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Ancient Callouts in CS:GO

The Counter-Strike community saw the Ancient map back in December 2020. It’s a Mexican location, filled with the ruins from a long-lost civilization. In May 2021, Valve added the map to the Active Duty pool. Considering the competitive quality of this location and its presence in official matchmaking, it is definitely worth CS:GO players knowing Ancient callouts.

When you are in the middle of a match, it’s important to be able to share your position as quickly and precisely as possible. And you need to understand what your teammates say about their position on a map. We at DMarket want our users to be the best at everything, so we’ve prepared this guide on Ancient callouts CS:GO. Hopefully, it will help you win many victories. To complement the level of your playing skills with the awesomeness of your inventory, buy CS:GO skins on our marketplace.

As the map is relatively new, the tradition of callouts is still forming here. There is no such thing as official names for places on Ancient, and professional CS:GO players sometimes use slightly different callouts. That’s why some spots have more than one callout in this article. All of them might work, and you could come to an agreement about them with your teammates.

csgo ancient callouts
  • CT Spawn or CT — counter-terrorists start CS:GO rounds from this place, it’s the spawn spot for this team.
  • CT Lane — a corridor on the right for counter-terrorists at their spawn spot. There are actually two passageways, connected at the end. The internal (on the right) is often called Temple.
  • Back Site connects CT Lane to A Site. It’s kind of a space behind the bombsite, closer to CT Spawn.
  • Triple Box or Triple — boxes right near A Site, closer to CT Spawn.
  • Box, or Big Box, or Single — the box a bit away from A Site. This callout might also refer to the space “behind” the box, in the map corner.
  • Short or Boost — the passageway from A Site to Chamber and then to Mid.
  • Chamber or Tomb — a midway “room” from Mid to A Site. It’s an important place as terrorists approach A Site through it and might gather there before the strike. The CT might prepare a bold ambush.
  • Chamber Lane or Tunnels — it connects Chamber and Mid.
  • Mid or Middle — a big space in the middle between A and B Sites.
  • Connector or House — it’s the entrance to an alternative way for counter-terrorists to Mid. At the beginning of Connector, they may choose to go to Alley and to B Site.
  • Sniper Nest — it’s obviously a place for snipers to hunt for opponents on Mid.
  • Top Middle — counter-terrorists have this small “room” before entering Mid from their Spawn and Connector.
  • Jungle or Pit — a very convenient hiding place to wait for opponents.
  • Alley — if counter-terrorists decide to go to B Site, they enter Alley after Connector.
  • Square — it’s located between Alley and B Site. The passageways here have different callouts.
  • Back Alley or Back Halls is a continuation of Alley but directly on Square.
  • First Lane and Second Lane connect Back Alley with B Site. Second Lane is closer to CT Spawn.
  • Pillar is located directly on B Site.
  • Sunroom, or Temple, or Cave — a room where an alternative path from B Site to Mid (through T-Upper) starts.
  • Dark or Vent — a very small room right after Sunroom.
  • Excavation, or Dig, or Cheetah — a room connected to T-Upper.
  • Banger, or Evo, or Wood — a small hiding place on B Site. Both CT and T might make an ambush here.
  • Ramp — the main path for terrorists to B Site.
  • T-Lower — terrorists enter it after the passegeway from their spawn spot (through Tunnel-Water-Ruins). Here, they can go to B or to Mid.
  • Tunnel, Water, and Ruins — this is a direct passageway for terrorists to B Site.
  • T Spawn or T — a spot for terrorists to start their CS:GO rounds.
  • T-Upper — this place connects both passageways from B Site to Mid.
  • Cat — a room with boxes, between Mid and T-Upper.
  • T-Ramp — a passageway from T Spawn to A Site.
  • Split or Yard — a space in the middle of T-Ramp. Terrorists can turn right and go to Mid.
  • Lower Mid — it’s an entrance to Mid from T-Ramp.
  • Long — it starts the direct passageway from B Site to T Spawn.
  • A Main — a corridor from T-Ramp to Long. It’s on the left side for terrorists and might be safer than rushing directly through Hall. It’s possible to call it Backhall (the part closer to Long) and Sidehall (the side corridor, parallel to Hall).
  • Hall — connects T-Ramp and Long.

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If you have regular teammates (and you should have them to really succeed in CS:GO), discuss Ancient callouts to be on the same page while playing this map. Meanwhile, connect to DMarket on Facebook and Twitter for even more CS:GO guides and info on in-game items.

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