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Inferno Callouts in CS:GO

Inferno map is arguably the most beautiful location in CS:GO. Players jump into virtual Italy, run through narrow streets and cozy rooms. Inferno can be called even canonical - if you want to improve your skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you should play here. Learning Inferno callouts will help to be successful.

inferno map callouts

Here is the list of all Inferno callouts:

  • Banana - a long diagonal corridor from T Ramp to B Site. Many battles happen here, it’s the main way for terrorists to plant the bomb on B.

  • B Site - an area on a platform, around a fountain. Terrorists can plant the bomb here.

  • T Spawn - terrorists appear in the rounds quite far away from their opponents.

  • Mid - one of the primary ways for terrorists to move to A Site.

  • Second Mid - a bit smaller way between T Spawn to A Site, it connects T and CT Apartments.

  • T Ramp - this passageway leads terrorists towards Mid and then to A Site or towards Banana and then to B Site.

  • Balcony - or T Balcony, move here from Living Room to look at Second Mid and T Apartments.

  • Bridge - a connector between Living Room and T Apartments with a view at CT Apartments.

  • A Short - one of the ways to A Site from Mid. It’s a bit shorter and passes by CT Apartments.

  • A Long - a bit longer way to A Site from Mid, near Arch and T Library, quite close to CT Spawn.

  • T Apartments - one of the apartment sections on Inferno. It’s located close to T Spawn and leads to Second Mid.

  • Back Alley - a passageway between T Apartments and Stairs fo CT Apartments.

  • Underpass - this is a way between Mid and Second Mid. Players move underground here and should crouch.

  • Bench - it’s located at the center of Mid. This corner can give protection while moving towards Top Mid and A Site.

  • Second Mid Stairs - this is the way under the window of CT Apartments.

  • CT Apartments, or Apartments - rooms very close to A Site. Many T teams lead their attack to A Site through Apartments. Many counter-terrorists make ambush for their opponents here.

  • Top Mid - this part of Mid is located closer to A Site. It’s usually controlled by counter-terrorists. Players of T team can move from this place to A Short or A Long.

  • Pit - counter-terrorists often hide here to meet their opponents approaching A Site from CT Apartments.

  • Boiler - an entrance from CT Apartments to Top Mid, an alternative way to move from Apartments to A Site.

  • Window - it’s quite big and gives a nice view at Second Mid. This is rather a dangerous place because Window is nicely visible for opponents.

  • Stairs - an entrance to CT Apartments from Back Alley. It would be wise to move here with weapons for close-range fights.

  • Close Apartments - a way for terrorists moving through CT Apartments to A Site.

  • Balcony - players enter it from Close Apartments. This place has a nice view at A Site but usually, players are busy here with fights, not observations.

  • Dosia - a far corner of Pit on A Site. Once, the pro player Dosia threw a grenade at this place to deal damage to two opponents (because of this, they died after the bomb explosion).

  • Cemetery - a wall on Pit, opposite to Balcony of CT Apartments.

  • Graveyard - it’s located at the back of A Site. Players can hide here and make ambush for opponents.

  • Truck (A) - it helps players to jump onto Balcony of CT Apartments.

  • Patio - from this corner, an entrance from Mid to A Site becomes nicely visible. Counter-terrorists often wait for their opponents here.

  • Long Corner - a nice place to hide on A Long and wait for opponents moving from Mid. Molotov can clear out this corner.

  • Library - a room close to A Site, on the way of counter-terrorists from their spawn zone.

  • Kitchen - counter-terrorists enter this room while moving to A Site from CT Spawn.

  • A Site - an area for planting the bomb, it has boxes and columns to hide behind.

  • Close Left - a corner of A Site from the A Short side.

  • Back Site (A) - a far corner of A Site, a nice place to hide while waiting for opponents to plant the bomb or to defuse it.

  • Arch - a connection between CT Spawn / Speedway and A Long.

  • CT Spawn - a place for counter-terrorists to start the game rounds.

  • Speedway - a way from Arch to B Site.

  • Terrace - it’s full of flowers, near CT Spawn.

  • Well - it’s located near Terrace and CT Spawn.

  • Truck (B) - this one is located at the entrance to B Site from the CT Spawn area.

  • CT - this area is nicely visible for counter-terrorists from CT Spawn and B Site. Terrorists should use smoke here to avoid deadly shots.

  • Tree - it grows opposite to Construction. It’s a good place to ambush opponents entering B Site from CT Spawn.

  • Construction - this area is located on the way to B Site from CT Spawn. Players can enter here to approach B SIte from Garden.

  • Sand Bags on Construction - players can hide behind them.

  • Garden - it’s located on B Site if entering it from Construction.

  • Grill - it’s located very near B Site.

  • Dark - a far corner of B Site, a very good place to hide while defending.

  • Fountain - it’s located on B Site.

  • 2nd - a niche to hide on B Site.

  • 1st - this hiding niche is located closer to the entrance to B Site.

  • Boost - a place to jump onto each other and have a view at Banana.

  • Sand Bags (B) - they are located on the way from Banana to B Site. Opponents usually use Molotov to clear out this place.

  • Car - it’s located on Banana, players pass it while moving to B Site,

  • Logs - a place to hide at the entrance to Banana from the side of T Spawn.

Communication plays an essential role in team play. Using CSGO Inferno callouts to swap information greatly increases the chance of success in matches. Use them and see how well-coordinated the game becomes.

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