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All Anubis Callouts in Counter-Strike 2

In a way, the general structure of Anubis resembles some classic Counter-Strike maps. The teams’ spawn zones are located at opposite ends. The bombsites are at a distance from each other, and players can use a good variety of passageways to enter them. The three-lane pattern is supported by a vast Mid. Learning CS2 Anubis callouts requires a general understanding of this structure—and if you already have it after some in-game practice, you are ready to dive into the details with this guide on DMarket Blog.

Anubis Map in Counter-Strike 2

The map is based on a town in Egypt, filled with many elements of Ancient Egyptian culture. In general, it’s a pretty beautiful location, featuring quite a lot of water—rather unusual for Counter-Strike.

The developers added Anubis to CS:GO in 2020. Later, the map made it to the newest game. Many CS2 players just love it, thanks to the unique aesthetics and the well-balanced structure. It’s a place where you can have some solid, very enjoyable Counter-Strike matches.

Sure, the game has other layers of fun too, like surfing in CS2. But for classic tactical shooting, consider picking up Anubis.

Anubis Callouts CS2

Compared to some other CS2 maps, Anubis doesn’t have too many callouts. Most of them refer to relatively big areas, with no super precise details. This doesn’t make Anubis less creative gameplay-wise. Thanks to many connectors and some elevated platforms, players have many opportunities for team rotations, fake calls, and unexpected ambushes.

In our CS2 Anubis callouts guide, we’ve divided the map into its main areas and the general directions of players’ movements.

anubis callouts in CS2

T Spawn to bombsite B

It is relatively easy for the Terrorist team to rush B on Anubis. This bombsite is located closer to T Spawn, so T players can enter it directly via B Long. Using Top Mid may confuse opponents about your next move, and this area gives Terrorists more freedom for rotations.

  • T Spawn—it’s a pretty big area at the bottom of the map. From here, players can go right, to Alley and then to bombsite A, or left, to Ruins and then bombsite B. Both these passageways also lead to Top Mid.
  • Ruins—this is a direct route to B Long and eventually B Site.
  • Heaven—with this elevated area on Ruins, Terrorists have a good view on B Long and can punish overstepping CT players. Another possible CS2 Anubis callout for this area is Catwalk.
  • B Long—Terrorists may enter bombsite B through this connector. It’s a rather big area, where the T team should be cautious (despite its proximity to Spawn). Counter-Terrorists also have a quick way to reach B Site, and they may decide to be aggressive on B Long.
  • Ivy—it’s a nice little corner for Terrorists to group in before entering B Site. They can wait for CT offensive actions here. Counter-Terrorists should check Ivy if they enter B Long. An incendiary grenade should do the trick.
  • Gate—this is an entrance to bombsite B from B Long.
  • Pillar—after entering bombsite B from Gate, Terrorists may decide to play cautiously and hide behind the pillar on their right. It’s also a good positioning choice after planting the bomb, to secure it from defusing. CTs should be aware of Pillar (or Right Pillar) when they enter the bombsite.
  • Corner—it’s the actual corner on the left from Gate. The position is somewhat hidden from CT entrances.
  • Back Site—this corner on bombsite B is opposite Gate, and CT players may hide there. They will not be visible from Gate. It’s also a good spot for Terrorists to sneak to after the bomb has been planted.
  • Ninja—in this corner, Counter-Terrorists may hide to punish careless Terrorists. The area is open from the CT entrances but hidden from Gate and Connector.
  • B Site—the central area on the bombsite B square to plant the bomb on.

CT Spawn to bombsite B

In this section of our guide, you’ll find the Anubis callouts CS2 from the area of CT Spawn and the passageways to B. Counter-Terrorists start game rounds close to bombsite B, having two direct ways to enter it.

  • CT Spawn—the Counter-Terrorist team starts rounds at the top of Anubis.
  • Sniper—CT players may use this elevated area to headshot opponents, entering bombsite B from Gate. Another common callout for this place is Sniper’s Nest (similar to one on Mirage).
  • Cave—Counter-Terrorists use this passageway to enter bombsite B as quickly as possible (via Street).
  • Street—it connects Cave with bombsite B. Also, snipers have a view over B from Sniper’s Nest through Street. This passageway may be dangerous to use in the middle of a round, but Street is safe in the beginning.
  • Palace—the CT team may enter the building on the left from their spawn to sneak into bombsite B or to go to Middle. This is a good area for mid-round rotations.

CT Spawn to bombsite A

It is actually quicker for Counter-Terrorists to enter A from their spawn area. The only issue here is that it’s kind of risky. If Terrorists decide to ignore bombsite A, it will be difficult for CTs to rotate back to B.

