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Vertigo Callouts in CS:GO

Vertigo is one of the latest CS:GO maps, which was added to the Active Duty Group in March 2019. It’s the only map where players are allowed to fight on the skyscrapers and can even fall outside the playing area. Vertigo is yet to become popular in the competitive stage and among players, but it features many attractive architectural and strategic solutions. This helps T and CT sides implement variable strategies and combinations. Today we are going to show you Vertigo map callouts.

vertigo map callouts

Here is the list of all Vertigo callouts:

  • T spawn Lower/Upper - terrorists start playing rounds here. Stairs separate the lower and upper spawns.
  • Generator - spot on the upper t spawn, useful position to hold on mid
  • T Mid - the part of Mid which is closest to T spawn
  • Mid - the central part of the map between CT and T spawns. The hottest fights take place here.
  • Boost Mid - it’s a box that allows players to make a boost and hold the T mid with nontrivial position.
  • Unfair - a kind of box that allows players to hold T and CT Mid.
  • Iron - these are metal rods along the exit after the T mid.
  • Top Mid - the part of mid which is closest to CT spawn.
  • CT Spawn - counter-terrorists can start playing rounds here.
  • Cold - this is located on the B plant and allows players to hide and hold CT spawn while making a dangerous jump. The position has this name because, in the first official match on Vertigo, Coldzera tried to jump and fell.
  • Elec - it’s an electro box, with the short name Elec. It helps players to hold CT or B plant.
  • B plant - one of the plants on Vertigo, where terrorists can detonate a bomb.
  • Default B - this is a spot behind two red boxes that allows players to hold CT, it is also the closest position to B plant.
  • Ninja - it’s a position between two boxes, which allows players to hold B stairs and catwalk.
  • Catwalk - this is a metal road between backside B and B stairs. It starts from the left after B stairs.
  • B stairs - there are stairs between B plant and under mid.
  • Understairs - it’s a position under B stairs, that allows players to hold B stairs and under mid.
  • Under mid - this is a large corridor between B stairs and connector, that copies Mid on the ground floor.
  • Connector - it’s a corridor that connects under mid and room together under elevators.
  • Bridge - it’s a point that connects room under elevators and Ramp. It allows players to hold the connector.
  • 50 - it’s a room between T spawn and room under elevators. The big number 50 was on the wall of this room in the early versions of Vertigo, so the name is still valid today.
  • Lower/Upper letter - these are rooms with letters, that allow players to move between floors.
  • Big Box - it’s a point in the room between bridge and Ramp. This box is an excellent point to hold enemies from the Ramp or bridge.
  • Dog - it’s a position above the Ramp. This is an excellent point to hold enemies from the bridge.
  • Ramp - it’s a big metal platform that connects the room with a big box and A plant. There are two parts of the Ramp: the first one is the default ramp that starts from the room with a big box, and the second one is the top Ramp, which is closest to A plant.
  • Sandbags - it’s a point on plant A, which allows players to hold Ramp and plant.
  • Scaffold / Yellow - it’s a platform that connects the way from dog to a position under the Ramp. The whole platform is tightened with a large yellow tarp, so sometimes players call it yellow.
  • Lane - it’s a way that connects Scaffold and A Default. This position allows you to make hidden exits to plant A.
  • Default A - it’s a spot behind three red boxes on the plant A.
  • Backside - it’s a room between CT and plant A.
  • Haven - it’s a platform on the backside. This is a good position for snipers to hold enemies on plant A.
  • Double/Boost - it’s a position with two red boxes on plant A. Players call it double or boost, but you can jump on these boxes yourself and don’t need a boost. It helps players to control A plant and Ramp.
  • Elevators - it’s a room with elevators that connects plant A and Top Mid.

Communication is an important part of team play. Using Vertigo csgo callouts to exchange information greatly increases the chance of success in matches. Use them and see how well-coordinated the game becomes.

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