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Train Callouts in CS2

The topic of Nuclear power is quite popular in the game CS2, and the Train map is also about it. Terrorists want to plant the bomb near some nuclear cargo in Russia. Of course, counter-terrorists try to stop them. Their missions will be easier if all the players are on the same page - they can reach harmony inside the teams only with Train callouts.

train map callouts

Here is the list of all Train callouts:

  • T Spawn - terrorists spawn at the faraway part of the Train map, opposite to counter-terrorists.

  • A Main - the primary way of terrorists from their spawn area to A Site.

  • T Stairs - terrorists use these stairs to move from T Spawn to B Halls and B Site.

  • Brown Halls - a corridor that connects T Stairs and B Hall.

  • Showers - a room near Brown Halls, an alternative way to B Halls from T Spawn or from A Site.

  • Popdog - this CS2 Callout refers to a ladder from A Site to B Hall, the area around it and the ladder room.

  • B Halls - a room that leads terrorists to B Site. Players often gather here to prepare for a sudden attack.

  • B Ramp - one of two entrances to B Site. Some players call it Lower Entrance.

  • Upper B - this entrance to B Site is the most distant for terrorists that move from T Spawn. It’s raised above the ground.

  • Ladder - players use it to move from Upper B to B Site.

  • Spools - they are located between the entrances to B Site, opposite to Bomb Train. Defenders can hide here, so it’s better to check this place.

  • Catwalk - a continuation of Upper B, so players can move through it while entering B Site.

  • Headshot - a small area at the end of Catwalk, if you crouch here, only the head of your character becomes visible to opponents.

  • Bomb Train (B) - this is the place to plant the bomb on B Site.

  • White - this white train stays near the entrance to B Site from B Ramp.

  • Yellow - a yellow train on the same tracks that Bomb Train stays on B Site.

  • Red (B) - this red train is located near CT Spawn, right opposite the entrance to Z Connector.

  • Oil - a black railway tank on B Site, close to Headshot.

  • Sidewalk - this passageway leads players from B Ramp to Z Connector.

  • Z Connector - a corridor between A and B Sites.

  • CT Spawn - counter-terrorists start playing the game rounds from the back of B Site. Use this CS2 callout also for two doors that separates the room from the rest of the location.

  • Back Site (B) - an area between CT Spawn and Yellow.

  • CT Stairs - counter-terrorists can use this way to move towards A Site.

  • Old Bomb - this train stays near CT Stairs. In the previous versions of the CS2 map Train, it was a place to plant the bomb on A Site.

  • A1 - one of three ways from CT Tunnel / CT Stairs to the primary area of A Site, closest to CT Spawn.

  • A2 - a passageway from CT Tunnels, through Old Bomb to A Site. This one leads directly to Bomb Train.

  • A3 - if counter-terrorists reach the end of CT Tunnel and turn right, they enter this passageway to A Site. It leads to Green but players can also turn to Ivy.

  • CT Tunnel - a corridor behind a building on A Site. Counter-terrorists can move here from CT Stairs to A3. Terrorists can try and use this way to reach B Site from CT Spawn.

  • Ivy - terrorists may decide to move straight from T Spawn, reach the opposite corner of the map and turn right to this corridor. This is a possibility to attack CT from their backs, but often Ivy is observed.

  • Dumpster - it’s located between T Spawn and Alley. Players can jump onto it and have a nice view of the surrounding area.

  • Alley - it leads terrorists from their spawn to Pigeons and Ivy.

  • Olof - use this niche near Blue to make ambush for opponents entering A Site from A Main.

  • Sandwich - space between Green and Blue on A Site.

  • Hell - it’s located near Green and has a nice view at A3 and Ivy.

  • Red (A) - this red train stays in the middle of A Site.

  • Blue - this blue train stays on A Site, opposite to entrance from A Main.

  • Green - this green train stays on A Site at the beginning of A3.

  • E Box - defenders of A Site often wait for opponents near this electric box. It gives a nice view of Popdog.

  • Bomb Train (A) - terrorists can plant the bomb on this train or around it.

  • Heaven - players can reach this place with a ladder and observe A Site through a window there.

  • Cubby - or Heaven Cubby, a ladder to Heaven is located here.

  • Pigeons - an area that connects Alley and Ivy.

  • Camera - this building separates A2 and A3.

  • Kitchen - terrorists enter this room while moving from T Stairs to Showers.

  • Summit - space that separates Bomb Train and Green.

Communication is an essential part of team play. Using Train callouts to exchange information greatly increases the chance of success in matches. Use them and see how well-coordinated the game becomes.

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