  • Beach—the big sandy area is located right on top of CT Spawn. This Anubis callout is rarely used as Beach is far away from the main action.
  • Tunnel—it’s an indoor connector between Beach and A.
  • Heaven—the platform is located after Tunnel, and CT players may use it to observe bombsite A from an elevated area and secure T entrances (via Main and A Connector).
  • Back A Site—this dead end on bombsite A can be used as a camping area for players defending A Site.
  • Fountain—a small pool with water is elevated over the rest of bombsite A. Players are not really protected here, but the positioning may give them a quick advantage as the attacking team has many spots to check.
  • Plateau—the entrance to bombsite A from Mid and A Connector is a vast open area. It can be secured from Heaven and Fountain.
  • A Site—Terrorists can plant the bomb at the top of bombsite B, around a pillar.

T Spawn to bombsite A

Terrorists have a vast variety of options if they decide to plant on A. But the paths are dangerous, with potential combat in the central part of Anubis. Using this approach requires extra caution—and knowing Anubis callouts CS2 that refer to these passageways is crucial for effective teamplay.

  • Alley—T players enter this area if they turn right from their spawn. From Alley, Terrorists may decide to go to Top Mid or directly to A via Boat. Both these choices give the freedom of second thought, so Terrorists may decide to rotate and be unpredictable.
  • Upper—this passageway is mainly protected from shots, so Terrorists may safely rush to Boat and enter it via Drop. Another good thing about Upper is that it opens a view at Boat from above. The Terrorists may decide to divide their effort and make securing Boat easier: one from above (Drop) and one directly on Boat.
  • Drop—it opens a view from Upper at Boat and allows players (mainly Terrorists) to enter that area.
  • Stairs—Terrorists use the descending stairs to enter Water and Boat directly from Alley.
  • Arches—the arches separate the vast water areas: Water and Boat. It’s a place for Terrorists to decide to go right to Main and A or left to B and Middle (with potential rotation to both bombsites).
  • Boat—the vast open area leads to Main and bombsite A. It’s filled with water, so there are different Anubis callouts for it: Boat and Water. Using Boat may help players clearly distinguish it and not confuse it with the Water/Canal callout.
  • Wood—players can hide in this small area expecting rotating opponents.
  • Headshot—Counter-Terrorists may decide to hide behind the boxes here to shoot approaching Terrorists.
  • Main—it’s the entrance from Boat to bombsite A. Terrorists use it as the main approach to A while A Connector is more for tricky rotations.

Middle and around

This area makes Anubis somewhat more complicated for beginners. At the same time, thanks to many options in the Middle, experienced players can apply some creative strategies and bring brave ideas to their matches—on both sides.

All Anubis callouts CS2 that refer to the Middle area are listed in this section.

  • Top Mid—it is located right above T Spawn on the map. Terrorists can enter Top Mid from Ruins and Alley to have a variety of rotation options from here.
  • Bridge—it connects Top Mid and the main Middle area. The actual bridge goes over Water/Canal.
  • Water—the area is filled with water, but some players use the callout Canal to differentiate it from Boat/Water, located behind Arches. It’s another open space on Anubis, and it leads to bombsite B via Connector.
  • Connector—it’s an alternative entrance to bombsite B. It leads directly to Pillar and may be somewhat safer than Gate. The very entrance is protected from CTs on Street by the central pillar on B Site.
  • Double Doors—after crossing the bridge, Terrorists should choose between two passageways. Both lead to Middle, but one has big double doors to hide behind and check the safety. In a way, they are similar to Middle Doors on Dust 2.
  • Middle—this big passageway leads to both bombsites: A via A Connector and B via Palace. It may be dangerous for Terrorists to use it, but at the same time, Middle is one of the rotation options. If you confuse opponents with the variety of your moves, they will not know where to expect you, and Middle may lead you to behind their backs.
  • A Connector—players enter bombsite A via this passageway. A Connector can be used by Counter-Terrorirsts, as it is located near their spawn. Terrorists have a pretty long way to reach it, but such rotations may be unexpected and therefore successful.

Learning Anubis Callouts in CS2

When you start playing Counter-Strike 2 on this map, the skirmishes of Anubis will look more straightforward and understandable. Use this guide for memorizing callouts.

Choosing offline practice with bots or casual matchmaking will not affect your CS2 rank. Avoid going to Middle for a while and use repetitive actions via the same passageways, like B Long or Boat for Terrorists and Street/Palace or Tunnel/A Connector for Counter-Terrorists. Play this way until you know the place nicely and are able to refer to different spots via voice chat.

Don’t get too afraid of expanding your active area on Anubis. The main point is to learn CS2 callouts step-by-step. When you are ready, add some alternative paths to your round-to-round routine and repeat callouts for them (even if only in your head). Keep this Anubis callouts CS2 guide open on your phone to see the map and quickly remind yourself what is what.

Once knowing Anubis callouts has become part of your game skills, you will be able to use them in competitive and Premier matchmaking. Make sure you enhance your CS2 abilities with proper weapon skins—like something with a Fade pattern. It is actually a topic to discuss in detail, as some Fade skins are common but others are rare and expensive. The difference is explained in our dedicated guide.

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