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Nuke Callouts in CS:GO

Terrorists try to plant the bomb in a nuclear power plant. Of course, this plan can be spoiled by brave counter-terrorists. Choose your side and prove your skills on Nuke. This location is quite unusual among other CS:GO maps - the bomb sites are located one above the other. It’s not a big map, and it has many rather small rooms. Various playing styles will be helpful here as well as Nuke callouts.

nuke map callouts

Here is the list of all Nuke callouts:

  • T Spawn - terrorists start rounds on the opposite side to the counter-terrorists spawn.

  • CT Spawn - an area for counter-terrorists to start rounds on Nuke.

  • Outside - this outdoor space connects Silo, Garage, Main, and Secret.

  • A Site - here, terrorists can plant the bomb.

  • B Site - the lower Bombsite of Nuke.

  • Garage - a building with exits to Outside towards CT Spawn and Main. Counter-terrorists can wait for opponents here, while they approach from T Spawn.

  • Ramp - from this area players can go down to B Site or take a sidewalk to other parts of Nuke.

  • T Roof - terrorists often go up to the roof through the ladder, close to T Spawn. It’s possible to move to Silo from here.

  • Fork - the first room on the way of terrorists from T Spawn. They can go to Squeaky, Radio, or Sandbags from here.

  • Trophy - terrorists pass this room on their way from Lobby to Ramp.

  • Control - one of the Ramp sidewalks leads to this room.

  • Squeaky - if terrorists decide to move from Lobby to A Site, they pass this room with squeaky doors.

  • Vent - the vent system of Nuke connects A Site, B Site, and Secret.

  • Hell - an area under Heaven. Players should use the ladder close to Lockers to reach this place.

  • Heaven - this platform is accessible through the ladder near Lockers. It gives a nice view of A Site.

  • Lockers - a room close to CT Spawn. Players can use the window here to observe Garage and CT Red.

  • Headshot - this box stands at the back of Ramp and it is convenient for snipers to look for their victims from here. Usually, it’s a place for counter-terrorists.

  • Sandbags - they are located in Lobby, close to Hut.

  • Hut - a kind of room that connects Lobby and A Site. CT teams often expect to meet their opponents appearing from Hut.

  • Tetris - containers near Hut.

  • Rafters - a platform attached to the back wall of A Site. Players can enter it from Heaven, moving to Mustang or Bridge.

  • Bridge - it connects raised platforms on A Site.

  • Turn Pike - players pass this room while moving from Hell to Ramp.

  • Stack - boxes on Ramp, close to Turn Pike.

  • Boost - boxes on Ramp, close to Control.

  • Big Box - it’s located on Ramp, above the way to the lower bombsite (B Site).

  • T Red - this red container stays close to Silo.

  • CT Red - this red container stays close to Garage.

  • Main - players pass this room while entering A Site from Outside.

  • Window - a room close to B Site. The window here can be smashed.

  • Dark - corner on B Site to hide and ambush those entering this area.

  • Decon - if terrorists move to B Site from Secret and Tunnels, they pass this room just before entering the bombsite.

  • Back Vents - part of the way from Secret to B Site.

  • Tunnels - underground pass from Secret to B Site.

  • Doors - they separate tunnels from B Site.

  • Bottom Ramp - a way down from Ramp to B Site.

  • Silo - it’s located on Outside. Terrorists can access it through T Roof to observe the surrounding area.

  • Secret - the start of the underground way from Outside to B Site.

Communication plays an essential role in team play. Using CSGO Nuke callouts to exchange information greatly increases the chance of success in matches. Use them and see how well-coordinated the game becomes.

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