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How to Surf in CS:GO

How to Surf in CS:GO

Classic shootouts in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive include lots of various modes. Nevertheless, the game is able to offer something even more for your excitement.

Some community-created maps expand the horizons of a traditional shooter towards surfing in a specially elaborated environment.

CS:GO surf is fun entertainment, and it can also be a way to improve your controlling skills. This guide is all about such CSGO surfing.

CS:GO Surf Maps

Nothing extraordinary is needed to create a map for surfing in CS:GO – such locations use the in-game physics to allow virtual characters to slip on slanted ramps.

Your guy jumps on such surfaces, and the CS GO surf game begins. You need to keep him on the ramp, jump over the obstacles, and sometimes kill opponents on the way.

Surf CS:GO is not an official mode, and we can expect to never see surf locations among best CS:GO maps for Competitive and Casual matchmaking.

You have to carry out some steps for adding CS:GO surf maps to your game:

  1. Visit the page of CS:GO maps in Steam Workshop;

  2. Enter Surf in the Search Bar;

  3. Check the list of maps, choose whatever you like, and subscribe to them;

  4. Open CS:GO;

  5. Choose Workshop Maps in the Play menu;

  6. Enter the map of your choice and enjoy CS:GO surfing.

Types of CS:GO Surfing Maps

While checking maps in the Workshop, pay attention to their visual style, feedback of other players, and also to the description of the map type. It can be:

Only for Surfing

Players may have a goal, such as reaching the finish within a limited time. Also, here are maps with no goals at all – just enjoy surfing CS:GO without any particular reason. Most of the CS:GO surfing maps are of this type.

Surf and Shoot

Some hybrid maps mix surfing and shootouts. Players are divided into teams, they try to kill opponents and survive till the match end. Usually shootouts take place in a space between ramps.

It might be better for beginners to choose bare surfing. Advanced players have a chance to prove their power in any map type.

CS:GO surf maps are a basis for your gaming enjoyment – use your power of making changes in match conditions, virtual physics, or game interfaces by using various CS:GO console commands.

How to Surf in CS:GO?

Jump on a ramp and let the surfing power lead you to the highest levels of excitement. That’s CS:GO surfing in short.

If in details – there are only two keyboard buttons to use in the surfing process: A and D. They are needed to keep your character on the ramp. He will be sliding downward, so prevent this by moving him a bit towards the ramp center.

Mouse movements also help a lot – direct the crosshair to your surfing goal or your guy may stop and fall. Be careful with W and S buttons! Unlike in the traditional game, in surfing, they are useless and even bad for sliding.

To speed up, use the same CS:GO surf commands: buttons A and D. First, move toward the ramp center, and then slide toward the edge – such sliding will be your speed boost.

On some maps, you need to turn during surfing. For this, change the direction of the crosshair and press the appropriate A-D button at the same time.

Two Reasons for Surfing

CS:GO surf is just fun. It’s good when you have no intentions to delve into tense competitions and want to relax playing.

Of course, some maps for surfing are challenging, but they are also a change in your virtual activity that breathes fresh air into the gaming experience.

CS:GO surf is good for mastering character control. There are different layers in improving your CS:GO skills: memorizing maps, developing accurate shooting, coming up with strategies for teamwork…

Controlling your in-game character is one of these layers. It may seem an easy and insignificant task, and still, so much depends on your ability to react in a split second with a proper jump, moving aside, rushing ahead, etc.

CS:GO surf helps to develop this skill to the level of mastery – you’ll feel your character in a unique way. Maybe, that is what you need for getting a new, higher CS:GO rank?

Still, surfing can’t be your primary in-game practice if you plan to build an Esports career and participate in such tournaments as Faceit Major: London 2018.

Now you know how to surf CS:GO requires practicing classic matchmaking first to allow yourself to come close to perfection.

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