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CS:GO Launch Options – an Ultimate Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a huge game with vast possibilities. Enthusiastic CS:GO audience have a chance to prove their talent, develop their skills, and participate in professional Esports tournaments. Even if you don’t have such ambitious plans, CS:GO may become your source of daily fun and competitive excitement.

Even at the stage of making the game comfortable for you to the max, CS:GO surprises with available possibilities. There are lots of console commands to adjust many various aspects of the game. Also, players can use special Launch Options to make some changes to the game even before its start.

This CS:GO guide explains the Launch Options in details – you’ll find here all the significant information on this topic.

What are CS:GO Launch Options?

The developers from Valve Corporation have left a few ways to make changes to the game:

  • Settings Menu – this is the easiest method for everyone. Open the menu by clicking the icon in the left panel of new Panorama UI, explore the available tabs and items here, and use any setting you need.
  • Developer Console – this is a “door” to the game code. Open it by pressing tilde (~) during the game and enter any command you want to.
  • Launch Options – and here they are, special commands, which become active right after launching the game. This method is good for permanent changes.
  • Autoexec file – create a file with your specific game settings, and the game will use it instead of the default. This way is for advanced CS:GO players. You better get enough experience with the previous methods before delving into autoexec creation.

It’s a bit pity to have no ways of getting skins through adjusting the in-game code. But your personal efforts will help to play better, to get items from the game for free, and sell CS:GO skins on DMarket for real money.

How to add various Launch options?

Everything here should be done through the Steam application, with the CS:GO game closed.

  1. Visit the Library section of the Steam app.
  2. Find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the list of all games (the left panel).
  3. Click it with the right mouse button, choose “Properties.
  4. In the tab “General” look for the button “Set Launch Options.” Press it.
  5. Add options of your choice to the opened window.
  6. Press OK and close the properties. Launch CS:GO!

How to add various Launch options? Remember to follow two simple rules: begin a new command with “” as on the list below, and put spaces between your commands.

Pay attention to CS:GO console commands, which you also can add to the Launch Options – they should begin with “+”, like the command +sv_cheats 1 for enabling cheat command on your server.

The best CS:GO Launch Options

There are quite a few options, which you can set for the game launch. Using them absentmindedly is not the best decision – pay enough attention to what these commands do and use them if you really need them. It’s always a good idea to play enough of the “default” CS:GO, to feel how the game performs with unchanged settings. After getting some experience, you will easily understand whether you need a particular command or not.

For beginners, who only start playing this game, it would be better to read our guide on the CS:GO Gameplay.

Basic settings:

  • -console – with this command, you’ll get the CS:GO developer console opened immediately after the game launch.
  • -language French – to activate the French interface of CS:GO. Maybe you are learning this or another language and want to have an additional practice without changing your default language in the Steam application. Other reasons are entirely possible here, of course, so just add a language of your choice to this command.
  • -full – to make the game launch in the full-screen mode. The same effect will be with the command -fullscreen.
  • -window – to play CS:GO in a standard computer window. Other forms of this command are: -windowed, -startwindowed, and -sw.
  • -w 1920; -h 1080 – these commands determine the resolution of the CS:GO window.
  • -x 333; -y 333 – the position of the CS:GO window on the screen (x- and z-axis).
  • -noborder – to play CS:GO in a window without borders.

Basic settings CS:GO Launch Options CS:GO Launch Options FPS

  • -novid – the game launches without starting videos. They are very short, but the process of playing them takes the computer resources and may unnecessary load your device. Also, if you add the lengths of all those videos you watch with every CS:GO launch, this might be a very impressing period of time – why don’t save it?
  • -tickrate 128 – a tick rate for your offline server. The default value here is 64. Increase it to get the game information refreshed more often. Bigger tick rates might overload your computer.
  • -refresh 144 – use this command for monitors with the refresh rate more than 60 Hz. Use the value of your particular monitor.
  • -high – the computer gives the most top priority to CS:GO. Consider closing all applications before starting the game – this has the same effect.
  • -threads 8 – the computer uses the specified number of CPU’s cores. Use the command if your CPU has three or more cores. It might have no influence because the game often makes the same by its own.
  • -nod3d9ex1 – to disable the technology Direct3D 9Ex. Try to experiment with this command to see its real effect on the performance of your computer.
  • -nojoy – to disable joysticks. This slightly decreases the load on the computer.
  • -lv – means low violence. Use this command to remove blood from the game. This also reduces the load on your computer.

