is different, so there are no settings that are absolutely the best for everyone. The game should be comfortable for you, and it would be clever to try out its default condition first, get used to it, and only then start changing things - you will then know what you really need. In CS:GO, best launch options are those that remove all the technical inconveniences tailored especially for you.

Still, we would like to give you recommendations on various CS:GO startup commands. These have proved to be the most popular and useful among CS:GO players. Copy them from this page and past directly in the launch options window.

  • +fps_max 0 -nojoy -high -novid

With this combination of commands, you will turn off the max limit of FPS (+fps_max 0); remove the support of joysticks (-nojoy); put the game in highest priority for the computer (-high); and disable the short starting video.

We encourage you to check out the full list in this article to find your own best launch options for CS:GO. Just combine them in one line.

The Best CS:GO Launch Options for FPS

Frames Per Second (FPS) - this is quite a significant aspect for gamers. The higher this index is, the better the image you see on the screen, but also, the higher load on the computer becomes. CS:GO launch options FPS is a tool to try and get more frames per second for the cost of removing minor features of the in-game image.

Use the following command only if you’re experiencing issues with FPS. Otherwise, it would be better to stick to the default settings. For computers of low power, it might help to change your graphics settings in the game menu first.

  • +fps_max 0 +mat_disable_fancy_blending 1 +cl_forcepreload 1 +r_dynamic 0 -limitvsconst +cl_showfps 1

In this line of commands, you remove max limit for FPS (+fps_max 0); disable various cosmetic features of the virtual world (+mat_disable_fancy_blending 1); enable preloading all virtual objects before a match starts (+cl_forcepreload 1); turn off dynamic lightning (+r_dynamic 0); limit vertex shaders (-limitvsconst); and activate showing FPS during CS:GO matches (+cl_showfps 1).

You can combine these FPS commands with our set of the best launch options.

Full List of Launch Options for CS:GO

Here is the full list of Launch Options. Some of them are console commands (those starting with +), but many players prefer to launch the game with them active.

  • -full - the game will launch in fullscreen mode


  • -fullscreen

  • -window - CS:GO launches in a standard window. The same with the commands -windowed, -startwindowed, and -sw

  • -noborder - the game window has no borders

    Set Launch Options in CS:GO
  • -x 333; -y 333 - the position of the CS:GO window on the screen (x- and z-axis)

  • -w 1920; -h 1080 - you can set the best resolution for CS:GO

  • -tickrate 128 - a tick rate for your offline server and matches with bots. The default value here is 64. Increase it to get the game information refreshed more often. Bigger tick rates might overload your computer

  • +fps max 0 - play with no limitations on the maximal CS:GO FPS. Use your value to set this limitation, for example, +fps max 60 (or even less to have CS:GO FPS boost on outdated computers);

  • +cl_showfps 1 - to show FPS CS:GO

  • -high - CS:GO gets the highest priority from the computer

  • -novid - the game launches without the short starting video

  • -nojoy - to disable joysticks. This slightly decreases the load on the computer

  • -console - the CS:GO developer console will be open after the game launch

  • -language English - to activate the English interface of CS:GO. You can use another language as well

  • -refresh 144 - it’s CS:GO 144hz command. Use it with the actual refresh rate of your monitor

  • -threads - enter here the number of CPU’s cores. Use the command if your CPU has three or more cores (it’s how to make CS:GO faster via a single action). It might have no influence because the game often makes the same on its own

  • +r_drawparticles 0 - remove particles animation, so the picture will become simpler, but the performance might improve

Set Launch Options in CS:GO
  • +cl_forcepreload 1 - computer loads virtual model and textures before the match, decreasing the load during the game

  • -nod3d9ex1 - to disable the technology Direct3D 9Ex. Try to experiment with this command to see its real effect on the performance of your computer

  • -lv - the command removes blood and thus reduces the load on your computer

  • -autoconfig - use this command to clear up all the custom settings and return to default

CS:GO Launch Options can’t make you a good player, but they can help to remove small obstacles on your way to gaming success and high CS:GO ranks.

Launch Options - FAQ

Let’s answer some Frequently Asked Questions about CS:GO Launch Options.

How Do I Set Launch Options?

Open Steam and visit your game library. Right-click on CS:GO and choose Properties. In the tab General, press the button Set Launch Options. You will see the window for entering commands from this article.

How Do I Change My CS:GO Launch Options?

Open the window for setting Launch Options (Steam Library -> right click on CS:GO -> Properties -> Set Launch Options) and change/remove anything you want to.

How Do I Reset My CS:GO Launch Options?

Just delete everything from the Set Launch Options window.

How Do I Change My CS:GO Launch Options Resolution?

Here is a direct command for this: -w 1920; -h 1080 (the numbers are for Full HD, so change them if you need to). Other commands can be helpful: -full (play in full screen), -window (play in a window), -noborder (remove borders for the game window), and -x 333; -y 333 (set the position of the window on your screen.

How Do I Run an Autoexec in Launch Options?

This question refers to another method to configure the game. Read more details on this topic in the article How to Сreate an Autoexec File. In fact, you can use most of the same commands for Launch Options and Autoexec, and only punctuation will be different. For example, cl_showfps “1” (the form for Autoexec) and +cl_showfps 1 (the form for Launch Options).

How Do I Turn My HUD Back on CS:GO?

You can do it through Launch Options by using the command +cl_drawhud 1. In the developer console the same command takes the form cl_drawhud 1.

The quantity of Launch Options in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may seem impressive and complicated, but they are quite straightforward and simple if you have even the basic experience of the game. For gamers who want to customize various aspects of CS:GO, we recommend to check out this guide on Crosshair Settings.

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