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CS:GO Doppler Phases Guide

If you’ve ever tried to buy a knife in CS:GO, you’ve likely noticed a pretty wide price range that goes anywhere from under $80 to well over $8,000 and beyond. For someone new to CS:GO skins and items, it may seem a bit overwhelming as well as confusing.

But there’s actually a reason for that price discrepancy and it has to do with the finish of the knife, known as the CS:GO phase.

Of course, there are other variables as well that contribute to an item’s price, such as float and pattern, but in this article we will explain what exactly the Doppler phases are with CS:GO knives as well as the levels and their differences.

What Are Phases in CS:GO?

The phases essentially help differentiate the finishes for knife skins. The phases are divided into groups, each with their own color and look as well as desirability among the community.

In the next section, we’ll go over the details of all Doppler phases.

What Are Doppler Phases in CS:GO?

The different Doppler phases on a knife in CS:GO are a mix of red and blue finishes that cover the knife to create a different look. These finishes have different color combinations, each of which set the price and value of the knife.

The Doppler finishes are divided into four main phases, with each phase having a unique color combo and finish that can be quickly identified by those who understand the different Doppler finishes. But there are also three additional phases known as Sapphire, Ruby, and Black Pearl. These are the most valuable and rare of all the Doppler phases.

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Doppler Phase 1

doppler phase 1 knives

Phase 1 is the lowest level of Doppler finishes, but still nice. It can be spotted by the mostly black and glossy finish with a small accent of purple on both sides of the knife. It’s this purple color that makes Doppler Phase 1 easy to spot and recognize.

Regardless of the knife, this finish will always look similar. The float or wear may change the overall look of certain individual knives.

Doppler Phase 2

doppler phase 2 knives

Phase 2 knives offer a nice mix of both rarity and value, which makes them the most popular of the Doppler phases.

Phase 2 can be spotted by being an almost reverse of Phase 1. It has a mostly purple finish with just a touch of black or dark blue on both sides. It is easy to spot and also easy to compare with Phase 1 knives.

Almost no other items in CS:GO have this type of purple color finish which is one of the reasons it is so popular. They simply create one of the best-looking knife skins in the game.

Doppler Phase 3

doppler phase 3 knives

You would think Phase 3 finishes would be even more desirable than the previous two, but it’s actually less desirable in many cases.

Most players think this is due to the mix of colors, which are bluish and black tones, which makes for a somewhat unappealing finish, at least to most people.

Of course it completely depends on your preferences and the money you have. If you want to have a Doppler knife in your arsenal and don’t want to spend all the money, Phase 3 is definitely for you.

Doppler Phase 4

doppler phase 4 knives

Phase 4 is when we start entering the more rarified finishes and more expensive variations.

Phase 4 finishes have an easy-to-recognize and striking black and blue colorway that looks great on any knife. It definitely looks best with low-wear knives, which can drive the price up to almost double that of the previous phases.

That may sound pricey, but it’s still cheaper than the next set of Doppler phases, which are the most desirable.

Doppler Sapphire

doppler sapphire knives

Sapphire phase is also known as “gem” finish and it’s due to the knives being virtually all one color. This makes these finishes incredibly easy to spot as nothing else looks similar. They look really amazing on the battlefield, but they are also quite rare, which increases their price.

Players can sometimes find better deals by combining this finish with cheaper knife variations — but don’t be too cheap. The community knows all about this and you end up defeating the purpose of the rare finish by having it on a low-end knife.

Doppler Ruby

doppler ruby knives

This is like the Sapphire but with a striking red finish throughout the knife. It’s also referred to as a gem due to the consistent color.

The Ruby can usually be had for a bit less than the Sapphire, so for those looking for the best deal, you may want to consider this version.

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Doppler Black Pearl

doppler black pearl knives

We’ve finally made it to the pinnacle of the Doppler finishes. The Black Pearl is the most desirable and rare.

Sporting an all-black finish, this knife isn’t as striking as the Sapphire or Ruby variations, but it’s still the most coveted.

To the untrained eye, a player may even mistake a Phase 1 finish for a Black Pearl, but the Black Pearl has almost no purple accents.

Being so rare, you may not even see many of these knives in-game, but if you do, it means the owner paid a lot of money for it.

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Doppler Phase Prices

Prices can vary quite a bit depending on factors such as the type of knife, the float or wear, and other variables. For example, prices will be higher when choosing the Butterfly knife over a Gut knife, even if they have the same phase.

  • Doppler Phase 1 — $200 – $3,200
  • Doppler Phase 2 — $250 – $4,000
  • Doppler Phase 3 — $200 – $2,400
  • Doppler Phase 4 — $2,500 – $3,500
  • Doppler Ruby — $500 – $13,500
  • Doppler Sapphire — $600 – $17,000
  • Doppler Black Pearl — $600 – $20,000

Doppler Phase Tips

Some of these prices may seem insanely high, but there are things you can do to find the CS:GO Doppler phase you want at a better price.

First, consider the knife. Different knives have varying values when paired with different phases. Of course, don’t go to extremes here as the lowest knives paired with the nicest phases are somewhat of an illusion.

Also, float or wear can be a factor, and some phases look fine paired with a knife that has higher wear, which can help make it more affordable.

Finally, shop around. Prices do fluctuate, and always keep an eye on third-party marketplaces like DMarket, where they often have far better prices than the Steam Marketplace.

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