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How to Surf in CS2: The Ultimate Guide + Tips
Success in the main, competitive mode of CS2 depends on a few factors. Team communication, clever strategies, and your personal skills are among them. Within skills, we can distinguish between shooting and movement — both are equally important.
The Best CS2 Surf Maps (Top 5 List)
Despite what a lot of players think, surfing is not actually new to CS2. Many veterans from CS 1.6 surely remember custom surf servers that were quite popular back in the day. Today, we can download all the best CS2 surf maps directly from Steam Workshop and try them out without any need for custom-moded servers.
The Best CS2 Surf Servers (Top List by Regions)
For beginners, surfing in Counter-Strike is a pretty difficult technique. You need to learn the control pattern and then develop a more natural understanding of movement on the ramps, becoming a fluent surfer. Dedication is needed to succeed.
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