Some CS:GO console commands to use as Launch Options for a better game performance:

  • +cl_showfps 1 – always show the current FPS (frames per second);
  • +fps max 0 – to remove limitations on the maximal FPS. Use your value to set this limitation, for example, +fps max 60 (for week computers);
  • +r_drawparticles 0 – disables particles animation, so the picture will be simpler, but the performance might improve.
  • +cl_forcepreload 1 – the game will preload maps before matches. This prevents overloading your Internet connection and computer during shootouts.

CS:GO Console commands Such CS:GO startup commands might open for you a way to better understanding the game and the processes in its programming code. Maybe, you will become dedicated enough to dig dipper and to discover how to make CS:GO skins and become even a more influential person in the community.

Some popular questions on the Launch Options

Asking something on the Internet is a simple way to get needed information. Here are some common questions about CS:GO and the Launch Options – of course, with the answers.

  • How do I set Launch Options?

In the Steam application, visit your game library, right-click CS:GO, choose “Properties”, and press the button “Set Launch Options.” Enter your commands, press OK, and close the “Properties” window.

  • How do I change my CS:GO Launch Options?

Open the window for setting the Launch Options (Steam Library -> right click on CS:GO -> Properties -> Set Launch Options). All your commands are listed here. Find what you need to change and just do this.

  • How do I reset my CS:GO Launch Options?

Open the usual panel for entering Launch Options and delete everything there.

  • How do I run an Autoexec in Launch Options?

Here we talk about totally different methods to make your changes to CS:GO settings. You can enter needed console commands to the config.cfg file and then save it as autoexec.cfg to the same folder, so the game will use these configurations during the launch. Also, you can set your Launch Option through the special window in the Steam Application. The difference is in the commands’ forms. For example, the command for showing FPS looks like cl_showfps “1” in the autoexec file and +cl_showfps 1 in the Launch Options. Both methods might work simultaneously.

  • How do I turn my HUD back on CS:GO?

HUD, or a head-up display is significant for the playing process – you can get a lot of useful information from different elements of the game interface. For some kind of training or just for fun, it can be disabled. To enable CS:GO HUD again, use the commands cl_drawhud 1. Don’t forget to place “+” if you set the command in the Launch Options (+cl_drawhud 1).

  • How do you fast forward in CS:GO?

This question is not exactly about the Launch Options, but still, it’s about settings in CS:GO, so let’s answer it! In the game, we can watch videos of various matches and change their speed. Press Shift + F2 to activate the controlling tool. Here you can fast forward or make the video play slower. Press Shift + F2 again to return to usual observing.

  • How do I speed up CS:GO Overwatch?

If you have been chosen as an investigator for the CS:GO Overwatch program, you will be able to watch matches of other players and make decisions if there were some kind of cheating. To make the process simpler for you, speed up recorded matches by pressing Shift + F2 – a special menu will appear with various useful tools. Also, you can press the “X” button to activate the X-ray mode and watch through walls.

CS:GO Launch Options, console commands, and some other technical aspects of the game can’t make you a better player. Using them is a way to get more space for developing your skills, to remove some obstacles for your progress. It’s worth to remember that only in-game practice will help to boost your csgo rankings!

Another additional boost for your playing skills becomes possible through watching professional Esports matches, like the CS:GO tournament Faceit Major: London 2018 – many tricks can be learned from gifted pro-players.

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